Perfectly imperfect?

I’d like to pick your brain for a minute.
Two weeks ago-ish was not a good time for my skin, breakout-wise.
However instead of packing on concealer, I let my spots breathe..
In fact unless it’s for a specific situation, I tend to dislike the combination of overly covered up imperfections & very matte skin on myself.
It can easily look overdone.
You know?
Instead of wearing a full-coverage foundation when my skin is acting like a brat I like going for a pretty sheer foundation, and a concealer under the eyes.
With powder just in the areas where I really need it, which is my T-zone, avoiding the blemishes.
Topped off with a fresh cream blusher (powder can really stick onto spots I feel).
Just a natural, fresh and slightly dewy face.
With maybe some spot-concealing here and there, if needed.
But then i’ll use a really small brush for that.
Anywho to sum it up, i’m not that bothered by some red spots on my skin..
Or anyone’s skin. Real skin is beautiful!
I’d rather just look healthy on the other 97% of my face.
How do you feel about covering up? :)


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Well, I don’t really like to cover my face with heavy makeup, and although I should be hiding my dimples… I don’t really mind. I wouldn’t like to be totally perfect. I just keep it natural, enhancing my natural features, like I love to use blush because it doesn’t hide anything, instead it accentuates my red cheeks, which I find cute ^^

    • First of all, I know this is not something you’ll agree with probably ;) but you don’t need any coverage I think!! Gah I wish I had your skin. But still, I applaud your confidence for just accentuating that inner glow with a blush instead of covering up ‘imperfections’!!

  2. When I was a teen, I had horrible skin. Breakouts, oily patches, flakiness: you name it, I had it. I used to plaster my face with foundation and cake on the concealer. And you know what? It looked awful and only drew more attention to my ailing skin. I’m with you: I’d much rather light makeup on days when my skin is misbehaving.

    • I agree with you, it draws more attention to the unwanted parts. However try telling that to an irrational teenager right. :P I used to not even clean my skin. Nah, just pack on foundation.

  3. Lucky you! I don’t feel safe without cover, although I don’t have spots often now. I wear concealer even at home, only when I’m at home I opt for zinc cream which conceals and heals at the same time, and when I’m outside I wear a normal concealer. Although I have to admit I’m now much more relaxed about this issue than I was 10 years ago. I don’t know if that’s sign of wisdom or laziness :) Now I can go to work in crumpled clothes, with practically uncombed hair, wearing no make-up.. something that I wouldn’t even think about 8 or 10 years ago. However I have to admit I feel worse when I’m not looking my best. A lipstick and a concealer can do wonders to my self-esteem :)

    • Hmm… i’m going to look into that zinc-cream. And that’s such a good thing really, that you feel comfortable enough to go into the big bad world with crumpled clothes.
      I tend to feel the same way, especially now with the shoots, I actually feel comfortable going there in casual clothing and a natural face. It just leaves so much energy for other things I think, if you take away the appearance-worrying. :P
      HOWEVER if i’m hanging out around the house, like you say, I put concealer on as well. At least under my eyes. I cant stand slouching around while looking slouchy. Does that make sense? ;D

  4. I think this is perfect and perfectly true. Good reminder. I’m always learning the less is more principle, because I’m an overdo everything by nature! In this video,, Lisa talks about how letting skin be beautiful everywhere else draws attention away from the blemishes. Of course in the video, she is using some killer amazing concealer, but for those of us that don’t have that, I think it’s best to go light. Now because of John I know to call you Anouchka instead of “bun”. Um…how do you say that? It’s such a cute name.

    • Yeah exactly! She’s so inspiring in that video, I love Lisa. And she’s totally right about drawing more attention to uneven areas by packing on the concealer.
      And bun is good too! I do silently shiver though when I read Anoushka instead of Anouchka, haha. ;D I have no idea how I to describe the pronounciation… annooshka I guess. The sh from shoooes.. hehe.

  5. My skin is super bratty…if I even think about covering breakouts they double and triple. I usually just go o’natural and let my skin clear up.

  6. Be glad you don’t have old fart wrinkles like me. A little coverup here and there is OK I think.

    • Don’t feel bad about your skin John! I did make-up for the shoot on an older man this weekend, he was going to be the inspector in the photos, hehe. And he looked gorgeous after the make-up and hair was done, with the nice inspector suit on as well. Holy crap. :P Handsome man.

      • Why thanks Anouchka! It sucks getting older, still 25 in my head but this 53 year old body says hell no! By the way I hope I’ve been spelling your name correctly. Doink!

      • It’s true, men get away with wrinkles. And yes you haaave, you’ve been spelling it perfectly. :D You’re of the few people that does so I like seeing it haha.

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