FOTD: Clashing lashes

Just a quickie, I just arrived back in Kortrijk.
Went to Holland for a surprise party and then back within 24 hours.
Soooo many extremely loud scouts on the train for such a short period of time.
High – pitch – screaming – head – burst – ugh! D:
I’m a big fan of silent trains, and silent planes.. silent subways too..
Good news is that I finally got my mobile internet to work on the way back, so I got to check up on a ton of bloggers.
Meanwhile I also tried to track down Kenzi’s shoes… (the cute human from Lost Girl)
No such luck…
Then tomorrow i’m going to another Film Noir shoot, which is why I had to get back here.
But I went out for a little this evening and so some paint was in order.
(Any excuse to play dress-up)
It started off with a quick green smokey, but then I saw my colored mascarasss…
So I popped a purple on my lashes instead of black.
I like the subtle twist it gave..
Also LetzMakeup inspired me to not use any eyeliner on the lashline!
purple mascara

purple mascara

purple mascara

purple mascara
I didn’t take any pictures in between ’cause it was just a fast face.
I’m willing to make those though if anyone is interested.
Anyone at all!

What’s that on your face?



Essence: I Love Stage primer
Wet n Wild: Brulee under the brow
Illamasqua: Fledgeling e/s on the lid, and in the crease, blended up to the brow
MUD: Pacific e/s on the outer corner
Then also on the lower lashline, and blended out with some Fledgeling
Sleek: Intoxicated and Envy e/s (Bad Girl palette) on the outer V, and on the outer part of the lower lashline.
Sleek: Gullible from the same palette on the inner corner
Essence: Gel Liner to put on my upper and lower waterline
2B: Colours Make The Difference mascara in purple
Gosh: Eyebrow Kit to put something through the brows


Catrice: Photo Finish foundation
Catrice: All Round concealer
Kryolan: Anti Shine powder
Catrice: Apropos Apricot blush


DA: Shiny lipstick in 102
I hope this post wasn’t too empty and that you like the look!
Thanks for popping in!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Ooh pretty (Fledgeling yaaaaaay hahaha)
    I was thinking of going green today as well, it’s st patricks day! :D I’m already wearing a green dress hahaha :D gonna wear a green mini poncho as well XD
    I’m thinking of illamasqua’s stoic with some green powder eye schadow or loose powder XD
    nothing too fancy or experimental, could use all my time for my homework :p but I have a b-day party to attend, so maybe a green liner would look cool :)

  2. Silencio is gooood! Glad you had fun, seems like a quickie alright. Isn’t grumpy cat the cat’s meow!! An instant star. I hope he gets his own star on the Hollywood strip. That color is really dark. But what does some dumb guy know though! Be well, good luck on the shoot. :)

    • Haha you’re one of the people I got to check up on while those people were screaming John, there’s always a ton to read over at your webcorner, it’s awesome. And the purple you mean? Hmm.. you’re right, it’s pretty dark on the pictures. I don’t have good lighting either though, always hanging over the sink.. lol.
      And HE’s a SHE! I thought it was a male cat at first as well though.. She belongs to a nice family, with a brother that also has a disorder.

      • Original grumpy is sooo cute!! Love that kitty. Glad you like my site! Have been going back and forth on moving to another site because of the move to Nevada sometime this year we hope, decided to stay here at this domain. You always look great in all the photos!

      • For now? Then are are you going to stay on this one when you do move as well? You’re still a Michigander though right? Like i’ll always be dutch somewhere in my soul. :P

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