FOTD: Android Soul

Isn’t it amazing how Illamasqua’s product names make for great titles by themselves?
Anyway when I saw the necklace Hippo gave me a couple of years back, I wanted to create something similarly cold and pointy.
fans jewelry
Lovely, that sounds great.
I combined the eyes with ombre purple lips to add some color.

Silver pigment
purple ombre lips
purple ombre lips
purple ombre lips
purple ombre lips
Like I said in that Illamasqua haul, my pictures don’t do Android justice.
I tried to catch it with a flash to show you just how shimmery and shiny it is.
( Flash doesn’t play nice, I thiiink I need to clean up my brows! D: )
silver pigment
Doesn’t it look wet?
That’s how finely milled and shimmery it is!

What’s that on your face?



Primed my eye with Essence I Love Stage primer, and filled in the brows with the Gosh eyebrow kit as usual.
Stuck some tape along the side of my eye, toward the end of my brow and applied Kryolan’s aquacolor in white very lightly on the lid and inner corner.
Illamasqua’s Soul went on the lid!
It looks so blue when applied! I didn’t expect that.
Essence gel liner on the waterline, and very thickly along the lower lashline, winging out.
Illamasqua’s Android on top of that
Sleek Storm Palette: the metallic grey (second one on the bottom) on the outer part of my lid, throughout the crease and toward the browbone & the nose.
Pretty much aaaall over…
That matte black from the same palette on the outer corner and into the crease, connecting it to the wing.
Oh and more Android on the lower lashline, can’t have enough Android.
Got rid of that tape!
And blended the edges of Android with some Soul.
Cleaned up under the eyes with some make-up remover, applied Essence liquid liner and Soul as a highlight in the inner corner as well.
I decided to wing the liner out on both the inner – and outer corners.
Then I packed some more Android on top of the matte black.
Concealer, foundation, Hema Lengthy Lashes waterproof mascara, and even more Soul on the inner corner.
Is it the blue tinge that makes it a nice highlight?
How great is it when eyeshadows surprise you? ;D


Essence: Clear & Matt foundation
Catrice: All Round concealer
(I used the Real Techniques foundation brush to clean up under my eyes with it, and it worked really nicely.)
MUD: Rose Petal blush


Hema: Volumising Lipstick in number 07 all over, and a homemade OCC lip tar mix on the outer corners.
(That OCC lip tar is NSFW mixed with RX and some Tarred.)
I hope you like the chosen warpaint of the day! :D


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Wow so dramatic and mystical! Love it, gorgeous :)

  2. Those purple lips are perfection. I adore this look!

  3. I like it! You should wear that for the premiere of Orphan Black!

  4. Oooh, I love this shimmery shadow. You wear it well!

  5. I love the random things you’re inspired by! Very cool. Very shiny shimmery eyeshadow. :)

  6. You are gorgeous, as always. *applauds*

  7. Gorgeous! I’m so jealous of all your lidspace!

    • Thanks I think, although I really wish I didn’t have the annoying pocket in the inner corner, and the hood on the left one. -_-‘ Took me ages to do decent make-up. And it’s still hard, lol.

  8. Wow that’s some dark stuff :D awesome ^^
    gorgeous combination :)

    • Yeahh dark it is. Thanks :D are you into gothic-y make-up? You seem so perky and cute haha!

      • Really? lol I like gothic-y make up, I used to wear it all of the time and I still do once in a while, but not as a daily look usually (now I use more golds and browns and colours :p it used to be all blacks )
        I’m an allrounder ;) I wear all kinds of clothes and make up :p
        only dark lips are not my thing (mostly because I don’t like it with my teeth :p )

        You seem like an all-rounder to me as well actually, allround as long as it still makes you feel special :p
        But with that little dark-cute style (like your suitcase :p that’s dark-cute… or goobye kitty but that’s not the best example :p )

      • Yeah exactly lol, playing dress-up is the best anyway. What’s fun about sticking to one style. And I probably just have that image of you cause you looked bright and cute that one time I saw you hehe! ;D

      • Most of the time I do look colourful, true :p ;)
        YAY dressup! :D

  9. You look great! Love your photos, and I have wrinkles on my face. Heh… ;)

  10. It looks great – that’s perfect. your eyes are awesome!!!

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