MUD: what I learnt this week (5+6+7)

Aaand we’re open for business again!
Week 5 was all about practicing our base application, so nothing new there!
Just applying everything we learnt.
Then week 6 we had time off (woop woop).
But then week 7, we could finally go back!!
That time off just lasted way to long for me, I really enjoy the classes.
We did nose corrections this time.
Awyea, that’s right.
Not the surgical kind, the non-painful kind.
And I can use me some of that!!
(Let’s just not all stare at my nose in the future, mkay?)

Anyway it soon became clear that I had the perfect practice nose, because “oh-so-hard-to-fix”.
I bet you can imagine me just beaming with confidence after that class!
Nah it was fine.
And I was incredibly amazed at how the teacher straightened out my nose.
I’m not kidding… it was like surgery.
Now it seemed fairly easy when watching her do it, but isn’t that always the catch!
As soon as I started trying it for myself, it dawned on me just how freakishly annoying it was.
I’m pretty sure I made a perfectly fine nose crooked!
(Sorry again Steffie if you’re reading this!)
Not to mention drawing a straight line on the left side of someone’s nose when you’re right-handed.
This will take some practice.

However the main idea is:

The shadow of your nose starts right under your eyebrows, then curves inward to form a nosebridge.
And that bridge should be straight!
Then it goes all the way down, and forms a little curve at the end where the tip of your nose is.
So to get a straight nose:
Apply a shadow shade starting under your eyebrows, and then follow alongside the bridge.
Where there’s a bump, or a crooked part, go in with shadow to make it straight.
Where a part of the nose has to come out, be lifted up, apply a light shade.
Don’t forget to blend it in really well.
Going over it with a foundation brush in the same direction as your lines worked best for me.


Every nose is different, so just scope out what you want to minimize and emphasize.
Create a nosebridge by lifting the middle part with a light shade, and applying a dark shade along the bone, down to the tip for example.
Minimize nostrils by applying a dark shade on the side of them.

A warning

Be careful to not draw inward when it comes to defining the nosebridge.
Seriously, that’s how I made her nose look crooked.
Straight down is the thing!

When it comes to the products

Either use a cream or a powder for this, but a cream formula blends better.
A powder can look unnatural pretty fast.
Plus: cream is nice and easy to remove if you make mistakes as well!
Also, look for a slightly grey tone.
No one has warm brown shadows so a bronzer will look unnatural really fast.
We used the highlight/shadow palette.
I do think you can get your personal perfect shades seperately as well.
You can always check your MUD shop for free advice and tips.
Our teacher also assists customers here.
I think that’s all.
Let me know if I forgot something or if anything was unclear due to blabbing!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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