My first Z-Palette! (depotting without a straightener)

For my birthday hippo got me a Z-Palette and a bottle of perfume!
I’d been eyeballing those handsome palettes for a while, they just looked so handy!
The see-through lid specifically caught my attention, I often just don’t even grab for my monos because it’s too much of a hassle to combine them.
I like having all my colors together in one vision field, to inspire me!
You know?
So here we go, get ready for my first depotting session, ever! :D
I caught the trials and error on camera.
Let’s go!
All shadows for this palette are catrice shadows, and my drugstore just looooves taping them in to withstand Day Z.
(Helloooo yucky glue stains!)

z palette
I did a test run on my favorite pink first:
z palette
z palette
What we’ll need is:
1) Baking sheets
z palette
2) A needle and a knife (*spoiler* a spatula works a million times better apparently..)
z palette
3) A heat source
This can be anything from a hair straightener, to an electrical stove, to an oven.
Yes, an oven!

A lot people seem to prefer using a hair straightener to melt the packaging to the point where you can stick a knife right through it.
However i’m not the handiest, so I decided to stick to a safer method for now.
Step 1: Put the pan on the heat source (medium heat) for about 15 seconds.
z palette
This will loosen up the sticker so you can remove it easily, ta-daaa:
z palette
Step 2: Put it on the stove again, for longer now
(It all depends on how heavy the glue is, but the idea is you’ll want to melt the glue they used to stick the pan to the packaging.)
z palette
When the glue is melted enough, you will either be able to flick the pan out:
z palette
Or push the pan out through a hole in the back with a needle:
z palette
z palette
However it wasn’t until I encountered a pan with a TON of glue on it that I realized the knife wasn’t going to work…
z palette
So I went over to a spatula, which I promise you, works magic!!
It’s thin and bendable enough to slide right next to, and under the pan.
z palette
Worked like a charm:
z palette
And here they are:
z palette
z palette
z palette
z palette
z palette
z palette
z palette
Well not bad for a first try right??
And I used my “monos” today for a look already!!
So it works!
Inspiration, come to meeeee! ;)
If you’re have trouble with your shadows not sticking to these magnetic freestyle palettes by the way, try getting a steel plate from Hobby Lobby or any craft store.
Then stick that under your pans.
The problem is that alluminum doesn’t stick to magnets.
I had this issue with the older Catrice pans.
What’s your favorite Z-Palette print? :)


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I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. I dont even know why I didnt think of doing more than one shadow at a time. genius!! I know what Im doing tonight :)

  2. You know, HEMA sells magnetic tape that you can cut up to fit your pans and make ’em stick in there! It’s not very strong though. If you want to travel with it, you can cover the pans with thick toilet paper or kitchen paper (what’s that called in English :-p) So they don’t move!

    • How cool that they sell that! I can use those for my busted up MAC palette then. I’ll go check them out tomorrow. Magnetic tape doesn’t work well on these actual magnetic palettes though. The steel makes them clamp on like crazy!

      • It’s not like that though! You know those floppy fridge magnets they sometimes give you as promotion for stuff? Like sheets of magnet-floppiness? It’s like that :-p Except weaker!

      • Yeah but magnets in general don’t work well on magnets I mean! xD the steel works a lot better I felt. They clamped on and you really need to put force on them to get them off then. Might be nice for your yaby palette too then actually.

  3. This is so cool! I didn’t know you could do this with eye shadows!

  4. Should we try this too?…there is an oven included and a knife ….but the idea is just great!

  5. I of course don’t use makeup but heating up the spatula and stuff is genius! :)

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