How to not look like you’re snorting on camera.

Hey ho!
This week a friend asked to help out with a shoot where they need healthy looking faces that don’t blast away from the camera as soon as light hits them.
So… matte is the key he said.
And there’s giant studio lights on the set as well, so the devilish white cast is to be avoided at all costs!
When cosplaying or working in film, or even just on a night out, the wrong foundation or powder can make you look.. well.. silly on camera!
Them big lights will seek out and reflect off of every white pigment they can find!
Let’s take notes on how not to do it:
flash white powder

Hehe. Oh man I feel so evil when I slightly enjoy celebs being mere mortals. :’)
I bet Uma could laugh with it.
Now here’s what I know on how to avoid it:

1) Transluscent powder

Both a skintone powder, as well as a transluscent powder work great on the skin.
However a skintone powder can look heavier, which is why a transluscent powder tends to be preferred on HD camera.
It takes care of pores, lines, oil, while still keeping the structure of skin.
Transluscent powders are white when you see them in the pot, and can also come off as white with big studio lights or a big flash focused on them.

2) SPF

Mineral makeup naturally has an SPF in it, some powders and foundations have it built in.
Beware SPF for pictures, it creates a white cast!

3) Silica

Silica is great at sucking up oil!
And reducing fine lines and wrinkles!
And reflecting light..

4) Talc

Talc has the same nasty habbit of showing up on camera.

5) Light hand

Really though, you probably won’t get a horrific effect like this unless you cake the product onto your face like a trifle!
These celebs have transluscent powder on, layer upon layer.

Wayne, Gossmakeupartist, tried caking on the culprit for these horrible pictures: the MUFE HD powder, and he got the same effect when packing it on.
The way I learnt it: push some powder into the skin.
Then flick over your skin with a big soft brush to dust off the excess.
If you do want to go heavy with it, maybe go for a skintone shade without SPF or silica to avoid the white cast.
Retouching, I would personally do with a skintone compact as well.
And to be really sure:
Just turn off the lights, and take a picture of your face with flash before you go.
It’s quick, easy, and makes sure your pictures don’t turn out ruined.
That’s it!!
Have you ever had this happen?
I haven’t to that extent, except for looking unhealthy because of a feverish white cast on my face.
Can you imagine, I didn’t wear powder so I was pretty oily, plus a white cast?
Psh it looked like I came down with a zombie virus.
Well I now know why and how to avoid it!
I’m going to be away to Holland for a couple of days for my birthdaaay, where I don’t have internet access, so I can’t make posts. :(
Withdrawal symptoms here I come…
However I can hold YOU over with some online shopping, hehe.
I just found out Killa Monroe buys her supplies at TKB Trading, so they’re not tested on animals!
AAA, i’ve been wanting some KM shadows for ages!!
See you after the weekend, I hope you have a great time!!



About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Oh man, those pictures! That looks hilarious but horrible at the same time!

  2. Oh man – they look horrible!

  3. Wow, are those celeb pics altered or are they just that awful? Yikes!! The kitty pic is hilarious!

  4. Enjoy your weekend in Holland!
    I also thought of Goss right away!
    I never had any problems with using products that contain spf though, I use BB cream all the time with a high SPF
    but usually I put a little bit of powder over it, in the colour of my own skintone, maybe that does the trick?

  5. Wow!!great post..I will definitely take a picture with flash before stepping out of the house!!

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