European ban on tested toiletries

Today’s topic is something I needed to share, but have been holding off for a couple of days..
Simply because I really have no idea how to put it.
I have no evidence, all I have to share is what the ban is and the warning circling around in my head.

Last week someone I can now call a good friend that I originally met through blogging, Kristien, reminded me of the European ban that’s on its way.
About to be implemented on March 11th.
She and I both agreed on having doubts.
What the ban says:
From March 11th onward there will be a ban forbidding the import and sale of animal-tested cosmetic products and ingredients in the European Union.
They must not have been tested on animals anywhere in the world at any point.
The ban is applicable to everyone that wants to sell cosmetics in the European Union, and covers all toilet articles, from soap to toothpaste and all sorts of beauty products.
And as far as I can tell, this will be a fixed cut-off date, not a ‘x’ year rolling rule.
So the ban will be in immediate effect and will keep going.
(Whereas the ‘x’ year rolling rule would mean a tested product may be sold if it hasn’t been tested the past x amount of years.)
Animal rights organisations have been fighting toward this for years and years, and equally dozens of companies have been fighting against it.
L’Oréal even filed a case against it at the European court of Justice.
When I just started reading up about animal testing, this sounded like heaven to me.
However along the way I just forgot about it… because to be honest, I had no idea how it would turn out.
Still don’t!
It still sounds like a dream come true, but who knows what it might bring.
I have no business knowledge, but as bulletproof as it may sound, I can imagine there’d be enough loopholes..
I’ll sum up the apocalyptic ideas me and Kristien were discussing:
(Then if you feel like it, tell me your take on them! And please prove me wrong to give me hope lol.)

1) Companies had time on their side

Like I said, the first time I heard about this was when I just started getting into the animal testing concept. Which was about… 2.5 years ago now.
Europe is a pretty big market, not the biggest, but big noneteless!
Are you going to tell me a giant like Rimmel or Estée Lauder will just drop that?
Ici Paris (a high end perfume and cosmetics store here in Belgium) would be as good as empty!
A sales ban is  about as harsh as it gets, but it wouldn’t surprise me if companies found a loophole already.

2) Mother companies are safe

The Body Shop is the campaign pioneer for this ban.. even though they do provide money for animal testing executed by their mother company.
But technically the body shop’s products haven’t been tested on animals, so hey, everything’s good.
Paul McGreevy from The Body Shop: “This amazing victory in Europe is only the end of one chapter. The future of beauty products has to be made 100% horror free.”
Are you insulting your sugar daddy there?… :P

3) Companies will be going underground

Even more!
This ban might make companies seek out alternatives that are harder to find, rather than stop testing..

4) Backtracking

So will they be tracing ingredients back to their origins?
See where they originally came from and whether they were tested anywhere on the way?
Possibly even by the mother company itself?
And are they going to be checking up on the raw ingredients as well?
As well as labs that were ever linked to suppliers?
Aka how thorough will they be and who’s in charge?

5) Misleading

If I think back to how I used to perceive things.. a lot of people might just go buy Mac Factor, Rimmel, etc. because there is a ban now.
This ban will create a (possibly false) sense of trust.
Of course it’s a giant leap forward, the blood and tears of all animal activists weren’t for nothing.
However I don’t know.. maybe i’m just plotting here but until I see tested cosmetic giants dissapearing  from the stores i’ll remain a little sceptical about it.
If I see it in action I might see the sun!
Israël already went ahead and initiated the same ban in January, so it might just work for us as well.
All I can say is, it’s going so well now, animal testing has been popping up in the media more and more.
We’ve all been doing a great job inspiring others one by one.
Let’s keep second guessing and searching for the small print! ;)
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, is there anything I forgot?
Or anything i’m wrong about?


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. they are going in the right direction!

  2. I hope this is a step into a right direction.

  3. Our group of girls who pledged the use of the non-tested cosmetics here in Poland has the same doubts as you Anouchka. Although of course there are some who say “well, now let’s just relax and buy whatever we want”. But for me, that’s a sense of false security. I’m happy for the ban to come into action (finally) but personally I will never touch L’Oreal or P&G again. Just as I wouldn’t touch Urban Decay. I don’t trust them, period. Besides, many companies produce sort of “everything”, not only cosmetics. Will they drop the testing of other products? I don’t think so.

    • Yeah exactly, false security, that’s exactly what i’m afraid of as well.. and nope, only the toiletries. If this works though, if their cosmetics are stripped from stores, it’s a good start I feel.
      Hopefully people will second guess the other products then as well.
      Of not, then hopefully the other products will get banned soon enough.
      You know, I wish they would systematically just label everything that’s tested.
      Or create an open list, of brands, and what they found out about them.
      I’m still not sure whether Bourjois is tested or not.. Or Nivea. Drives me mad.

      • Nivea is. Check out their website. Bourjois just ignores all of the emails so I’m 99% sure they test too. Those who don’t are always eager to boast about it the customer.

      • Hmm where does it say they are tested? :/
        All I know about them is that they don’t want to be on the Peta list, however they say they’re not tested..
        And that’s true, as I got more into the testing world that became clear lol :P often I don’t get an answer… then I wonder how long should I wait before I put them on the tested list.
        I usually try twice.. in good hopes.

  4. When you demand enforcement, what resources does enforcement have and who is going to pay for all their increased salaries of people to hire and all their supplies. So when you get it enforced how long do you think it takes for government to hire and provide enforcement so that enforcement doesn’t get stripped from people protection first?

    • Are you reffering to the people that will be mobilized to go check up on the background of products?

      • yes I am and then what are they going to do? I worked on a Marine base and the veterinary was charged with inspecting the meat AFTER it was already packaged not before. Also in terms of paying more in taxes, usage fees, and fines increases how are you going to pay for all the regulation you have gained, demanding it? You can not demand regulation then complain about more in taxes, fine increases, and usage increases. The increase of salaried people and their bosses, desks, supplies, travel and tools to accomplish all you have demanded costs money. People don’t work for free. If they are forced too then people complain about slavery and sweatshops.

  5. Thanks for the read on this, I didn’t even know about it.

  6. The amount of products available now that AREN’T tested on animals is growing — kudos to you for publishing this, and making people take notice!

  7. This is great news! I am happy for you and the critters Anouchka!

  8. Reblogged this on Time for Action.

  9. You’ve done some more research I see? hehe awesome ;)
    Let’s just hope this will be the start of a worldwide ban on animal testing and not something that is easily by-passed… Smart-ass companies :(
    It’s a sad thing that we don’t trust most of those companies to go cruelty free for real, they’ll have to prove us wrong I guess… Well they actually asked for it ;)
    Maybe someday it will be the other way around, I hope so…

    • I have! Been reading up about the ban today. Me and google spent some cosy moments together.
      Yeah let’s call it healthy scepticism, but true. it’s sad that everything has to be second-guessed in a way… Sure takes the fun out of impulse buying hehe!
      But all the lying makes it so necessary.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing – a lot of this informtion is new to me but like you, I hope that animal testing quickly becomes a thing of the past.

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