Collaboration: Pin Up Girl

Ohh how fuuun, i’m buzzing all around, this is the first collab ever for me!
A while back I called out to the big universe to find some creative souls, and actually got lovely responses back!
The first lady that jumped at the opportunity was creative Gabriella from ourlifeinaction here on Worpress, and she really had no problem deciding on a theme. ;D
Immediately she said how about pin up!
And realistically, what’s more feminine than a classic pin up!!
Oh man.
The big powder puff.. the elegant red lipstick.. the fun flicked liner..
Oh and the frills…

sexy pin up makeup
Her enthousiasm pretty much got me going instantly so I started thinking about ideas straight away hehe.
Then my head went *ping* glitter lips!
Might be something fun to try out for Valentine as well maybe? ^_^
Warning: no fancy background to be found here, in the afternoon the best lighting here is located in my very old kitchen.
Then again come to think of it, that sort of works for a pin up doesn’t it.
glitter lips
glitter lips
I’d filmed a tutorial for this (hence the curtain in the background) but my SD card was full.
However I wasn’t done filming yet, so in my hurry to delete some old files I accidentally also deleted my actual filming footage.
Ohhhh.. no I really wasn’t very likeable at that moment. LOL!
In any case, Gabriella DIDN’T mess up and she made a video for her look!
It’s her first one even!
Check her version out and give it some lovin’ right hurrrr!!

What’s that on your face



Essence: I love stage primer
Wet n Wild: Brulee eyeshadow all over
Catrice: Eyeshadow in 340 Ooops… nude did it again on the lid
POP beauty: trio in Park Avenue, the brown and black mixed as a soft cut-crease
Gosh: eyebrow kit
Essence: Liquid liner in black
DA: eyelash curler
DA: Dramatic curl mascara in brown (edit: it was Hema: Lengthy lashes waterproof mascara in black)


Catrice: Infinite matte foundation
2B: Concealer stick
Kryolan: Anti shine powder (patted on with a powderpuff, OF COURSE! We’re going vintage here!)
Catrice: Defining blush in 050 Apropos Aprico


Catrice: Ultimate colour lipstick in 070 Light the fire
Hema: Longer lasting lipgloss in Red on top
Kryolan: red glitter patted onto that
The glitter doesn’t survive a kissing session of course, but it does stay put very well on top of a sticky gloss!
(I felt like Jessica Rabbiiiiit!)


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. The sparkly red lip is perfect!

  2. You always inspire me to keep practicing, and even to try new techniques, colors, etc… You know as we get older we tend to fall into the same old ways of doing things that we did in our 20’s and 30’s. Even though my look is much softer at 51, I still enjoy seeing how you put your face on! I do love the way you present new products, or ideas to enhance or correct. This is, as always, a very helpful post! You’re an inspiration!

    • THANKS! >_< that's amazing to hear! I try to not sound like a makeup preacher / teacher, because i'm not. My mom and I just talked about that this weekend even..
      Makeup is all about picking elements that work for you right, and it tends to go down the wrong way for me when I read or hear videos of people saying "you're supposed to use eyeliner like this".
      I'll do anything to avoid that, so you saying I present products in a good manner really lifts my spirits! :)

  3. Well I certainly like this posting and
    who wouldn’t it is positively gorgeous :)
    I still need to check out your videos
    yet but I will get around to it soon :)

    have a fun rest
    of evening now…

  4. I love it! As soon as I saw this, Jessica Rabbit popped into my mind. This is such a gorgeous look.

  5. Beautiful! Wish I could get my flicks like that!! ☺

    • My mom was very strict with making me practice that haha. She’d always say no just put your arm like this, you can do it! It would look so much nicer with eyeliner!
      So I kept practicing.. and practicing..
      So thanks for the compliment! ;)

  6. Love the old drawings up top. You look fab as always. ;)

  7. you soooo should have taken some pics with you doing washing up, baking and serving hubby dinner lol just to be authentic to the look :D

  8. Aww that’s so well done! Gorgeous :)

  9. I like your lips – it looks great!!! Now I’m on the move for watching the video ;o)

  10. Like…..MORE LIKE LOVE!!! Your eyes are gorgeous! And I love your lipstick.

    I am a mixture of nerves and giggly excitement – THIS IS SO FUN! I can’t wait for the next one.:-D

    • Me neither heeheeh! Ohh we’re giggly today haha!

      • Not a bad thing for a Monday morning :-D Next time you want to do these just let me know – you choose the theme. I am definately game. :-D

      • Kay awesome! Will do ^_^ sounds like you got over your stage fright a little as well!

      • LOL!!! Still nervous but now I’m addicted. I have a question for you – how do you do your lighting. Mine made me look a little orangy (maybe it was too strong). Maybe a good idea for a post. :-)

      • Nervous but addicted sounds good, sounds like a fluttery belly to me lol! :D I could make a post on it but it would be very short. I just film in natural lighting, right in front of a window. Now lately i’ve been trying to hang a white sheet behind me to cancel out all the yellow, but I need some artificial lighting on that though because now it just looks grey.

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