FOTD: colored lashes

During the day I haven’t really been wearing a lot of bold makeup, at all, mostly due to the laziness-factor.
So my current obsession?
Colored lashes.
I completely went past the trend last year, guess i’m on my own little timeline..
They’re fast, easy, and just make everyting look a little more fresh and interesting I feel!
Not to mention, everyone can pull it off.
Combined with a clean face I think it looks chique even.
cruelty free

That’s from Stella McCartney’s runway last fall.
Anyway I don’t go quite as bold as that, but I do love adding a pinch of color.
Here i’m just wearing some foundation, concealer, brow powder, blusher, gloss, and purple mascara:
purple mascara
I love how it’s not extremely noticeable, but there’s something just catching your eye.
First time I wore my blue one Hippo was all puzzled and said “You dooo know your lashes are blue right…?” LOL.

Cruelty free colored mascaras

The one i’m wearing in the pictures located right above is the colour difference mascara in Violet from 2B!
That brand really does great ones, nicely pigmented and they stay put for ages.. aaaaages.
Essence carries some as well:
Those do contain carmine though if you’re against that!
Gosh also produce them:
Barry M has it going on too:
barry m
And of course Makeup Forever:
Anyway my point IS: there’s really no excuse not to try ’em!! ;D
Or have you already?
What’s your favorite shade? And do you wear them during the day as well?


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Takes me back to being a teenager in the 80’s I remember co-ordinating my eye mascara to match the streaks I would put in my hair with my hair mascara lol

  2. I was obsessed with coloured lashes in high school. Once I came home with blue mascara on, and my mother got all nostalgic and told me that she used to wear green lashes when she was a teenager. It’s a highly underrated beauty trend.

  3. Coloured lashes! Something I’ve wanted to try but haven’t yet… It’s gorgeous though!

  4. Reblogged this on I think this is Jenbolinia and commented:
    I really like this!

  5. Illamasqua has a blue one as well ;) I bought that one in the sales :p
    I’m expecting them very soon, I’ve tracked them today and they should be in Ghent now… So I’ve got the feeling they will arrive on monday or tuesday ;)
    I didn’t know 2B had dese, going to check the Kruidvat in my neighbourhood :D I’d love to try a violet one now, looks lovely on you and I don’t wear that colour enough…
    I also want to try a green one ^^

    • Cool, let me know how you like em! They should show up really well on you, you have blonde lashes right? And aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa goodiiiiies!!!! I’m so excited >_<

      • Haha no, I have brown lashes :p My blonde hair is fake, I’m growing it out now :p
        I have dark blonde hair, but people say I have brown hair (but as a child I was blonde, got darker, now I’m ashy dark blonde :p and I’m not a huge fan of my own hair colour because it’s so ashy)
        I hope it will show up well though :D
        tomorrow I’m going to check Kruidvat hehehe :D And on wednesday I’ll be in Antwerp again, so if I can’t find them here, I’ll look for it in Antwerp (and I’ll ckeck out the Jinny’s again for sleek… and maybe harry beaver XD)
        just cought so many goodies… I’m sooooo addicted! (but I want more loose pigments… )

      • Hoooo you have some shopping ahead of you :D I honestly thought you were a natural light blonde lol, it fits you very well. I feel you with the ashy haair :/ i’ve always colored my hair, even when it was brown, to a warm brown.

      • You can tell from my eyebrows it’s not my natural hair colour, because they’re rather dark as well :p And now I have about 10 cm of my own colour again ^^
        I’m going to be happy with my own hair again though :p I’ll try to be XD for now this is fine
        and if not, dyeing it will be ;) I’m thinking of going red again… but it took me so long to grow my hair out and I’ll have to dye it over and over again if I go red :p

      • Oeh I love the green one :D Not a big fan of the orange one (it doesn’t cover my lashes very well)
        still gotta try the purple one XD
        and of course the blue Illamasqua one as well
        I don’t think I’ll be going out like this though… wearing green on the left eye, orange on the right eye XD

      • Haha mad hatter styles. Glad you liked them tooo! ^_^ I passed by Jinny’s btw yesterday… -_- my train was stuck… and I needed some shampoo.. so I had to. And somehow the Sleek Storm palette also ended up in my suitcase.

      • Haha somehow… ;) You couldn’t help it right? I’m gonna have to be careful for my wallet ;) hehehe
        Ah shame, I’m going to Antwerp today, well I’ll be there often enough so we can meet up ;)
        took a couple of pictures after my graduation, might turn them into a blog post as well… even though I’m not a big fan of showing my face on my blog XD

      • Sounds like a plan, and you graduated? Iiick ^_^ that means your review and all was good? Congratulatiooons! I’d love to see the OOTD. :D

  6. Wow! It really does add pop! I’m quite loving it. It really does show up. I really would love to try a plum mascara. I’ve been searching for a good one.

  7. Okay I really must be on my own timeline, too, because I haven’t seen this AT ALL until just now haha. But…I LOVE it! I am definitely going to try this out. Now with your expertise, what color would be good for me to try with my hazel green eyes?

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