FOTD: dolly lashes

This weekend my mom took me to a giant covered market on the other side of Belgium, and boy was it WORTH it! :D
We had a bunch of fun hamstering around.
Especially at the beauty stands hehe.
Synthetic lashes galore! And for 1 euro! You usually don’t find that here in Belgium!
Generally when I need a pair of lashes, it sets me back around 8 euros at least.
Anyway needless to say:
I got me soooome.
bonjour lashes

How to describe them?
Huge, flared, and they remind me of doll-lashes!! O_O
Hippo doesn’t have school tomorrow so I dressed up a little to go hang out with him:
Inglot amc 50
inglot amc 50

What’s that on your face?



Essence: I love stage primer
Kryolan: Aquacolor in white all over my lid
Sleek: Acid palette (matte white) on top of the Aquacolor
Inglot: AMC 50 all on my crease and orbital bone
Sleek: Bad Girl palette (matte black) on my outer corner
Bonjour: GCO-53H flared synthetic lashes applied with Kryolan lash adhesive
Essence: black liquid liner slightly winged out
Physician’s Formula: organic wear mascara


MUFE: HD foundation
ZOEVA: Fresh Pink blush palette (I used number 7)
blush palette
Catrice: Allround concealer (green and peach for around my eyes)
2B: concealer stick (just on the outer corner of my eye)


Paris Memories: vitamin E lipstick in shade number 35
The lashes are so big they have their own shadow! <3
They were a serious pain in the behind to apply though. No really.
What about you?
Do you ever go big with them lashes? :D


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. False lashes add much fun to the makeup process uh? :) Beautiful!

  2. Hey love, I’m inviting you to take part and answer my questionnaire :) It’s not make-up related, sorry :( But! It’s all about what kind of person you are, and I love learning about that :) here it is:

  3. I lust love this look in general ^^
    The lashes are more like party or special occasion lashes. They look lovely on you :) I’m too chicken to use fake lashes :p

    • Belgian modesty haha :D but then sometimes I think agh what the heck and just stick some on. Do you watch JulieG on Youtube?
      Often her make up looks fine, a little normal even, but then with the lashes all of a sudden *BOOM* it all comes together :P
      Beautiful stuff!

      • Yup I watch her and indeed, she’s like vavavoom or something :p kinda hot ;)
        Maybe it has to do something with belgian modesty yea :p though I’m just too chicken to wear them because I’m afraid I’d pull out my lashes and I don’t want to spend money on losing my own lashes :p I’m pretty happy with them just the way they are :p
        I just don’t think I’m able to put them on ;)

        By the way, where was that market? The other side of Belgium, does that mean the black market in Tessenderlo? XD (I once found Orly nail polishes there, I think they’re cruelty free too, saw them on a couple of lists before :p )
        and lots of awesome nail art as well, but haven’t found much make up back in the days
        or was it somewhere else?

      • Haha yeah she is :D and yup that one! There’s lots of urban brands to be found, I got the lipstick I used here there as well. And lots of nail art as well like you say ^_^ however didn’t see Orly! But maybe that’s because i’m not really into nails, that’s more your thing hehe.

        Next time I go I should really write down every brand I find to check the cruelty free status.

      • Yeah well I’m not sure if that lady still sells Orly, she got rid of a lot of those nail polishes :p
        I didn’t buy any make up there though, I don’t remember if I didn’t see any or didn’t go look for it… back then I was really into nail art indeed, buy now I’m not anymore :p
        The black market is pretty awesome though, but I don’t want to go there too often, because it costs both me and my boyfriend a lot of money (for him it’s retrogames, yayy :p ) but it’s a nice thing to do on a sunday :p

  4. Oh my god, your eye make up! It’s so pretty!

  5. I really love this look on you! Fabulous color, and the lashes are knock-down GORGEOUS!! I would do it for a special occasion.

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