Anti-panda concealer!

I tend to watch cosmetic gurus and MUAs on Youtube over breakfast, in the evening, some more in the evening..
Well all in all i’ve watched some videos!
I was happy that Ania mentioned panda eyes in her comment this week!
Because besides eyeshadow application and being jealous of other people’s eyes, one of the biggest things I learnt from these vids was how to work with natural shadows on the face!
Here’s a summary and little demo of what I discovered:

What are panda eyes?


If you have some discoloration under the eye, you’ll probably get away with using a pigmented concealer all over.
However if it’s bags you’re struggling with, those consist of two things:

  • A puffy area that stands out and catches the light
  • And a sunken area that has a shadow cast onto it

Then you can imagine, just applying a light concealer over that entire area, the risen as well as the sunken area, will look weird!
It really just pulls everything foward, even the area that’s already puffy!
Aka panda eyes!

So do you have dark circles or bags?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing foundation or not, bags will show up anyway.
So feel free to go oogle yourself right now!
Looking straight ahead, or even pointing the chin up a little, if there’s no discoloration to be seen your dark circles are in exquisite shape!
Okay now point your chin all the way down, with your eyes pointed forward, if you see rings appearing: you got you some bags!
Example on myself:
dark circles
Oh how perky we are, yaaay perkyyy!
Not really discoloration.
dark circles
BAM! Bags!
Gotta love posting unflattering pics online.
Anyway, so I have bags.
Now, how to get rid of them!

The tools

Whatever concealer you use for your dark circles, a finger (really any finger), a pigmented cream concealer that’s a bit lighter than your skintone, a tiny brush.
I’m really enjoying the the Real Techniques fine liner brush for that purpose at the moment.
eye bags

What to do with them

Look at your eyes and don’t apply concealer all over!
1) First the dark circles
Apply concealer with your finger or a brush where you need it, for the discoloration itself.
So I enjoy using a salmon concealer on the inner, and outer corner to solve that.
2) Then the bags
Point your chin down again, and apply the cream concealer on the areas that are sunken in, which will visualy lift them up to join in with the other areas.
I only heard about this technique very recently, through Wayne Goss on Youtube!

Feel free to be as precise with this as you like!
Some days I don’t conceal my bags, and sometimes I just apply a little on the outer edge, where the biggest dent is.
That already makes a huuuge difference for me.
That’s no Photoshop, just some light concealer on the sunken parts of the bags!!
Try it, and let me know just how perky you look after. ;D


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Thanks so much – that’s exactly the kind of advice I needed!! I’m going to look sooo much better now! :D

  2. Amazing! I actually saw this video awhile ago too and was all like…aaaaah I see!

  3. After being ill the dark circles under my eyes are hideous! Luckily not puffy though, I couldn’t cope with both haha. Fab work, thanks for the post!!! :)

  4. I need to try this. Need to find a concealer first!

  5. Haha reading this post made me think of Goss, and I was planning on saying you should watch his video’s once in a while, but apparantly you already do hahaha :D He’s pretty awesome, I only find it sad he uses botox and that kind of things (laser treatment, not sure of he went under plastic surgery though)
    Of course he can do what he wants and talking about it can help others with deciding what to do and everything, but to me botox is like poison to the body… and somehow it might inspire young people to do the same, which I think is sad
    But then again, if that will make him and others a lot happier, who am I to say something about it ;)

    Awesome what this way of concealing did to you though! :D I usually just have dark circles and just a little bit bags, but not in that way that it disturbs me, so I usually apply concealer under my inner corners and then spread it out to the rest of my undereye ;)

    • Haha xD he’s great right, always to the point. I do agree with what you say about the treatments though, just because he already looks great!! He really doesn’t need it!

      Then again I love how honest he is about them, he’ll just tell everyone about Botox, surgery, etc.

      I believe he started out with that because he had migraines, but maybe he liked the side effects as well, hehe. :D

      Bless your undereyes! That’s great!

      • Yes, I do like his honesty :) Oh I didn’t know it had to do with his migraines, that explains a lot (but it still looks kinda weird that he barely has any movement in his forehead sometimes haha :p )

        At the moment I’m lacking a lot of sleep so I’m not so blessed now XD feeling kinda sick now too, so I don’t really care about putting on a lot of make up now :p just a bit bb cream, eye liner and mascara (I also wore the essence primer, because that way my veins don’t show up as much )

      • Your veins don’t show up as much, it’s not a zombie virus is it?! ;D

  6. great!!! that’s like magic – isn’t it? I use the touche éclat of YSL – but that’s a rip off – Thanks for an alternative product ;o)

    • It is really expensive yeah, but products like that are really nice though!
      I see more and more drugstore brands coming out with light reflecting concealers like that as well, wOOt! :D

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