Almost MUD time

mud kortrijk
Tomorrow at 1 pm I have my first class at the MUD academy!

Do any of you have experience with make up schools?
I have absolutely NO idea what to expect.
Down the rabbit hole it is!
*munching on popcorn*
Will I be able to sleep tonight? Probably not..
*munch some more popcorn*
Jetpacked into the world of make up artistry..
LOL i’m so excited, I can’t wait. ^_^
Tomorrow is also the day I get my kit.
Which means practicing my newfound magic everyone I can get my hands on!
>:) run..


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Ooooh gosh ! I wanted to enter in this school sooo much !! How is it ??

    • So far it’s been very nice! I was amazed at how professional they are.. I almost felt in a New York school with the Björk music in the background and all haha. Although I only have one class a week :( I wish it was more..
      Currently editing a video on my starter kit but Adobe Première is working against my plans! >:(

      • I want to go to the Los Angeles’ school but it’s too far, so too pricey for me. A MUD school opened in Europe, so maybe one day I can go there lol

  2. …can’t wait to hear about it… sadly we haven’t such a school here ….but imho some people here would need it BOL

  3. Wow I’ve never been to a makeup school but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Have fun!

    • It was gggreat! :D and the interior almost made me feel like I was in another country, because of all the Youtube vids I see of MUD studios lol! I felt connected :’)

  4. I think the best thing to do is to absorb as much as you can and ask a lot of questions. If there are demonstrations watch how the teacher applies product themselves, their habits that they have picked up, ask them their experiences with clients.
    Be open to the fact that not everybody will like an application or project that you do, and instead of taking it personally (which is very easy to do in a creative industry) to try to grow from it.
    Always be professional.. Im not sure how your school will be but I went to school Monday to Friday 9-5 with a small class for a full year. It is hard for there not to be drama or gossip, try to stay out of it. A lot of the people in your class will call upon you after graduation for assistance on jobs they might get or pass on jobs they can’t take. After graduating you have to find your own work and really pursue your passion, don’t burn any bridges.
    Mostly I am jealous of you, you are lucky. There is nothing quite like the first day when you get to open and label and go through everything in your brand new kit.
    If you have a moment, please check out my blog as well :)
    I constantly love to learn new things so if you learn something cool make sure you pass on the information. If you have any questions feel free to contact me as well.

    • I’ll try my best not to get involved in any of that, I don’t feel like getting involved in such things anyway. Mostly I feel like a sponge ready to waddle over and suck up as much information as possible as you say :)
      My classes are only once a week sadly enough, I wish there were more! Monday through Friday sounds great!
      And aaaa you just made me even more excited about my kit. Haha! Did you go to MUD as well? If so, are there any products from it that you really liked?

    • And your portfolio on your website is GREAT!! I love your work! Very editorial and modern! :D

      • I have never tried any MUD products unfortunately they aren’t easily available where I’m from but I have heard great things. I went to a school called Vancouver Film School, it has programs for anything to do with the film industry (digital design, film production, writing) so it is not just a school for makeup. We got to collaborate with students in the different programs which is pretty unique and that way I got to be a part of a few student films. Beauty is still my passion but we did learn a lot about special effects work and got to apply prosthetics but even sculpt and make them ourselves which not a lot of schools let students do.
        Does MUD have a special effects part to their program? It has to be the most fun learning about all those crazy products.
        The good thing about you only having one day a week is that you have a lot of time in between to practice and experiment :)

      • Oh wauw! You got the whole thing! Very nice. :D I hope to learn film make up in the next couple of years.

  5. Never experienced it! But good luck to you! Sounds like fun!

  6. Hi! I went to MUD in New York City 3 years ago. I loved it! IT was such a fun experience. I loved meeting new people and trying new things! There were people of all ages and experiences and i learned from everyone. The days are long and jam packed so make sure you get plenty of sleep and eat well! Stay organized and take notes so you are getting the most you possibly can out of class. If you pay attention you’ll be fine on tests, they arent there to make you fail, they want you to succeed! Go to any guest lectures if they are there because you learn a ton there too! MUD is an inspiring experience and a ton of fun! Message me if you have any questions/comments/concerns! good luck!! youll love it!!


    • Thanks SO much for the feedback! I loved reading about your experience :) i’ll definitely not forget to take a good notepad. How do the classes work though? Do you practice on classmates?

      • Yes! You practice on eachother which is good because everyone has different skin type, skin tones, marks, eyebrows, so it is a lot of great experience. The teachers are so nice and helpful that if you have any questions or anything they are right there to help, so dont be afraid to ask questions!! The first day you wnt be doing makeup so go looking nice and presentable but not too much makeup, just clean. Then when you guys start doing makeup all the time wear minimal when you go bc youll be constantly taking it on and off !!! And they go through EVERYTHING when you get there :) :) :)

      • Haha I was wondering about what I should wear, yeah.. my boyfriend said “I think you should always wear a full face when going there! It’s a make up school after all!”. So no crazy water resistant make up when going to school, that’s noted. :D

  7. Great news! I hope it goes well for you. You could practice on me but I’m kinda far away…

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