Guide to easy false lashes

You know, I love me some fluttery eyelashes!
fake lashes
But for the longest time I saw fake lashes as little devils that would end up next to my eye.. or completely crooked.. -_-‘
eyelash fail
I couldn’t stand the sight of them, but then I thought man up woman! Fix yo lashes!
And thus as a result, here’s the handbook I go by now:


1) Lash band

Way too often the lash band seems to be the centre of attention with fake lashes, being a bunch thicker than the lashes themselves.
It can look nice but it also makes applying them SO much harder!
A see-through lash band is the easiest, then you won’t see a crooked line.
At most you’ll see an odd hair somewhere but someone would have to be seriously up in your face to notice that.
If the lash band isn’t invisible, go for a very thin one.

2) Corner lashes

When  in doubt, corner lashes are the way to go!
Because they’re so short, there’s not a lot of room for mistake.
Another plus is that they make your eyes look very elongated and feline.

3) Get cutting

Okay when reaaaally in doubt, or in a pinch, I get crappy lashes and just cut off a large portion so that I just have corner lashes.
Nothing easier than corner lashes.

4) Individuals

As with corner lashes, you can’t go wrong with individuals either.
No lash band to be seen, you just lay them on top of your natural lashes and *poof*.
Although I often don’t have the patience for them..

5) Glue

Kryolan lash glue is the one I use, if it stays on under scorching studio lamps, it’ll stay on during the day!
I’ll start with a thin little layer all over the lash band, let that dry a little and pop the lash onto my eye starting at my outer corner.
Then lastly i’ll apply a little more glue over the lash on the inner and outer corners with the back of a brush, to seal it in.

6) Faith

You can do it, put your back into it!
It’s just make up in the end!
What sort of lashes do you prefer? For me it’s really flared ones!
My favorite hands down are the Ardell black demi wispies!
Demi wispies
So prettyyyy!!!! :D


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Very informative and beautiful post and you can see here video guide for applying Eyelashes.

  2. This is an awesome post because I feel your pain with eyelashes too! I usually go for the corner wispies, love them! Someone just told me about fake eyelashes that come with a string for easier application. Have you heard of those?

  3. I’ve worn the demi wispies before and liked them, but it requires more patience and time than I’m willing to give most of the time. I really enjoyed this post. It kind of made me want to try them again!

    • It does require some patience haha, I keep them for special occasions as well. :) then again I do see other people popping them on like it’s second nature. Yeah go for it! Maybe corner ones, all the flutter and no fuss. :D

  4. Reblogged this on Vivacious Vixens and commented:
    Fabulous post from the ever so lovely Lifeofbun

  5. Great tips, I only wear false lashes for dance recitals, but I could definitely use these tips for application! They are very difficult sometimes!

    • Haha yeah, they’re like liquid liner aren’t they! The two most daunting things in make up. How cool that you wear them for dance recitals :) so glamorous!

  6. Ah I adore Ardell demi wispies! Great post :-)

  7. I once tried to apply individual lashes, but I tried to use the glue that came with them… it was horrible, I couldn’t get them straight and they didn’t actually stick very well… I gave up haha
    but I have pretty good lashes anyway… though I really would like to try some special ones ^^

    • Haha epic :D I had the same thing happen to me in the beginning but with full lashes. I had about no lid left because I couldn’t apply them straight, the band would just take up my entire lid almost. xD
      But like you say they are extra special :) and they can make eye make up look so much nicer too.
      Sometimes I see Youtube gurus so an avarage look, and then *BAM* the lashes enter!

      • So true! but then again, I see people wearing them to go to a snackbar (okay maybe that girl was going to a party or something later that evening and got ready early… but still :p ) and I just think that’s weird XD I would only wear them to make a dramatic look even more dramatic and just AWESOME and maybe get some blue or sparkly false lashes to be like BOOM I’m awesome :p
        but then I’d have to learn how to apply them >_> ehh never mind XD
        I thought full lashes or demi lashes would be easier to handle because you have more lashes to hold en put in place… but apparantly I can’t even work with the easy ones that can’t go wrong XDD

      • Hahah! Ohh I love big colored lashes with winged liner.. Looks very celeb-like. ^_^

  8. I’ve never used false eyelashes in my entire life. I’ve helped my mom apply them though and it seemed fairly doable. I think the reason why I am wary of trying them is because I’m a big ‘eyelash’ person and I am actually pretty satisfied with my natural lashes; I’m afraid if I try false ones and love them, I won’t like my natural ones anymore and will feel like I always need to wear the better ones. I know it’s silly, but I really think that’s why I continue to steer clear.

  9. I think lashes are all about practice! I used to make a mess every time but now it’s been months since i’ve gone wrong and i wear lashes like once a week! Also liquid liner to hide imperfections in the band. The kryolan was my first glue and i liked it, but now i use duo and it’s even better! Don’t know about cruelty-free-ness though. Fluttery lashes are awesome ^_^

    • yeah agreed, they’re all about practice! I hide my mistakes with liquid liner as well but I don’t enjoy “needing” thick liner every time I make a mistake. When it doubt, a thin band is the way for me.
      I actually have no clue about DUO’s cruelty free status, i’ll mail them. Good idea Nomi! :D

  10. I had no idea there are so many types of faux lashes. Be careful!

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