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First off a question to WordPressers: are you also experiencing a MASSIVE amount of spam comments getting through since about a week?
Then an apology to everyone: i’m sorry if you keep getting notifications of “replies” to your comments.
On a more fun note, I saw a lot of bloggers sharing their anual blog review, so I thought i’d enter in on that. :D

popular post

1) I’ll tell you what that scrub is missing!

2) Purple drain, purple drain

3) Hairmorphosis

4) Manic Panic Enchanted Forest

5) You’d better not Urban Decay!!!!

I was wondering whether to post this or not, but for the sake of transparency I will, i’d personally be really interested in seeing it! :P
195,102 views were recorded
Thanks so much! I’m really amazed.

Hippo’s advice (and ideas for posts, lol!) throughout the year definitely helped me.
Often he would say things like “looks cool, you should snap a picture and post it” or “just film a video!” haha.
He always pushes me a bit further. He made me start a blog in the first place even.

Anyway, this definitely encourages me to keep writing!! :D
172 countries in all:
Most visitors came from The United States, Canada & The United Kingdom.


1)  John

2)  anna3101

3)  My Lucite Dreams

4)  Katie Glenn

5)  easyweimaraner


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Hey that’s me! Hoomin :-)
    Happy New Year!

  2. Ha, this year I’m going to compete with John, hard! :D Happy New Year to you by the way, and all the very best wishes from me and my kitty Basia :)

    • Hahah! :D I had the same reaction on Dana’s blog, we’re both competitive spirits huh. Your kitty is so pretty!! My last hamster died 2 weeks back, she didn’t make it to New Year’s :/

      • Poor thing, I’m so sorry Anouchka :( I hope he/she had a good life and that you will have other pets too, you seem to be just the kind of a person who would be a perfect pet owner.

      • I don’t know, i’ve been doubting about that ever since I allowed that vet that specialized in cattle put down a hamster with cancer. I should’ve checked up on him first, or stopped him when he was squeezing my hamster but it just all went so fast in my brain. I pretty much still think about that every day.
        But at that time I was thinking get it over with, i’d never dealt with something like that before.
        And the sad thing is, that hamster had been scared of humans all his life, then I almost got him to trust me, and then he was put down ruthlessly by that vet. GRRR that makes me just want to go put down that vet right now.
        K breathe, breathe. -_-‘ sorry for the rant!

      • But if he had cancer, he would be suffering a lot. I suppose the vet knew that and had no choice – I believe they also don’t like the idea of putting animals down :(

        I feel sorry for your loss :(

      • Yeah definitely, the way he handled my hamster was bad though. Jackass, never going there again!

      • If he was rough/unpleasant, then please write a review so that other patients don’t go there!

      • Hmm.. could I place that on my blog you think? That would be good.

      • I think yes, and maybe also on any page where you can review vets or animal forums. Is there any pet forum you know? Here in Poland I know, for example, there’s for cats and there are many topics there grouped by city about good and bad vets, so when someone is looking for a vet or wants to check a vet they look there…

  3. Very impressive stats! Here’s to many more fun and interesting posts this year ;-)

  4. Wow!! awesome readership! Happy new years! :)

  5. We have something in common. I have a dog in my top 5 too!

  6. Happy new year Anouchka!!

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