New Year’s resolutions

Well I never make resolutions but what the heck!
Never bad to revise the year.
I’m editing a video starring Shiva the reindeer by the way, the pictures were blurry but a video is more fun anyway!
Let’s get crackin’:

1. Project 10 pan

I want to do one with my non-cruelty free beauty products to clear my stash.

How it works:
You choose 10 products you want to finish up. From there on out, you are not allowed to buy new products until you’ve finished every one of those! Or in the case of make up, hit pan on them at least.
Feel free to be as mild or hardcore on yourself as you like. It’ll be hard either way!
Tip to myself: start after the New Year’s sales. -_-‘

2. Experimental cooking

I got a pasta book for Christmas, and Hippo adores pasta, so there’s nothing holding me back from experimenting with veggie pastas now!

3. Wear pants

No not figuratively, I just don’t wear pants. Maybe once a month, on special occasions.
I don’t feel comfortable in them!
They’re so tight!
And I like feeling the cold wind swoosh by my legs!

4. Get my driver’s licence

Ugh I don’t like the idea of driving :( but it’s such freedom at the same time..
I really should.

5. Clean the extra room

Our spare room at the appartment isn’t a walk in – closet, more like a climb the mount Everest – closet.
It’s not all clothes, but a big part of it is. And shoes.
Sad thing is, the biggest wall in the room is actually limestone so my clothing racks just keep tumbling down from the wall.
IF you know of a practical way to store clothing you won’t wear for the season, do let me know :)

6. Space

By the end of 2013, i’ll have traveled through a wormhole. And i’ll have a cute alien pet.
You know, just to keep things plausible.


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. I never wanted get my driver license either, or take driving lessons. Because I found it pretty scary. I started four weeks ago, and it’s not that scary as I thought — tho, it all depends on the instructor. Mine is a really relaxed laid back woman. :)
    But it’s fun! I always look forward to the next lesson.

    • Yeah exactly, it seems so scary. But having a female instructor would make me feel a lot more comfortable I think, you know, a little soft handed. Laid back like you say, not too agressive like “come on! get on that pedal!”.

  2. Great resolutions. Good luck – I should do the 3rd, only with skirts :)

  3. By pants, do you mean trousers? Only where I live, pants means underwear!! :D

  4. That’s an interesting list :) Hope you make them all come true! Happy new year :)

  5. Haha I want to try to wear more skirts and dresses! But I feel the same way about driving. For now i’m not focussing on it, since I can’t afford a car anyway. I really want to be able to drive by the time I finish school though.. Good luck with everything!

  6. I resolve to eat more cookies!

  7. Going for your licence, great idea ;) even if you don’t like the thought, it’ss be very important for the future (and trust me you’ll get used to it soon enough, everybody needs practice at first but once you’ve got the hang of it… ;) )
    I’m planning to do a project 10 pan as well, but I don’t know which products I would like to finish… I have a few, but I feel like it would take me AGES to go through them and it scares me too much XD
    I have 2 mascaras, 1 (full!!) eyeshadow (L’oreal infallible in dark blue, but I don’t use that colour too often and it’s only been used for like… 5 times?), I’m trying to use up a couple of lush products now, but I already bought some new ones *blushing*
    Maybe I won’t make new years resolutions? Hahaha :D

    • Hahah! xD yeah it’s surprising how long products last these days. Then again I do see people really GOING FOR IT with eyeshadow when they’re doing a 10-pan, and reapplying gloss a million times so maybe i’ll try that haha.
      It does feel good to finish something up don’t you think? Purely psychological isn’t it, it’s not like i’m helping the world but it just feels good lol.

  8. I rather enjoy these, definitely different from what mine would be (for example, I would like to wear LESS pants, quit being so boring with my wardrobe!) but I don’t like to write mine out until actual New Year’s Eve, just a silly tradition :) Thank you for sharing, you have motivated me to make sure to actually do mine this year!

    • Oh you have traditions on New Year’s eve? That’s great! We’re all traditioned out after Christmas and just party. It’s a blast, but I feel like including some tradition in it too. :) A friend I met through blogging actually writes down everything that happened the past year. That sounds fun too, i’d love to read those back sometimes. :P

  9. Sounds like you have a master plan! Seems the wind blowing up your dress would be soooo cold! You should learn to drive, freedom indeed! I have no idea the requirements and laws there but the idea is obviously the same. Go for it. ;)

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