FOTD: Warm & wearable silver

Even though silver is a pretty mainstream and accepted color, I feel a lot of people (like me) don’t like to grab for it as much.
And the reason why I think, is that it’s not that easy to pull off..
I tried the fully fledged silver smokey eye a couple of times, and I occasionally do wear it even, but it doesn’t flatter my yellow complexion one bit.
Here’s proof:
smokey eye
smokey eye
Looks so harsh on me!
What I personally like to do to make it flattering to the face:

  • Surround the silver with a warm shade like brown, bronze, burgundy, things like that.
  • Warm blusher helps a ton too! Instead of pinks.
  • Warm lippie, or if you really want pink maybe go for a coral.
  • White silver flatters a million times more than grey silver!

I wore simple make up today, using only two shades: a light silver, and a very warm chocolate brown.
Even though there’s not much to it, I wanted to share an example of how I like to make silvers wearable. :)

metal mania palette


Much better right!

metal mania

metal mania palette
All I did was:


Matte bone shade on the browbone, Wet n Wild’s Brulee.

Light silver shadow on my lids (not cruelty free, had it for ages).

Very warm bronze from the Metal Mania palette around my lid, on the outer corner, and lower lashline:

metal mania

Smudged a dark brown eyepencil along my top lashline as well, Catrice’s 070 I Wood If I Could, and then applied Physician’s Formula Organic mascara.


Catrice Infinite Matte foundation in 010 Light Beige

DA concealer pen

2B concealer stick

A very deep coral red blusher.
I used Peachykeen by MAC but that’s not cruelty free, a good dupe would be the bronzing block in shade 3 by Accessorize.

Essence Compact Power in 02 Adorable on my cheekbones


DA Lip Paint in shade 008, a warm coral
Do you feel the same way about silver being awkward?


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. You look amazing in silver, so sensual, sophisticated and… sort of femme fatale really :) When I saw your pic I just went “WOW”. Maybe it’s difficult to pull off silver, but definitely not for you!

  2. Wow you did a great work of art in this eye makeup! Love it :)

  3. The colors look great on you! I have a hard time trying cool colors like silver because there was a fad in my middle school where girl would wear white or ice blue eyeliner…not a good look for beginning makeup artists. I might just play around with some new colors for the holiday. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Ooph yeah! That’s hard to pull off! Maybe even more so than just silver shadow! :P Awesome that this inspired you, i’m so flattered. :) And Holidays are the the time to experiment right, then more people look crazy haha.

  4. Have a wonderful Christmas holiday!!!! woo woo woo!

  5. Silver looks really nice on you. The top two photos are pretty good too. :)

    • Thanks John! I do like silver smokeys but I like not looking dead too, it’s a tough decision sometimes you know. Are you also having Xmas dinner tomorrow?

      • Nah, our family Christmas was December 2nd so that dad could get to Florida sooner. Warm weather you know. Currently 27F here. Anyway, we will just be hanging around the house watching TV and playing on the internet. Hope you have more excitement. :)

      • Ah I see, yeah I read blogs from some people that have warm weather right now. Literally let’s go swimming-weather. I really can’t imagine that! Looking outside I see rainy weather at the moment. I wish it would snow though :/ getting less and less every year.

        And at least count your blessings that you don’t have to go out into the busy shops at the moment then, lol. I have to go get one more thing in a big electronics store tomorrow. >_< and then get on the train for some hours.

  6. Looks good on you :) I thinkg silver is rather hard to pull off because it’s such a cold colour. Maybe it’s much better with blue or grey eyes (my sister looks gorgeous in silver). good idea to use a warmer shade on the outer corner and crease ^^
    I think grey eyeshadow still looks okay on me though, but it really depends on the kind of grey I guess… but on a regular day I just wear a couple of brown, a vanilla and sometimes a brownish purple… so I’m not really used to see myself in greys and silvers

    • Yeah I think that’s it, some people with an overall fair appearance, like with blue eyes like you say or blonde hair, look gorgeous with silvers. You probably look great in them too.
      It’s like cool toned pink lippies, you probably look good with those as well whereas I really need some blush then! >_<

      • Nope, I’m more warm toned, I have brown eyes and even though I have a rather pale complexion now, I look a lot better with warm colours… Or black :)
        If you look at my arms, they’re more of a yellow tone, but wearing a lot of bb cream and the lack of sun in Belgium made me a little paler, but I like being pale ^^
        my blonde hair is just a year of highlighting, I’m growing it out now
        Cool toned pink lippies make me look sick, I never wear them, I usually just wear lip balm, the lightest gloss I wear is a warm peach ^^

  7. I love this silver… absolutely stunning!

  8. Beautiful look. I like the first also. :-)

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