Veggie venting! Bunny fur!

Rant alert! Grrr.
My mom came over yesterday evening, and this afternoon we went shopping together for the first time in a couple of months.
Yay! Cosy!

Well it was, but all of the fun got sort of stomped on by one rude gentleman. No he wasn’t a gentleman! >_<

This wildman with long grey hair happened to own a cute little shop with clothes sorted according to color. In every color.
Needless to say my eyes went "O_O".

Real leather purses were sold there too, reminiscent of vintage movies.
I couldn't purchase those out of principle, however besides that there was only one leather jacket to be seen.
No other animal derived items, just faux fur.

Or so I thought.

I sold my soul to a red fluffy beret, much like this one:
Only a LOT more red, and very fluffy.

I was actually about to pay even when he casually reminded me to wash it with cold water, because of the rabbit fur.
That’s when I laughed.
He threw me a serious look.
I said “You’re kidding right?”.
He continued to stare.
I asked again.
My mom said “Uhm I don’t think he’s kidding.”

Apparently not all of the items were faux fur.

The conversation ended (or so I thought at least) with me saying “I’m really sorry but I can’t buy that!”,  followed by my mom saying “I feel you should mark real fur more clearly”.
I felt very creeped out, almost having bought a rabbit to wear on my head.
(Especially because I was hanging around with rabbits only this morning)

In my head I do think he should’ve stated it more clearly.. in a store full of faux fur, I feel you don’t just place a rabbit fur hat.
Fur is even worse than leather in my book.
Maybe that’s just me.
Then again I need to take my responsibility too and always check the tags, as I do with shoes. They did also sell leather after all..

I would’ve left it at that, however he decided to follow us out of the store with the beret in his hand to yell “You EAT rabbits, don’t you?!” with a gorgeously vicious French accent.
My mom was very quick to say “Actually we don’t!”

He then threw a spectacular handfling, whipped his chin up into the air and said “Ha. Of course YOU don’t.”
Turned around with the beret and walked back into the store.

I was baffled, still am even.
Just by the way he acted!
Do you think he was right to be annoyed like that or isn’t this just in my head?


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. The main issue is that we have to be really careful about letting fur sneak back in. Since the anti-fur campaigns of past decades were so successful, it seems fur traders are trying to sneak it in unnoticed, actually labeling it ‘faux fur’ sometimes. I have spoken politely to retailers if I have found real fur on their products and they have responded with shock and horror, completely unaware that it was real fur as their suppliers had misled them. I remember at least one instance of the retailer taking the items straight off the shelf and contacting their supplier to cancel their order. That was a pet shop where cat toys were made of real animal fur! So it’s always worth politely bringing it up to the shop staff.

  2. What a rude man! No, I don’t think it’s acceptable behaviour and that is false advertising. Unbelievable. I don’t blame you for walking out and think that you kept your cool quite well by the sounds of it. (Unlike that nasty man!) X

  3. Rude is rude, no matter where it’s practiced. I certainly would not go back to that shop and I would tell everyone about the experience assuring them it is not a customer-friendly place to shop. Word of mouth is either your best or your worst advertising.

  4. Oh my gosh! You totally have a right to be upset by this. I can’t believe he treated you that way. And you’re right, real fur should certainly be prominently labelled.

  5. Seems like strange behavior. If you don’t want to buy rabbit fur, he should respect that. I would have been very creeped out, being followed by him as he expresses his annoyance that I do not want to wear real fur!

  6. Whilst his reaction is really rude, it’s also kind of comical. I mean, if you object to wearing rabbits, why on earth would he assume you eat them? His whole response is just really wacky. :p I’m sorry you had to be faced with his rudeness, though!

    • Haha true, with the handfling too, the way he acted made me chuckle. But at the same time it’s so frustrating being confronted with the fact that people really don’t give a crap about animals. Enough so to actually insult someone even. You know?

  7. I once asked (age 17 at the time) in my best schoolgirl french which train I needed on the metro to get to a museum in paris as we were on a collage trip and expected to make our own way between locations the person we asked was seen laughing on the platform as we set off on a train heading in the wrong direction but I have been assured that french in general are lovely it is only parisians who have contempt for everyone else (that was by someone from the south of france)

    • What! Setting you off on the wrong train? That’s beyond rude! I see where that person was coming from saying it’s just Paris though, I think a lot of people there look at it as a country in itself.

  8. Ugh, so incredibly rude. You are in the right here, and he was completely wrong. And yes, I, too, would see if there is something synonymous with the Better Business Bureau, and if nothing else, tell everyone I know never to shop there again!

  9. Think that’s a problem here – or no – THE problem. We had the same thing with a hotline for our router. We asked the women for speaking a little bit slower, because our french isn’t so good. She answered: call again if your french is better…. btw: you’re right I wouldn’t buy this cap too if it contains dead animals ;o)

  10. Wow, what an elohssa. The guy should go out of business! Perhaps the French are more rude than Americans? Or so I am told by people from other countries that (we) can be rude. If there is an entity that handles rude business owners such as our Better Business Bureau, use it!

    • Oh i’m sure the French beat everyone in that aspect! I’m sure there’s a lot of exceptions and I know they’re my neighbors, but a lot of experiences have taught me so.

      Two years ago at the Paris train station, I tried talking English to a French guard to ask for help with my suitcase.
      She didn’t respond so I spoke French the best I could with what i’d learnt in school. Still she didn’t react, so I said “Come on do you really not speak any English?” and she said “And you don’t speak French!”

      And i’d have to look that up actually, I didn’t know you could do that! Thanks. :)

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