Gosh Lip Markers + giveaway

*opens window*

Not just a Gosh favorite now, but one of my all time favorites: their lip markers!
They’re insane, insane – insane.

I own 3/4 shades: 001 Red, 002 Pink, and 003 Berry.
The other one is a brown, called Chocolate.


Water, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Sorbitol, Polysorbate 80, PEG-150, CL 17200 Red 7, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Parfum, PVP, Acacia Senegal Gum, Ammonium Glycyrrhizate, Sodium Saccharin, Sodium Hyaluronate.



You either love it or you hate it.

I happen to love it, but I used to love the smell of scented markers. And that’s exactly what they remind me of. (Ahh.. the 90’s.)
Could be that my brain is just linking it all together though because these are markers too..
Anyway, these smell fruity and sweet.

Also worth noting: they taste sweet too.. like candy on your lips.



Lip Marker

I realize they look a bit beaten up, just take that as proof that I really do bring them everywhere!

Lip Marker

The reason for this kind marker-like packaging, is that the substance is so watery.
Unlike lipsticks and lip balms, a tube wouldn’t be able to hold it.

Besides that it’s very compact and sturdy!
Real throw in your purse and never think of it again – material, hence why I lose them all the time.
As i’ve complained about more than enough in previous posts!

The tip of the tube shows you what color it is you’re holding too by the way, I love nifty packaging!
Even though the colored tip of 001 Red looks brown.. but now i’m just being finnicky.


Colors & pigmentation


First an arm swatch:

Lip Marker

002 Pink, 001 Red, 003 Berry


Then on the lips:

001 Red

Very true candy apple, pin up red.

002 Pink

A bombshell, blue-toned pink.

003 Berry

A warm berry color, deep purple toned pink. Very vampy!
I don’t have pics of this color yet, because there are only so many hours in a day and my lips were just too stained with the red and pink to be able to put anything else on top afterwards!
Just for laughs: here’s how my lips looked after trying to scrub away the Red with an oil-based waterproof make up remover.
And a rough washing cloth.

These are lip STAINS, no lie!


Watery and pigmented, but not as runny as the Revlon lipstains.

The one exception to the rule, that did run into fine lines, was 003: Berry.
Pink is a tiny bit runny too, but Red doesn’t go anywhere at all.

As you can see on the arm swatch picture, I can draw squiggly lines with them. So outlining your lips with these is a breeze once you get the hang of it!


Staying power & quality

Mark my words, these stay for HOURS, and fade evenly, if you apply them well.

  • Don’t swish the marker over your lips and be done with it.

Apply it like you would a lipstick: outline, and press your lips together, fill in, and press again.

  • Then apply a second coat and really work that into your lips with the tip.

When going out, I make sure the second coat is really full-on.
I go back and forth until my lips are fully saturated.

Like this the shade stays put evenly for hours, through meals, and doesn’t transfer.
(Yay for the cheeks and lips you’ll be smooching at Christmas and Newyear parties!)


The verdict


As I said, my favorite lip stain!


Now for the good part!
As a little Christmas gift from me, i’ll be giving away the Gosh Darling lipstick (pics here) and the lip stain in Red!


Aaaand i’ll throw in an extra gift too, but I won’t tell you what yet because that’s a surprise!
I can tell you  it’s one of my favorites from POP Beauty.

I’ll add some cruelty free perfume testers from Lgns London too, if they reach me on time.

What to do

  • Share this blogpost on Facebook (I’d love for more people to find my blog!)
  • Like my Facebook page (I will announce the winner on my page and contact you on Facebook if you win)
  • Answer following question in the comments:

Do you celebrate Christmas? And what’s your favorite tradition?

  • If your name on Facebook is different make sure to let me know! Else I can’t contact you!

This is open internationally, no exceptions!
It’ll run for two weeks.
I look forward to reading your answers! :D


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. I love Christmas. I bake lots of cookies and decorate the tree…LOVE this time of the year! <3

  2. I barely celebrate Christmas… we put a Christmas tree, maybe it’s tradition to try to change to something new every year (but we’re running out of ideas)? It’s always fun to think of something original
    My mom is a nurse, works at night, so she has to work with Christmas pretty often… So we don’t do much for Christmas
    At my boyfriend’s family, they always throw a big family meal for the whole afternoon until the evening… we also buy gifts for each other then… but that’s not really my favourite tradition, I’m not really a big fan of those big family meals…
    I like just watching a movie with my parents, sister, brother in law and my boyfriend… with some snacks of course ^^

    • That must be hard at times, lots of sadness in a hospital around Christmas I can imagine. I’m usually not a fan of giant family meals either, they make my head buzz by the time they’re done! >_< thankfully our Christmas dinner is just amongst a small part of the family. Good look to you this year. ;)

  3. imperfectindeed

    I celebrate Christmas and I like waking up on Christmas morning to open presents with my family :)

    Facebook: Yenny Sweeps (

  4. I do celebrate Christmas. Like one of the posters above, I also lost my mother at a young age, so my favorite memories of Christmas are those with her in them. We used to do Christmas traditions together like decorating, baking cookies and setting up her Christmas village. Now I don’t have any true traditions, but I enjoy spending time with my family during the holidays.

    • The Christmas time you had with your mom sounds like a Disney movie scene, so warm! :) those traditions must bring back good memories. Sad that you lost them over the years though, but at least you have family to spend Christmas with. Ours got a whole lot smaller over the years but we keep the Christmas dinner going too.

  5. I do celebrate Christmas. My favorite tradition is baking for the holidays, Christmas cookies and cakes. I have some favorites that I always bake.

  6. My favorite remembrance of celebrating Christmas is of my Mother, who passed away too young, but she would have so many gifts piled up for us that we could hide behind them. Then after we opened them all, she would come with the Santa bag and everyone would get, yet another gift – a token gift, but useful or fun, like a flashlight, dishtowel, small toy for kids, etc.

    And I love to decorate. The more lights, the better. The tree has to have hundreds and more hundreds of lights on it. When I see all the lights, I think of all who love Jesus and how His light brightens our lives and the world. God bless you and Merry Christmas. \o/

    • I’m sorry you lost her so early, but she sounds like a really caring woman. A real mother figure! I’d love to see houses decorated in lights like that, in real life. I never have! People like to be restrained and sophisticated (or so they think) here! >_< Merry Christmas to you too! :D

  7. hi! i shared this post and liked your page. this was a great idea cause one friend reading your post already brought 2 more people :) and how could i pass up a giveaway for lip markers….my favorite! any red lipstick that stays on my lips all day is my best friend!

    as for christmas we love to celebrate and i love to decorate my house but this year i am not putting up a tree due to the fact that we are going to FLORIDA for christmas to spend it with my parents who i haven’t been with the last 4 christmas’ so it’s a big deal. and also cause i have a 18 month old who i know would destroy my tree :) my favorite tradition is stockings. i love shopping for all the little things that i know my kids will love and i love opening my stocking! my mom made me a 4 ft long stocking when i was little and i still have it.

    • I guess my post DID bring a few eyes :) How cool! Maybe I’ll have to try a giveaway on my blog sometime with a sharing-the-post-requirement :)

      • yeah you should!!!

      • Definitely! :) Although I got a lot of hate messages as well, about how i’m “tricking people into giving views” and “respect for the blog should be enough”.

        But to be honest, if someone’s not interested, they’ll click away, done.
        However if it’s their thing, all the better to connect with them. Why else have a blog if you don’t want to reach out to people?
        And I love presents, like you said, that’s why I added the surprise. :)

        And Lynn that’s a big undertaking, how amazing. :D I’m sure it’ll be really cosy. It’s warm still in Florida at the moment by the way right? It’s hard to imagine Christmas without having to travel through horrible cold. Although it’s pretty nice to be inside in the warmth then and have a drink to heat up.

  8. I’ve shared and liked this on Facebook.
    I adore Christmas, and I have a lot of traditions. I think that my favourite Christmas tradition is watching The Muppets Christmas Carol with my boyfriend on Christmas Eve Eve. We do it every year and every time I hear the opening theme tune of the film, it instantly feels like Christmas.

  9. I didn’t know how to share an FB page so after I went to it I copied and pasted the URL then posted it on my wall. My FB name is MaryAnn Thews Casey.
    As for Christmas, my mother-in-law is in a home so we take her anywhere she wants to go that day. I live 3 hours from my side of the family, so in January either we go to them or they come here and we have a second Christmas.

  10. Shared on Facebook and Liked your page on Facebook, too (Nena Sinclair) My favorite Christmas tradition is getting together with all my siblings and their families on Christmas eve to talk, have a few drinks, eat lots of great foods (including Icelandic specialties) and exchange gifts.

  11. I liked your page and shared your post on Facebook under my name Erica Wyant. I do not have a million friends or anything, but if it helps get people to check you out, awesome!

    I do celebrate Christmas and I get way too excited over it! Most of my recent blog posts have been related in some way to it. I am having a hard time pinpointing one specific thing that is my favorite, it’s so hard, I love so much about it!, but I think going home to my parents early Christmas morning and opening stockings and presents with them and my sisters is my favorite. It definitely makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside and I totally feel like a kid again :)

    • Erica, you may not have a million friends but you brought me here! That’s one at least :)

      As for Christmas.. I suppose we celebrate the best we can as my children are still pretty young. We haven’t started too many traditions yet but one I am hoping to start this year is taking a horse drawn sleigh ride around the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in my town. The grounds are very pretty (especially when it snows) and I imagine it feels a lot like going back in time :) The other tradition is one that sticks to the hips: Santa Cookies!

      • Thanks for spreading the word Erica! And hi Amanda! :D a horse drawn sleigh ride, so traditional and romantic! I’d love to experience that. And the coca cola truck I need to see as well. Erica I know what you mean with the excitement of opening gifts. :) It’s not just about the gifts even, it’s about everyone sitting together and being surprised and happy!

  12. Shared and liked on Facebook as Mona Zavala!

    Our favorite tradition is decorating, it’s the one thing that never fails to bring us all together :’)
    I love the color of these lip markers!

    Thanks xo

  13. oooo – those look like fun! I celebrate Christmas and any other holiday that allows me to decorate, dress up, and eat like there is no tomorrow. ;-)

    P.S. – your pictures are too funny

  14. As usual, I cannot take part in the competition :( (I’ve made a firm decision to use only eco cosmetics and I must stick to it) but I do want to answer the question :) I like to talk about myself too much, I know! :D

    I’ve started celebrating Christmas since I moved to Poland (we don’t do it much in Russia). I’m not at all religious (more of a new age spirituality actually) but I love holidays :) My favourite tradition is giving and receiving presents and sending traditional paper cards. And dressing up, and putting on fancy make-up! :)

    For the New Year’s Day(which is a big deal in Russia) I have a tradition of my own: each year, since I was 13, I write an entry in a diary where I sum up the previous year: best & worst events, what music, films and books I liked, what people I talked to, what I learnt, which mistakes I made and – the nicest part – what wishes I have for the next year. The thing works like magic – most of the wishes come true, not necessarily in a year but ultimately they do! I think I need to write a post about it :)

    Another tradition we have developed with my boyfriend is that we celebrate Christmas Polish-style (=Polish cuisine) and New Year in Russian-style (=Russian cuisine). Yum! :)

    • I love it when you answer them anyway! Makes the comment section so lively. :D that’s a magnificent idea, keeping track of what happened that year.. it’s kind of typical you as well I think, with your talent for writing. :)
      Often i’m wondering what year it was I moved to Belgium, or got teased in school, little things like that. You can run through writings to check it out! I might try that too starting this year!
      And i’d love to try Polish and Russian cuisine! Actually i’d love to try tons of cuisines, I really love eating. o_o are you a vegetarian?

      • Yes I am :) I went veggie 2,5 years ago, several months after I’ve started using cruelty-free cosmetics. I wasn’t sure I would succeed – I used to be a voracious meet lover, bleh. But surprisingly enough, I had no problems. I gave up meat first, and then fish, and I don’t even crave either :/ I have much bigger problems trying to eat less sweets :) these last times I’m trying to eat “healthier” sweets instead of “heavy&unhealthy”, and it’s working out quite nicely. Unfortunately, I definitely need to do more to get rid of tummy fat and I haven’t yet invented a way to do that without some kind of fitness, and I totally hate any kind of fitness :) Any advice?

      • Ooph cold turkey! Brave soul. :D however it’s surprising how good veggie dishes can taste when you spice them right.
        Are there a lot of vegetarian dishes in Polish or Russian culture? Here in Belgium a LOT evolves around meat. Meat and french fries. Having said that, I have no tips for you whatsoever because I could eat french fries in the morning, evening and in between. And sweets. I feel you. Ugh so many things that taste good! :’)

  15. These look great, I see the appeal! Love the last photo :-)

    • Haha thank you :D And you really can’t beat the staying power of these. But I do miss the luxurious feeling of a lipstick, in the bullet though, that’s the one negative point! It’s a different feeling these markers.

  16. Love your photos. They tell their own story!

  17. Love the last pic, so much character. :) Wondering if you left me a comment today on my site, if so, it seems to have went away… hmmmm

  18. I do celebrate xmas, although my family has never been very religious. We always have a big dinner with lots of family and friends are always dropping by to steal cookies and desserts! On xmas eve, my boyfriend and I go out for chinese food with his parents! It’s easily one of my favorite celebrations of the year.

    • Doesn’t need to be religious right, if it brings you all together that’s what matters! That sounds fantastic, the meals are definitely one of the biggest things in our family as well. :D

  19. I guess our favouriite tradition is actually christmas eve. I have not gone our on xmas eve since having kids and they are allowed to open one present on xmas eve (tradition started by daughters dads family) which I always manage to ensure is a new dressing gown or pjs then we snuggle up watching tv the sofa until bed time then i spend a couple of quiet hours and peel veg for the next day lol not very exciting really lol

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