Gosh in Walgreens!

Calling out to all USA readers:
Gosh cosmetics is coming to your renovated Walgreens!
The company originally launched in Denmark, is now taking on the world apparently.
Which is fabulous, because these products haven’t been tested on animals!

Qua pricerange, i’d say they’re on the expensive side of drugstore cosmetics, however still affordable.
Here’s some prices (price may vary at different stores):

Eyeshadow quad: 10 euros
Lipstick: 8 euros
BB cream: 12 euros
Face primer: 17.50 euros
Nailpolish: 6 euros

My personal favorites from this brand are:

eyebrow kit

Eyebrow kit
It comes with a wax, a nice range of colors, and a good dense angled brush too actually.

Lip marker

Lip marker: Red
These are a real must! I’m sure you’ll love ’em.
They’re not drying, like the Revlon ones. So no need to put a balm on top.


Lipstick: 134 Darling
A nude that works on pale skintones? Oh yes it does exist.
Every once in a blue moon.

Nail Laquer

Nail Lacquer: Peachy
A really beautiful orangy peach. Their polishes are creamy and pigmented.
They can be on the thick side though, watch out if you hate that!


Gosh Effect Powder: Blaze
Okay here we go: it’s sparkly.
Just.. Need I say more? It’s gorgeous!

Products i’m not a fan of are:

  • Their eyeshadow palettes mainly.. I can’t help it.

They’ve been compared to Urban Decay shadows. I think they’re fine.. but definitely not worth screaming off the rooftops.

  • And the Intense Eye Liner Pen.

Not only is it not pigmented enough, it has two different tips but you need to pull them out with your fingers (= a big mess) to switch them around..
Too much mayhem for me!
REALLY curious to hear what you’re interested in, and whether you like their stuff or not.
I’d love it if you let me know, pretty please! :)


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Hi I want to know where to find gosh cosmetics? in which walgreens, I live in chicago so pls help me. Thank u

  2. Wow! Really? I can’t wait for it!!

  3. Walgreens is on my list of places to stop today so I will see if GOSH has arrived. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Love their velvet touch eyeliner as well! Even though nowadays it’s easier to find colourful eyeliners, I still stick to Gosh :)
    And oh my gosh, their effect powder… LOVE <3 but I can't find these in my Kruidvat anymore :(
    Hate their eye liner pen (liquid liner), it irritated my eyes, which never happened before…

    • Haha I can’t stand it either! Then i’m not alone on that. :) do the velvet touch eyeliners stay put well? And I checked online for Gosh products when writing this post, apparently we actually have a really small collection here in Kruidvat!

      • Yea they stay put a lot better than regular eye pencils :) but they’re a little harder to put on as well I think (or maybe that’s because mine are rather old by now… I used to think you couldn’t sharpen them… but I was wrong hahaha)
        In our Kruidvat there’s a rather big collection, but apparantly they don’t sell the effect powders anymore. I didn’t check out large one in Antwerp (only a small one, don’t know which one is big) so maybe they’re still selling some in the large Kruidvat

      • Hmm i’ll check over there when i’m in Antwerp this weekend. And i’ll try one of their pencils too, thanks for the tip! Have you ever used the ridiculously-famous UD 24/7 liners? They smudge nicely, but actually don’t stay put very well on my waterline.. Would be great if the Gosh ones are better.

      • Apparantly I couldn’t reply to your latest comment, but no, I haven’t tried out UD 24/7 :(, I wanted to, but couldn’t find them anywhere near… And now they’re sold to L’Oréal so I won’t be buying them anymore…
        Gosh aren’t as creamy and smudgy as I think UD’s are… I have the too faced perfect eyes waterproof eyeliner, which I think might be comparable with the UD ones? I like that one way better than gosh ;) but for drugstore, gosh is still my favourite

      • Okay, great. Thanks for the tipss girlie! :)

      • Anytime hun ^^
        (ps: I’m testing out the kryolan concealer now, using a brush-on after all because it was the only skintone one they had left XD it seems to work well with my skin, but I really need more practice with this system ^^ thanks for showing me a new brand ^^)

  5. Your list of animal-friendly cosmetics is so helpful! Thank you for dedicating your time to keep us informed as compassionate consumers. You are doing great work! I, for one, am happy to pay more for cruelty-free products… hopefully that sends a message to the corporations. Someday, maybe enough of us will care!

    • Hi! You’re too sweet.. :o thanks for caring about animal testing! I think you’re right and believe in that too. After all if we never do anything, it definitely won’t make a difference right. That’s what I keep telling myself at least, lol.

  6. Walgreens, we hate them! A new store was built here, we have never been in it in the three years it has sat there. And across the street from the Walgreens usually sets a Rite-Aid drug store. They suck too. Just our opinion, but this has zip to do with makeup aye!

  7. I’ll have to give some of the GOSH line a try! We have a Walgreen’s just 20 miles from here.

    • That’s doable! Feels great that another cruelty free brand is setting out to spread their products around. :) It’s a good turn after all of the companies turning to animal testing. Let me know what you try!

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