How I entomb my oily face.

Hellooo WordPress!

First of all let me start off with some good news, because of these migraines all week i’ve been put on medication for the first time.
All should be better soon. ^_^


Because I seem to’ve been a walking oil-machine ever since I turned 13, and there wasn’t any decent interwebs around at that time to just google solutions: i’d like to now share what i’ve found works for me!
Maybe it’ll work for others as well.

Even when I clean my skin perfectly, when I wear no make up I will have slippery skin some 5 hours after I get up.

However here’s how I keep that in check as much as I can:

  • Clean your skin

Obviously you’ll want to get the dirt off every day to keep it in good condition. Especially if you live in the city like me.

  • But not too much!

i'm sirius

As with your hair, sebum will turn up on your skin as much as your skin THINKS it needs it.
So cleaning your skin with a harsh cleanser, or cleaning it too much, will only make you produce more of it.

Make sure your skin feels smooth after showering, pull weird faces to check this if needed!
It shouldn’t feel tight, a toner does that, it should feel elastic and smooth but dirtless.

I actually like using cleansing milk for sensitive skin even during the colder months.

  • Tone & moisturize


You don’t have to use toner, but it is nice to close up the pores. It’ll make sure you have less blackspots by not letting any oxygen reach the sebum!

Then as for moisturizer, don’t be afraid to moisturize good during the night after your shower.
In the morning you can use something really light, just to give your skin a boost.
But the fact that you have oily skin doesn’t mean your skin can’t be nourished during the night!

Give it a richer night cream, and wash your skin in the morning to get rid of any excess.
I like using a toner to clean my skin in the morning, before my moisturizer.

That way it won’t be deprived of nutrients/moisture and won’t overcompensate, like I said with the cleanser.

I get a LOT of blackspots when my skin is malnourished!

  • Scrub


When your skin is really thick, which happens with oily-skinned people, it sometimes needs help getting rid of the dirt and dead skin cells.

Get rid of that top layer of skin once a week by scrubbing, I even dare use a light scrub 2-3 times a week, depends on how scruffy my skin feels.

  • Mask

oily skin

If I really can’t do anything with my skin, as in blackspots, but also uneven and flaky skin, I use a green clay mask.
Clay masks are your best friend with oily skin, to draw out all that’s obsolete once a week!

When I really feel like a couch potato, I like to clear my face (and mind) with a hot shower, scrub, and then a green clay mask.

Smooth like a peach!

  • Water based vs oil based moisturizer

oil based foundation

For daytime wear, you’ll want to keep your skin clear of oils as long as possible right?
You don’t need any more..
The best way i’ve found to do that is to use a lightwear moisturizer that’s based on water, with as little oil in it as possible.

Check the ingredients list for this, and remember what’s first on the list is the main ingredient, the last one is the tinest amount.
Or just feel the substance if you can’t make out the ingredients. If it feels thick, instead of lightweight, it’s probably not water based based.

  • Water based vs oil based foundation

Then the same goes for foundation, oil based foundations are your nemesis.

Especially if you’re putting an foundation with water on top of a moisturizer with oil, or vice versa.
Those two clash and they’ll slip ‘n’ slide!

  • Powder down

Even the stars do it!
I do think that’s face powder at least.. hehe.

Get some powder onto your t-zone to absorb oil wanting to get through, and take some with you on the way if you like.

There’s special blotting papers and powders that don’t cake, however the Kryolan anti-shine works all day long for me!!

That’s it! ^_^
Let me know if there’s anything I forgot!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. There’s a HUGE HUGE HUGE difference between mineral oil and “actual” oil like olive or coconut or almond… Mineral oil is basically vaseline, and idk what that product is but “won’t clog pores” is a lie because that’s exactly what mineral oil does! My (sensitive) combination skin likes oil, but I don’t use it during the day because of shiny-ness… I clean my face with pure almond oil at night, then face wash, then oil-based night cream. Just like you said, taking too much oil away from your skin makes it produce more of it (so idk why i’m writing down my life story here since i’m just repeating what you said :-p)

    • Nvm, that mineral-oil stuff is a cleanser… Would still need a great toner though!

      • Yeah indeed, all mineral oils gives me breakouts like crazy, blackspots too, everything. But they can be found in so many high end creams.
        However it’s not just oily skin then.. also dry/combination skin.
        Nice to know, just al alround horrific filler!

        I wish I could clean my face with almond oil, sounds so luxurious haha! I’ll never be able to do that and look decent though lol!

  2. That Sirius poster really made me chuckle!! What’s that film about again? Isn’t it a film where everything has cogs & clockwork in it and spooky goings on and stuff?! Glad to hear your migraines are getting better, they can be a major nightmare! I usually have to find a black cold room! :/ My skin used to be really oily (calmed down a bit now though but was terrible late teens/early 20s), I found clay masks & scrubs the best too :) Oh & anything cucumber / lemon / tea-tree based!!

  3. hahaha I thought the same for Mrs. Kidman ….

  4. Don’t know if I missed the post but how did your vitamin c treatment work on your hair?

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