Quick crooked liner fix!

My make up course is only starting in January, so I can still look unprofessional now, HA!
I’ll make use of this situation to share a noob-secret with you that I use a lot.

Some liner and mascara can make all the difference:




Much better already!

However when we zoom in on the liner…

2b liner

I really messed up huh!

Out of all the make-up styles out there, winged liquid liner is still the most daunting thing for me.
Sometimes i’m even doubting whether i’ll apply it, because I might mess up my eyeshadow!

However then I breathe and think abouuut.. THIS:

liquid liner

I’m so sorry about the lighting, winter is kicking my ass, all the articifial lighting.
I’ll find a fix for it soon.

A see-through glitter liner!
(If you don’t have that, some glitter will do too)

Just paint a nice amount over the areas that you missed, or that need straightening.
The glitter particles will deflect light, and make it seem as if your black liner is straight!

Feel free to be a little messy by the way, as long as it’s on the bare parts it’s fine!

2b liner


glitter liner

Easy, sloppy, and it works!

The eyeshadows I used today are from an LA colors palette by the way, called “fabulous”:


I used the first two on my lid, and the last one on my outer v.

They’re so easy to blend!

For an added pop of color, I put a purple liner from 2b on my waterline.

I’m totally new to LA colors shadows but really enjoying them!
Have you picked any up yet?

They’re cruelty free you know.. what’s keeping you! :D


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Awesome idea! With 51 year old eyes, I often find my eyeliner doesn’t apply neatly because my skin isn’t smooth and taut like it used to be. Doing the “wing” thing is impossible because of the crepey skin that we acquire with age. Any suggestions or ideas to combat this problem?

    • I have the same issue on mine, as you can see on the pictures my eyelids are wrinkly. But it’s even worse when I just look straight ahead. So I know how annoying that can be! -_-‘ I just start by looking straight at the mirror and drawing over those wrinkles lightly, to get my shape right, and then pull my eye taut at the brow or look down, and connect the dots.
      Also, a waterproof liner (so no gel liner) and an eyeprimer are so needed for me with all those creases, so I think that might benefit you too!

  2. Very pretty eye shadow, great idea! xx

  3. Love the shadow and liner. You apply it so well. My hands are shaky, must be old age :D. The shape of your eyebrows are really nice, do you do them yourself? enjoyed your post!

    • Ah awesome, i’m glad you did. Yeah I do, I just pluck the necessities, all the strays and nothing more. I gave up on trying to have thin eyebrows a while back lol, so that’s a great compliment, thank you!

  4. I love your makeup! It’s gorgeous! And indeed an eyeliner and mascara can make such a difference. I like the fact that you added the glitter – that’s a great tip. Very creative.

    • Thanks! I found out when I thought “Aaaa! Do I need to remove all my eye make up now? Again?!” Wait, what if I just smack something on top?
      Now i’m less afraid lol!

  5. I have made the move from to and I’m sorry to say that my followers did not make the move with me. (something they don’t tell you!) I would like to ask you to come back and re-follow me via email if that’s ok. Sorry for the inconvenience! It’s still
    Hina xx

  6. mothernaturessnuggery

    Nice colours, they blend great together for a daytime look! I’m totally pants at the winged eyeliner look, always have been, fear I always will be ha!! :)

  7. The colors in the palette shown are exactly what I”m looking for right now.

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