Real bubble tea?

I drank real bubble tea for the first time on the way to Hippo’s place!
There’s two places in this entire country that I know of that sell it,
and one happens to be in Antwerp where I have to switch trains.

So there you go!


But but..
It didn’t taste like bubble tea at all! O_O the one I made tasted better even!

First of all, the image on the billboard had an orange drink, this one:

bubble tea

Looks good right??

Here’s what I got:
“Oh no, we don’t have that drink. I have no clue why that’s on there.”
So I asked if it was a random image then..
Yes it was.

Then I won’t even go into how many times exactly I had to ask how the freaking system works.

Chiquita’s entire menu consists of: 4 teas (green, black, jasmine & milk), a million juices, and the pearl flavors.
That’s it, no explanation of what to mix.
Bubble tea comes in so many variations, and as I ordered it at a fruit bar, AND the original drink on the billboard was orange, I figured you could add the pearls to fruit too.

Which is why I asked:
“How does this work? Do I just ask for a pearl flavor, and then tea or juice?”

I can’t tell you how LONG it took me to get the bubble tea system out of her, she just kept talking about smoothies, while I was asking about the pearls.
How bananas were nice, but there can’t be bananas in bubble tea.. yadda yadda..

I just.. I still can’t wrap my brain around the conversation I had.
Althewile of course she was staring at everything BUT me as well, you know the situation.
The ceiling.. counter.. people outside..

SO, the way this works apparently is

  • you tell them what tea you would like, no juice.
  • then what syrup you would like in it.
  • and lastly, choose a pearl flavor.

One heck of a thing to explain right?…. Just give me the facts straight you brain dead lout! >_< grr, hold me back!
Sorry! That was rude maybe..
But grr!

I chose milky tea..

Then they asked would you like cherry, mango or apple syrup in it? I said just caramel please. No can do, only fruit syrups.
So I said “allright, just hold the syrup then.”

But then the pearls also only had fruit flavors.. which already seemed sort of fishy..
Anyway they had lychee, mango, etc. and I went for lychee..

That could’ve tasted really good, if it wasn’t for two things:

There was no tea. At least nothing my tastebuds picked up.
Water and milk is what I thought.

Not frothy either, mno.. just.. watery stuff with icecubes in it.
(That’s right, get some more water in there!)

Now for the most surprising thing…
The pearls themselves..

Are you ready?
They bursted in my mouth, and had a sweet goopy liquid in them.
You could compare the build up to a pea, but then big. And the center wasn’t thick.
So essentially a very thin membrane, that splot open in your mouth to reveal a gooey sweet substance.

I remember listening to Hippo talking while eating them, and then a pearl burst open making a *splotch sound*, with goopy whitish stuff kind of plopping onto my lip.
Hippo’s extremely disgusted face will remain imprinted on my brain,
apparently he thought it looked like I was eating insects.

It tasted SO chemical!
I can’t even tell you.

To be honest, I don’t think they were even made from tapioca.. which is probably why they don’t have the natural sweetened tapioca flavor either.

I don’t think they were cooked either for that matter.
No joke.
What I think I got were instant pearls?

That joke set me back around 3/4 euros too!

Ahh venting.. that felt good.

However on a more positive note, that straw was AWESOME.
The biggest straw I ever had!

Tell me if you encountered the same thing maybe?
Or if you know what these strange fake alien pearls are?


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. I feel your pain!! I had the exact same experience in Mexico at the new bubble tea joints here in town…. two opened up in the same week and both are terrifying! The first time I went to joint A – I ended up with tea in a to-go coffee cup, scorching hot, with some tapioca in the bottom. I was puzzled to say the least, and the whole thing went in the bin. At joint B – I was a little more wary, and so asked some questions first. Turns out at this place, every single flavor tea comes from a gigantic plastic tub hidden under the counter, mixed with either water or milk. I simply decided to pass on the chemical tea and bought some small potted geraniums from an old man sitting in the doorway instead and arrived home very happy.

  2. It’s been really popular around here lately but I’ve never tried it because I thought it looked icky. :/ I like that you found the positive though…great straw! Bwahaha!

    • Haha it really was a great straw, just ordered some on ebay myself. And it’s like the blogger below said, the simple flavor tastes so good, but they overdo it a lot of the times.. If you ever do try one, let me know what you think! :D

  3. I had a worse experience with trying to order bubble tea in Disney World. It was actually just chocolate milk with jelly cubes. It was all wrong (and they actually had a picture of the real deal on the menu so that was off-putting). (scratches head)

    Yeah, the tapioca should be chewy (not too hard and not too soft). When you put too much sugar in the milk tea – you no longer taste the tea but simply just sugar. I personally get 50% sugar so I can still taste the tea, you know? You have this option in tea shops in Taiwan and it’s easy to order (no confusion). Simplicity is sometimes the way to go.

    Now that I live in Taiwan (the birthplace of bubble tea), I no longer have this problem except the opposite. The bubble tea only gets better and better. While other places have the basic bubble tea, Taiwan is two steps further with other brilliant inventions. Picking is the problem here.

    I am sorry about your experience!

    • I heard about those cubes! No idea whether they’re good, but still. They should state that nonetheless, no pearls, jellies!
      Seems like all over the world there’s different understandings of bubble tea..
      I’d love to try an original one some day, sounds delicious over there!! >_<

    • Also, it’s funny you mention simplicity is the way to go.. over here, it seems to be the more the merrier, but then instant “popping” boba, instead of the real kind that takes some love and care to prepare.

  4. Havnt tried bubble tea yet, I wouldn’t have expected what you describe though, yuck! I think those bubbles would make me gag :-/

  5. That sucks you got tricked by the sign and then you didn’t like it :(

  6. Oh, I had a similar experience in London! (Except without the confusion). There’s a bubble tea place in Notting Hill and you can choose either tapioca pearls, or “popping boba” which sounds exactly like what you got–very thin membrane that burst with syrup on the inside. I definitely prefer the tapioca ones.

  7. Didn’t even know they had any kind of tea at that place (it’s the chiquita place at the UGC, right?)

    Bananas are nice.

  8. mothernaturessnuggery

    Jeez! So what to ask for? Milky tea with a fruity sweet in the bottom and some small balls of icing??! Sounds about the same! Maybe homemade is the way to go, your one’s looked & sounded far better!!! :)

    • Haha yeah, it tasted better too sad to say. Homemade is still the way to go for sure haha!
      At least you know what sort of crap goes into it then..
      But I do wish I had such awesome straws, lol!

  9. :( all sounds really icky to us!

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