Reversing skin damage


It feels as if there’s a fog eating up my bain today! That picture’s doing a pretty good job at representing it. I really have trouble getting back into the swing of things sometimes.
Especially when I return from a place with a totaly different living pace. From a foresty village to a city, it can still be a hassle!

As I have no idea what to post, but do want to keep my blog updated, I figured why not post something that i’m currently working on every day myself. Which is clearing up skin damage that’s been piling up over the past couple of months.

Acne marks are basically what you’re left with for about a week after you’ve had a pretty serious blemish on your skin. Only multiplied by a ton. The inflamattion is pretty much gone, the bacteria are gone, however your skin still needs to heal from the damage that has been done.

Acne scarring is even more stubborn, this happens when the damage was so severe that it leaves a scar, or even a dent in the skin.

This second one I didn’t encounter thankfully, however i’ll add some tips for that in this post as well. Feel free to scroll through this next section, i’ll just sketch a brief history of what’s been going on with my body!

History lesson in session!

Up until 6 months ago I didn’t have any skin trouble whatsoever, but then.
My skin went ballistic on me!
Not just my face in fact, my neck and cleavage as well. Up to the point where I only felt comfortable wearing high-cut neck shirts. Just not a good situation.

What happened was:

I’d been taking birth control for 7 years , so I kind of just drifted over the teenage skin problems with ease, didn’t really have any.
However with the migraines and all that, I wanted to give my body a break from the hormones to have a blood test done, and to see if it would bring relief.

When I told my doctor about that decision he did warn me that the body goes through a detox phase for 3 months or longer, so I would likely be seeing my body respond to it.
Now I have heard of ladies trying to get pregnant, that had to wait up to a year before the hormones were all gone and they could try for a baby again.

However  half a year later my skin was still complete not at ease. It kept getting worse even, just really horrific.
I really felt like a mess!
Good thing you can cover things up with make up I guess, however I really wanted to feel good about myself without all that covering up again.

Aaand so I went on my journey to find a solution, what I came across then was a type of hormone-simulator.
This has been working for me so far, and my skin has settled down!

However i’m pamering my skin more than usual these days, because the marks could easily take up to a year to vanish without the care.

School’s done!

What I want to sum up here is, how I help my skin shed those damaged layers faster. This also works for a one-time-blemish, i’m just using it on a big scale here!

  • Exfoliate


If your skin can’t handle an every day scrub, try once a week even. There’s no need to make your skin angry, but it can use some help getting rid of the dead skin cells that it’s working its ass off to pry loose for you!
You can look into microdermabrasion as well, a lot of people benefit from that.
It’s expensive, however you have DIY kits for it as well these days that are okay in price!

  • Tretinoin


Natural form of vitamin A, it’s known to relieve skin issues of all sorts. This stuff can be found in aloe vera, green tea, tomatoes, glycerin, etc.
You can always try slapping that salad onto your face instead of in your mouth, or find a moisturiser with these ingredients.

  • Vitamin E

olive oil

Ingest it as a supplement or via food, but if you want skin to heal fast as lighning you can also apply it on the spots themselves. Vitamin E is a great antioxidant.

  • Mask


I really didn’t use to be interested in face masks, however i’ve come to praise them.

A standard issue clay mask once a week helps me draw all the crap to the surface even faster. Right after washing it off, the marks will be extremely red because they’re pissed off, but they come to appreciate it the next morning.

  • Sunscreen


Sun can be harsh on your skin.
Applying sunscreen forms a barrier between the damaged areas and the sun, so that the healing process can go full throttle instead of your skin taking some damage from the sun and trying to heal at the same time.

  • Stop, no – psst! Don’t pick at your skin!


Scrubbing is good, fiddling your skin isn’t. Give it time to work at its layers by itself.

This gets especially annoying when the damaged area starts healing at a rapid pace, then it itches!

  • Water!!


Drink lots of water, for the skin to  stay clear it needs good blood circulation. Think of it as a still lake with algae vs a streaming river.
It’s also incredibly vital in keeping the lymphatic system working at a good pace. Which is needed to promote rapid healing.

YES okay, this is something I preach but have trouble practicing. I have my ups and downs however it’s so important, I had to add it out of principle!

  • Lymph supplement

lymphatic system

While we’re on the subject of the lymphatic system, you can find loads of supplements out there that include vitamin a, c, e, zinc, iron, selenium, etc. to help you get that natural defense system in tip top shape.

Keeping your lymphatic system intact is so crucial to overall health.. it’s one of the things I really try to pay attention to.
It’s so important not only for the immune system and production of blood, but also for collecting excess fluids, and guiding toxins toward the exit and all that good stuff. It deserves some respect!

  • Arnica


A really potent herb that promotes rapid wound healing off various kinds.

  • Comfrey


This herb multitasks, it restrains inflammation as well as stimulating cell-growth and repair, it’s amazing for the skin.

  • Lemon


Lemon has an awesome lightening effect on marks and pigmentation spots.
I use my own scrub once a week, which has fresh lemon in it. The way I really let that lemon get to work is: I scrub first in the shower, and then just let the mixture sit for a bit while I take care of other business.

As for scarring, especially the vitamin E, A, work good, however a dermatologist can do a ton of things for you as well.

These are all of the things I can think of at the moment, that i’ve used at least a couple of times to treat a spot mark / my acne marks.
However not everyone lives in a concrete “paradise” like me, without kids and just a hamster to care about, so of course these can be selected according to convenience!!

Let me know if there’s anything else I forgot!


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  1. I agree with lulu! It was a fun post to read and the photographs were eye-appealing! Great information!

  2. Love the way you presented your information.

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