Manifested brain twirling.


Been busy the past couple of days sorting papers – the best job in the world isn’t it. I love how you’re never right as well. Kept getting bills from a library that I used to visit, even when i’d already paid the amount they asked for. Now the first bill, fine, but they kept coming.
So I picked up the phone, called the library to see what’s up – seeing as their logo was on the letter.
Turns out I had to call city finances. See, that number was printed ON THE BOTTOM somewhere between A MILLION AND ONE other lines on the letter.

Kay, called.. Redirected.. Got hold of someone. Noo the letters didn’t come from them. I said then where the heck did they come from since your name and number is on them? Yea no, no idea, but not from them, everything is fine and I shouldn’t pay attention to it.
Right. It’s always something like that isn’t it?

Now enough for the raaant! (however I would love to hear the silliest situation you’ve come across lately for laughs, I bet everyone has some)
I wanted to release a quick post into the universe about a travel tip that i’d actually never not thought of sharing before, because it seems so trivial! This isn’t even going to be worthy of the name “blog post” is it, more like a “manifested brain twirling”. That sounds scary…

About a month ago I forgot my eye make up remover, but so many products these days are meant to last and last, and last! So there’s really no way of getting them off with just some water, or even baby soap. However I was desperate, didn’t want go out with black rings around my eyes.
So I put some of my face moisturizer onto my eyes, worked that in, and removed it with a cotton pad. And low and behold, it worked!

Told you it was trivial.
But a golden tip for me nevertheless.. I use an oil to cleanse my eyes normally, but then I don’t want it to spill all over my clothes whilst traveling so sometimes I just don’t even bother and work with my moisturizer instead.

Make sure you get one that’s creamy though, a water-based one won’t do the trick as well.
Another option is olive oil if you have some of that laying around. That’s less tricky even, a moisturizer might sting when it gets into your eye. Olive oil is nice and pure.

That’s it, bedtime for me now, two more days and I can announce who wins the giveaway goodies, yay!
When I get up tomorrow i’ll be writing one more review however that’s the last one. Reason being I don’t own the other colors i’m giving away, and therefore can’t swatch them. >_<

Nighty night!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Silly Situations: Waking up in a hotel room during a recent trip only to find 5 BUGS on the floor!!!!! EEEEKKKKK!!!!

  2. Great picture, love the old Star Trek show!

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