Bubble tea!

It’s highly likely that you’ve seen these pop up before


Or these


Or these..


Boba/bubble tea comes in all colors and flavors!
This happy looking drink originates from Taiwan and has gained tremendous populatity over the past couple of years.

What it consists of is a cool iced drink (anything you like) and those adorable little balls at the bottom are just good ol’ tapioca balls! But then bigger. However instead of just adding them like you would with tapioca pudding, they’re flavored before they go in.
The most simple way to flavor them? Honey or brown sugar!

What I would describe the taste as… erm.. gummi bears but less sweet :)

I’ll sharing a simple milky bubble tea recipe! It’ll be a breeze after you’ve made it once!

Our ingredients:

boba tea

  • Black tea
  • Sugar/honey
  • Milk
  • Tapioca pearls (minimum 1:7 ratio pearls to water) : you can find these at most Asian food stores. To my surprise, no one usually knows what i’m talking about when I say tapioca so you might have to grind through the shelves yourself. The type of pearl you choose is up to you! I used the normal, clear type this time.
  • Water!

Kay now make yourself some tea, and let it get nice and strong. 6 minutes should do the trick.

boba tea

Add sugar/honey if you like while it’s still warm, to make sure the grains dissolve.

boba tea

Cool cool

boba tea

Meanwhile you can cook your tapioca, bring water to a boil

boba tea

Add the pearls

boba tea

Stir for a minute, to make sure they don’t stick to each other

boba tea

After a minute they should be dancing around happily so cover them up, turn the heat down to medium and let cook for 30 minutes (however long you choose to cook it is up to you! Shorter time will give you chewier tapioca balls and vice versa)

boba tea

Take the pot off the heat and let them sit, covered, for 30 more..

(eat muesli in between, NOM)


Rinse the pearls in cold water and drain to get rid of the starch (the amount of white left in them determines how chewy they are!)

bubble tea

Add your syrup/sugar/honey, let them soak up the sweetness and get nice and plump! ^_^

bubble tea

Get some crushed ice, milk, and your iced tea into a shaker and work that arm! The frothiness of this drink is what makes it “bubble” tea, not the pearls!

boba tea

boba tea

Add to glass..

boba recipe

DONE! SO good!!!

You can keep these pearls for a couple of days, just make sure to keep them in a liquid, covered up, and in the fridge!

To top off this incredibly artistic post, i’d like to add that you can definitely play around and get as creative as you like with this drink!
The tapioca pearls can be replaced by taro, boba pearls, coconut/mango/coffee/whatever jelly in the shape of stars, strips, cubes.
The tea can be replaced by coffee, juice, taro slush, bubble mix, or even milk!

Check out this website for inspiration if you like!

Have you tried it yet? What’s your fav brubru tea?? ^_^


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. I was thinking about trying bubble tea with arizona… Wish me luck! :D

  2. looks good, I can’t wait to try some!

  3. Bubble tea is delicious! I’m jealous.

  4. OH MY!!! How did you know I love the bobas????!!! I never knew that making my own would be so easy!!!! WOW!!! :-) Thanks a bunch for this!!!!

  5. Very cool! Now I can make my own – thanks

  6. lol. u guys are to cute!!

  7. OMG!!!! I love boba tea, i never made one because i don’t know how. Thank you for your recipe, it’s simple enough, I can do it!! :)

  8. mothernaturessnuggery

    Love iced tea, Love tapioca! I’m sold!! :D

  9. Thanks for sharing YOU MADE MY DAY!!!

  10. Oh god I absolutely love drinking bubble tea!! :D So refreshing… and cute!

  11. That must be soooo delicious! Toss some this way will you? ;)

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