Little migraine helpers

Bah i’d planned on getting some fresh noodles to write about but I didn’t make it to the store. I guess it’s fate, maybe there’s bugs in it. Two days ago I had a nice big migraine, and then today Hippo and I needed to go back to the hospital for his teeth, which created a bit of a bloody mess. (yeah, both literaly and figuratively)

However instead of that I figured I might post some of my favorite non-medicine remedies for when i’m chained to bed and don’t have pills at my disposal!

Disclaimer though: what works for you is totally personal, migraines are still a very messy subject, there’s no one main cause that’s been found up till now. However these are the general things i’ve tried that work for me as well as some things i’m interested in, they might be worth trying!

I determine where it comes from first, there are two types of migraines for me:

1) with aura

migraine vision

I found a really good image of an aura! This is the worst kind though, even if you have it very lightly it’s a legit aura.

I was told this is neurological, when this happens it boils down to a pill or just laying on my bed and sitting it out.

2) without aura

That’s the good kind! When this happens I try the following:

  • When I feel pressure on my neck or belly I put a cherry stone pillow on there, this has actually helped me A LOT!
    Often migraines are comparable to a balloon-effect, when there’s an obstruction/inflammation somewhere in the body the veins in the head get more blood, expand, and freak out because of that. So relieving the swelling in my belly then for example will lower the pressure in my head.
    This expanding is why I also often get migraines because of alcohol, it immediately widens the veins! That brings me to the second idea:
  • Drink coffee.. yea it’s double. For some it causes headaches for some it relieves them. Don’t drink too much or you can get rebound headaches, but a little cafeïne can make the difference for some people because it actually restricts your veins.
  • Eat an egg, calcium can help
  • Eat a banana, the potassium in this can relieve migraines
  • Close your eyes, focus on the point where it hurts and convince yourself the migraine is gone, this helps me fall asleep to sleep it off!
  • Drink coconut juice, electrolytes to hydrate the body at lightning speed!
  • Put something cold on your brain stem, which is at the base of your skull, it relieves the pain for me
  • Take/eat something laxating, obstruction in your tummy can cause serious pressure on veins
  • 5 HTP supplement: I haven’t tried this yet, but it’s supposed to be a natural substitute for triptans
  • Weed, not saying you should become a stoner but there are a lot of people out there that benefit from a tiny bit of weed
  • Apple cider with honey 
  • Accupuncture, often migraines come from stress, or muscles tightening up as well, you can try to “reset” the energy flow in your body with accupuncture, so many people that swear by this!
  • Chiropractor, they can locate a blockage anywhere, not just muscles and bones!
  • Feverfew, I have Lindsay to thank for this one! Haven’t tried it yet but looked it up, and it seems to help a ton of people

I’ve heard of friends getting rid of their migraines in several ways, however the official idea is still that they can’t be cured. You can figure out your triggers and pay attention to them though!
Keeping a little food-journal for 2 weeks helped me out a lot.
I’m not be able to ever drink myself into oblivion without a GIANT hangover for example, but meh, I don’t mind! ^_^ and at least I know the consequences when I do LOL!

I hope this helps someone!
Hey if you’re interested, tell me your triggers? I’d love to hear.

As always, don’t forget to enter my giveaway haha! Maybe winning free items relieves some stress?! :)


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I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Great post. I used to suffer from Migranes, I had one that caused a blurry horizontal line in my field of vision. It sort of freaked me out. My dr prescribed me some quick acting melt pills, they helped a lot. I was in bed for days, I had a lot of stressors. They don’t come liked they used to, such a terrible thing to endure. I know that image you have up, it makes me grit my teeth. With small headaches I use Pepermint oil on my temples and third eye, sows help.

    • Happy that it got better for you, did you change something in your diet or take a supplement to ease them?
      I’ve heard of peppermint oil, it seems to work well with headaches.

  2. fashiongonerouge

    This is beautiful :) check out my blog and follow new to this :) xoxox thanks

  3. I have a lot of migraines too! I have to take triptans almost weekly because other stuff doesn’t work anymore. Feverfew used to work a little as prevention. And ginkgo too, to get more oxygen to the brain (if getting some fresh air doesn’t help). I didn’t know 5HTP is a natural source of triptan! I have those supps here, so I will sure try it out, thanks! :)

    • Yeah same, they felt like a miracle however i’m trying to back off from them now, they made me feel odd :s do you have any issues with them? I’ll be trying feverfew, and adding it to the post, I just read it helps quite a few people. Thanks for the tip :) hope the 5HTP works for you, let me know? :)

  4. Migraines are the worst, and I can really only sleep them off – especially if they’re the first kind. Sometimes I drink some Pepsi or coke, which seems to help – must be the small amount of caffeine! And often McDonalds makes me feel better. I’m sure every doctor would yell at me for easing some of my migraines with fast food but I can’t help it – if it helps sometimes, when your migraine is bad, you’ll eat / drink nearly anything!
    Thanks for the tips – next time I’ll try something new instead of my usual remedies to see if it makes a difference.

    • Bah sleeping them off is a pain! However as a friend of mine said last week, when I get migraines, that’s the day (or 2 days) no one can ask anything from me! I usually think the same way haha, uncontested day off! However when having to work or go to school it’s a pain in the behind.
      I wonder why McDonalds works for you though, that’s a mystery! Interesting :)
      It would be great to hear if any of these have helped you.

  5. Sorry about those nasty headaches.

    This seems to be a planet-wide affliction mostly on the female population. I’ve seen them bring strong healthy women down hard, and stay in bed until the evil thing goes away. I used to smoke copious quantities of weed years ago, and totally agree it helps knock back a headache.

    What ticks me off is that here it’s illegal (I say because the gov’t can’t regulate it so outlaw it), yet so many find medical benefit from weed. Meanwhile, alcohol is doled out as though it were candy. Blah! I hope you stop getting these evil head aches. :(

    • Yeah it’s so odd though, the numbers keep going up of people that have migraines. Wonder if it’s just the fact that a lot of people find out their headaches aren’t just headaches, and then can now give the puppy a name. Or is it a new thing? I mean I have no idea where it came from either no be honest.

      The whole illegal weed thing pisses me off as well, it could be because the government can’t regulate it but then again what about alcohol indeed! Binge drinking?!
      And to be honest, in Amsterdam, there are so many happy people now come on. Tell me weed is bad haha. There’s risk in everything though but you can’t restrict it all because of that..

      • Nope, sure can’t! I see so many who speak against the use of weed, yet have never tried it either. That’s a load of crap. Hope your man feels better, teeth are a bad thing to mess with.

      • Yea teeth are an ongoing source of trouble for everyone aren’t they! He’s doing well though, brave soldier haha! I’ll tell him about your comment, so kind! Thanks :)

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