Catrice face swatches!

VICTORY! It worked! Pfuw.
To follow up on my Catrice hand swatches, here are the face swatches to go with it!

As always, the order is bare lips – sheer coat – full color!
I do realize the first picture is quite blue -_-‘ ah clouds..

(My lips were very dry yesterday, I didn’t use chapstick either, so this is simply the lipstick. Like I said, love wearing them when my lips are dry!)

050 princess peach: orangy peach, cream finish

ultimate color 050

070 light the fire: orange red with a bit of silver shimmer, shimmer finish

ultimate color

100 lobster love: coral red, cream finish

ultimate color

090 like my high heels: orange toned red, cream finish

ultimate color

080 my red card: blue toned red, cream finish

ultimate color

030 ginger & fred: warm raisin, cream finish

ultimate color

150 lovely lilac: blue toned purple with violet shimmer, pearl finish

ultimate color

140 pinker bell: bright fuchsia with purple duochrome, pearl finish

ultimate color

130 frozen rose: cool toned baby-pink, cream finish

ultimate color

100 fall-ing leaves: burnt orange, cream finish

ultimate shine

150 berry pink: berry pink… cream finish

ultimate shine

My personal favs of the 12 are:

  • princess peach; sometimes I feel like wearing a nude, however those usualy give me pasty lips. This one suits pale yellow skin like mine much better.. at least it does in my brain. The coral tone in it is perfect!
  • my red card; snow white goes partying with that one.
  • fall-ing leaves; love the color even though the texture kind of bites.
  • lobster love
  • ginger & fred

Check my review of these here!
Also, i’m curious what everyone’s favorites are! Tell me if you’ve used them before or which ones you’d like to try!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. You look fabulous in every color!! But I love 080 on you!!! 150 (lovely lilac), 140, and 030 are my favorites! :-)

  2. blue toned red, and I’m a guy who knows NOTHING about this. just a hunch

  3. Yay! Wonderful job! Great cheekbones, Im liking frozen rose and pinker bell. I’m also loving the bright reds on you, looks beautiful with your mermaid hair- love!

  4. I love them all but fav is 1,and 3

  5. These are great photos… nice representation of color! I couldn’t pick really… they all look great but if I HAD to pick… Frozen Rose and Lovely Lilac.

  6. Sinful Stilettos - Avril Donohue

    Cool post! I think 130 Frozen Rose suits you best, really compliments your hair colour! Gorgeous! Avril xXx

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