Catrice lippies.. can we say fail?

I’d planned on featuring Catrice, one of my two favorite cruelty free drugstore brands, on my blog today. I have quite a few of their lipsticks in my collection and i’d never though of swatching them until I got sort of an international request I guess from Angie haha!
However me being the giant NOOB (and newbie) blogger that I am, I didn’t realize that while I was taking face-swatch pictures, the weather decided to slip into overcast-mode. When browsing through my pictures just now I noticed the lighting was just completely off, not true to color at all.

Aaanywho, i’ll be making face-swatches again tomorrow! For now arm swatches will have to do!

First off, the Catrice lippies are divided into 2 collections, the ultimate colors and ultimate shines. Both are really vibrant, but for the ultimate shine collection they focused more on texture rather than bright color.
(guess which collection’s my favorite.. i’ll give you a second..)

My ultimate colors! Yay!
These lippies provide wham-color, and most of them with perfect coverage as well, i’ll mention which ones aren’t as good in a bit.

Here are my 10 ultimate color lipsticks:

(don’t mind the glue on the tubes, that’s one thing I hate about drugstore products!)

Catrice lipsticks

catrice lipsticks

120 call the ambulance and 150 lovely lilac have shimmer to them.

Ultimate shine lipsticks:

It probably won’t be a surprise that I only have 2 of them! The two lipsticks on the left in the next picture are old Catrice lipsticks, I wanted to show you a comparison on how they vamped up their brand over the past couple of years. Their products were always very high-quality I think, and the formulation of their lipsticks hasn’t changed. However the colors have! They’ve really vamped up their image.

Catrice old lipsticks

Notice the chunk out of my fall-ing leaves? TODAY WAS NOT A GOOD DAY.

Catrice absolute moisture

As if the tube breaking wasn’t enough, my fall-ing leaves also broke, hence the horrible swatch, i’ll have to melt it into a jar of some kind.

On to the review!


I like it, the tubes are metal so they have a cool feel to them. They changed the Chanel lipstick packaging once, to metal for this reason as well. Besides that the bottom of the tube is the same color as the lipstick itself, handy!
Oh and small detail, Catrice is embossed in the lippie itself, pretty!!


Like candy, marshmellows in particular!

Colors & pigmentation

Something for everyone i’d say. Besides frozen rose I don’t have nude colors in my collection, but they do sell them. Besides that you can pick oranges, reds, pinks and purples.
The color collection contains 16 shades at the moment, and the shine 14.

Pigmentation-wise these are awesome, what you see is what you get, especially with the reds you have to really TRY if you want to apply them lightly.


Oh-so-creamy. They glide on, a little too well even sometimes (don’t leave them in a hot car). I would compare these to the NYX round lipsticks when it comes to texture. The ultimate shines are a bit too slippery for my taste, but the ultimate colors are perfect.
They make your lips look as plump as if you were wearing a lipgloss. However because they are SO creamy i’ll explain my favorite way of using them in the next section.

Almost all of these apply perfectly even for me, except for: 130 frozen rose, 100 fall-ing leaves and 150 berry pink.

I love wearing these when my lips feel dry, they don’t accentuate chapped lips and they feel so lovely and moisturising!

Staying power & quality

Same problem as with the NYX lippies, these stay on for about 2-3 hours if you don’t eat or drink. HOWEVER here’s my tip if you’ll be eating with them (drumroll): apply 2 coats and blot your lips on a tissue.. not very innovating. But it works like a charm, when I blot these down I still get even coverage, and the color stays on for a good time. After 6 hours, including having eaten dinner I can still see a stain.

The verdict

Deducted one star for the staying power, however for the price and how moisturising they feel on the lips that doesn’t bother me one bit. I still wear these on a daily basis, they’re just inexpensive, fun, and without commitment. Don’t feel like wearing them anymore? Get some normal make up remover and fixed. I’ve repurchased these before, and i’d run off to the store for more colors right now.
Oh, behave!
They run for around 3 euros in European drugstores.

I wonder if they’re sold internationally though.. couldn’t find anything about it online.
I’d love to hear from all of you out there whether they are!


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  1. I’m on a trip and I’m just now seeing this!! Thank you for doing this!! Now I want to try them more than ever!! Love those colors!! :-)

  2. These look great and great swatches. I really like the ‘like my high heels color’.

  3. I really have to try them some time. :)

  4. Lovely artistic pictures to go along with your thorough post

  5. Nice colors… I don’t like kissing my wife when she wears anything at all on those lips… Maybe it should be marshmallow flavor too. :)

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