We do not sell on animals & fixed cut off date.


Okay so i’ve been wanting touch on this subject for a while, it needs to be on my blog, but to be honest I have no idea how to approach it, since it’s an ongoing issue. When it comes to my cruelty free list as well.

I’ve mentioned once or twice before that companies are very good at concealing whether they test or not, they treat words like a game of Tron, mazing until only they know the right exit anymore. It’s messed up how we still go by contracts and signatures as a final rule, it’s all words! There’s SO much that can go wrong!

When it comes to testing policies, first of all, a company can LEGALY say they’re cruelty free, which they can then fill in with their own meaning.
Oh good for you, so you don’t rape bunnies then? Or you don’t test?..
I’ve had LOADS of issues with this, b*tchslap cosmetics being the most recent one.

I have a standard set of questions I always ask a company, I try to make them as straightforward as possible:

1) Do you sell products in China?
2) Are any of the ingredients or finished products tested on animals by you and/or a third party company?

Often i’ll get the answer that they don’t test on animals, nor commission anyone to do so for them. However that doesn’t say anything about the suppliers themselves, a lot of the times companies want to be able to say THEY don’t test, and at the same time remain to not give a crap. Often they’re not even going to ask whether their suppliers test.

When it comes to answering about their suppliers, companies can go 3 ways:

  • They either don’t know, or do know that they test. They carefully avoid that part of the question, which makes me have to mail them until they get annoyed or don’t answer anymore, because they don’t want to admit it.
  • They follow the 5 years rolling rule.
  • They go by a fixed cut off date.

This last one is the way companies can really show their commitment, it’s the only way for them to be 100% honest, and what gets them on the leaping bunny list. A fixed cut off date means a company states they will not use any ingredients that have been tested on animals after a certain date they will then will in themselves (i.e. fixed cutt off date since 1978). The BUAV then checks up on those companies each year to make sure they are sticking to it.

However the 5 years rolling rule just means companies don’t use any ingredients that have been tested on animals… the past 5 years. This used to be a good enough rule, when cruelty free was a new term. This way the companies committed to it, could set themselves apart and make people think about the matter.
However what it means NOW is it makes them able to use ingredients that were tested 6 years ago, and gives them a nice loophole in order to make more word-mazes for the customers! Suppliers won’t care, heck – they’ll be selling their ingredients to them in a while anyway!

To finish off this post, i’ll leave you with this fabulous conversation I had with b*tchslap cosmetics.

Anouchka Wijnings

17th August


Hi! I’ve tried contacting you over email, but no answer yet. So I figured i’d try here!

I love the look of your cosmetics, however I need to make sure they’re not tested on animals before I can use & feature them on my blog. Therefore I need to ask 2 questions:

1) do you sell products in China?
2) are any of the ingredients or finished products tested on animals by you and/or a third party company?

Thanks beforehand, hope to hear from you!


17th August


hi, we do not sell on animals and we do not buy from companies who test on animals…

Anouchka Wijnings

17 th August


So you mean you do not test on animals? And do you sell products in China?

Anouchka Wijnings

19th August


Sorry to bother you again, but i’ll reformulate my question, just to be clear:
no ingredients in your products have been tested on animals since a fixed cut-off date?
And you do not sell them in China either?


20th August


we animal cruelty free…we do not sell in china

thanks so much

That’s it, it ended there, i’ll ask them again today though, if I don’t get a good answer now i’ll put them on the does test list. They never mentioned ingredients, and with all the problems they had when it comes to stealing pictures and/or products, I don’t trust it.
You would THINK, as a company, they would be more adequate at conversing with their customers, however it feels like they have an attitude to go with the name.
Especially love the “we do not sell on animals” part.

Thank the lawd there are still companies out there that DO invest in customer and animal care though.
As always, let’s vote with our (euro)buck!


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I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Your commitment is awesome and I appreciate the time you put into your investigations. I need to checkout your product list of makeup that you know for sure does not test on animals!

  2. Good for you, keep it up. These companies just don’t want to expose themselves for what they really do to make their money. Animal testing is NOT NECESSARY and I wish that they would ALL stop.

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