E-cruelty free!

Oof i’m a real sleepyhead right now.. Suuper tired from all the cleaning today. One more painting session and we’re done I think ^_^
I wanted to share another thought here today!

Going cruelty free is an ongoing journey, and i’m learning new things every single day. However i’m not a mastermind though, i’ve seriously been through QUITE a few methods to keep track of all the brands I trust.
Writing them down in a little notebook, however then I forgot the notebook somewhere.
Switched to my school-agenda, don’t take that with me everywhere.
Tried a memo in my phone.. not enough patience to look for the right name.
I was thinking that I could really use an alternative! An easier way for me to keep track of what brands I trust, to double-check if needed, at all times!

*drumroll please!*

My blog. Yeah no seriously, i’m sure everyone already had that in mind. Why haven’t I thought of that before! -_-‘
I pulled a psyduck again.
So yeah, i’ll be making by own certified bun-list!
Not only will I be able to access it everywhere, I also remember it was hard for me to keep track of what companies were in the safe zone in the beginning of my quest. It might be handy for others as well!
It won’t be giant all of a sudden, i’m going to be building it slowly, revising and backtracking companies as I go along.

Edit: look up a bit, at my pages, whoomp there it is!

Any suggestions, regarding the layout or your favorite humane brands maybe? I’d love to know!
(I’m currently looking for a new holy grail foundation. Been going back and forth between wanting to try the Inglot or the 100% pure one.)


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. I use the “better safe than sorry” method :) Normally I only buy cosmetics online with eco certification proving complete non-testing on animals, like BDIH or Vegan. Rarely I happen to buy some stuff in the shops, and then I just rely on my memory. If there is a company I don’t know, then I don’t buy until I check it out :)

    • I confuse brands the. entire. time. I blame the companies though, for not having clear policies. I’ll be in the store thinking they don’t test test! ….or… were they owned by another testing company maybe… or did they maybe change their policies just now…

  2. So, this may not actually be very practical, but you could make a mini “wallet card” (probably typed and printed, unless you have nice penmanship) and laminate to carry with you. I was thinking of doing this for non-gmo brands for the grocery store, because I do the same thing there (lost notebook, forgotten memopad etc.). I like the blog list though – for folks like me! :)

    • I could do that! There’s sooo many companies though haha! However doing that for the grocery store ones does work.Hey! Writing it on one of those magnetic address book things might work! Good idea, thanks :)

  3. Consider yourself nominated for the Beautiful Blogger award!

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