OOTD & Déjà-vuhuhu!

If anyone ever invents time travel, the first stop has to aim exactly five seconds after this post was published.

Anyway, small random post today! :)
I was wondering, do you know those moments that are like a déjà-vu, but then way beyond? Lasting for several minutes or longer?
That always makes me wonder. Especially if it happens on key moments.
Like after my interview a couple of days ago I had one as well, it lasted for what felt like ages. I could actually recall when I had the dream about it as well, it was about 2 months ago, it was an extremely vivd one.
Makes me think if I maybe wasn’t even supposed to get the job.

And why do we even have these déjà-vus? Are they “glitches” in time? Time is only perception anyway.. Or are they a look through the veil between different dimensions, maybe existing at the same time?

Such things I seriously break my head over at times. I try not to focus on them too much, because it’s incredibly frustrating not being able to answer them! However, if I may quote the words of a fellow-blogger:
” its an exploring process you see, one wouldn’t know what’s out there if we do not explore, just like i explored and found you, and i loved it, and thus the process goes”.

It’s good to imagine different paths!

On a different note, i’m really enjoying my Lita alternatives! I’d been wanting the real deal for ages, but those are leather. Not an option!
I didn’t really think of a vegan option for them either, just put the thought aside.
But then there was Amsterdam! Huha!
I got me a pair over there for around 30 euros, and they do it for me! ^_^

They’re just so comfortable for heels because they’re so sturdy, wore them out for dinner yesterday as well so here’s an outfit of the day!

We both like color!

Lita vegan

Hmm.. my tights look grey with the flash, they’re black though!

Here’s some vegan options online if you’d like you some as well!
(Mine did run big, I had to put some soles in them, so maybe order them a size down.. imagine, the tip of the shoe is very high so you have tons of space!)

Lita knock-off

Ebay: Lita platforms high heels $33.59

Lita knock-off

Ebay: Cool Rocker Favor Rivet $35.99

Lite knock-off

Ebay: Fur Women Lace-up Lita$19.90

How funny! I had to include those! ^_^ this last seller by the way  has a MASSIVE amount of vegan Jeffrey Campbell look-a-likes, and other cool shoes.
Check out his catalog here!

Tell me what you think about dèjà-vus below if you like, I love hearing about this kind of stuff!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. The deja-vus were seriously creeping me out when I was a teenager. But now I’m a believer :) I’ve read a lot of stuff on reincarnations and how we choose a “sketch” of our future life and preview it, so I think deja-vus are the moments when, for a second, we remember the life plan we laid for us before our birth.

    • Hmm what do you mean we choose a sketch, as we reincarnate you mean we get to choose our own path? I get kind of stuck in between ideas! :) I strongly believe in the energy-flow being consistent, so that makes me believe in Karma. However i’ve also been playing with the idea of us reliving our lives, over and over again, until we do it right. Then again that means that once we do it perfect we are “released” and I don’t see life as a punishment!

      • I also don’t see life as a punishment. I once went for a reincarnation session with a Buddhist lady who tried to persuade me we are “punished” for our bad karma with the bad things in our lives. Sorry, I don’t buy that :) I read a lot of books on the subject, interviews with mediums and hypnotherapists etc, and the idea that seems to be the same in each and every book is this: before we reincarnate, we choose our future life – our country, our parents, our illnesses, our friends etc. We also choose how we will die or how we will suffer. No one punishes us. It’s our own choice to work through various issues and progress on our spiritual path. However, this also doesn’t mean everything is preplanned. Once we make a draft of our life, it still remains a draft. There are choices on every corner. We may improve what we have planned or fail it or go in another direction completely. That’s what I believe in, anyway :) I’ve read a great book about people with serious handicaps, illnesses, losses and traumas and how, during their interaction with the medium, they explained they chose this difficult path for particular reasons. This explanation makes sense to me because it doesn’t make you look at your problems as something fatal and something you deserve because you are a sinner/were bad in previous life etc. According to this theory, your problems are your own choice to help you grow, and when you overcome them, you move further on in your development.

      • Your explanation is kind of the same I guess, in the sense that you develop throughout your life in order for your spirit to reach another level, however minus the “life is a punishment”. I like that thought. :)

  2. Love your style!! Cute shoes!

  3. fivereflections

    Awesome –

    cool rivets too

  4. Oh I like the last shoes, must be comfy to sit on! (I like shoes a lot)
    Thanks for following my blog =^.^=

  5. Cute shoes, I like the fury ones. lol

    Regarding Deja Vu…I do not believe time is linear.

  6. Hey you look great!

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