Face mapping, find your way back to the roots

It’s painting time again, and studying Lush products in between so busy busy days! However I came across a post on facebook this week that I shared, it was about face mapping.
But I really wanted to go into it a bit deeper!

The fascination with Chinese medicine was passed down to me through my genes so to speak, and i’ve always been a great believer of energy-flow being the base of a healthy organism, and therefore also everything in the body being connected and having an influence on each other.
It’s because of this reasoning that I can see how our general organs can have an influence on the biggest organ we have, our skin!

Face mapping is about mapping the areas where you have problems with your skin, with the intention of developing better insight into what’s causing them.
I truly believe that in a lot of cases it’s the key to not only improving the skin, but also our health overall.

If there’s a blockage going on inside our body, we can’t expect everything to look silky smooth on the outside right!!

face mapping acne

I’ll cover a few common ones that I pay attention to below.

  • Forehead

Congestion here can mean you need to get a detox in. Toxins aren’t finding a clear exit out of your body, so they’re going for the skin. You could try drinking more water, and light exercising, or simply going on a detox-session for a while!
Less meat, proteins, and alcohol can help with this as well. Although if you’re actually reading my blog, there’s a chance don’t eat meat anyway!
For flakiness in this area, try lubricating your digestive tract. In general that means more fibers and less processed foods.
Another cause for issues in this area is stress though. Maybe a better sleeping-cycle and doing relaxing-exercises will help.
(Easier to say than do, I know I know!)
Hats or greasy hair can cause problems in this area as well.

  • Temples

Try eating less greasy foods.

  • Between your brows

Flakiness between your brows, possibly indicates your liver having a hard time. Ingesting things that are hard on your liver like fatty foods, alcohol, chocolate or smoking can be a reason for this.

  • Mouth

I used to have continuous problems with this, our mouth-area (even our lips!) mirror our intestine, and the bowel.
What’s really helped me relieve this issue is taking my daily dose of fibers via a supplement with a glass of water in the morning.
Gone oiliness and congestion!

  • Nose

This is a hard one, blackheads don’t necessarily count as they just loooove them some nose. But flakiness for example, could be solved by getting yourself more vitamin B or eating less meat.

  • Cheeks

In case you’re experiencing a rash on your cheeks, try looking up some breathing exercises to pump more oxygen into your system, it might clear the unevenness!
Some believe there’s a difference between the left and right cheek as well, the left cheek acts up when you’re stressing out, or having liver-issues.
The right one can indicate your body asking for less sugar.
In general, both cheeks can also be a sign of your body asking for less sugar, meat or dairy, or even you having an allergy to something.
I tend to get bumps on my cheeks, right next to my nose, when i’m around cats a lot.

  • Chin

The biggest problem-area for me, this one is directly connected to the kidneys and/or hormonal imbalances. It’s extremely rare for me to get this area to be completely clear.
You can’t always rule out hormone fluctuations, they happen throughout the month. One week your chin can be a beautiful piece of artificial-looking chin, next week the grand canyon.
Stress is also a cause for this area to act up, it helps cause adrenal fatique, so maybe you’re under a lot of stress?

  • General

For all of these areas though, try using a face-wash and moisturizer, no joke! In case any males are reading this, you too! You can have a secret cabinet with your own face-product!
With all of the crap that’s in the air these days, water sometimes isn’t enough.
Another general cause for skin-issues is hair products transferring to your face (wax, hairspray or grease etc.) or dirty bed covers. So keep it awaaay from the face!
Two easy things to try out!

Of course we can’t generalize skin issues, flaky cheeks don’t necessarily mean you need more oxygen, or don’t wash your sheets. You may just need to see a dermatologist.
But I think they’re definitely worth looking into though, as it costs nothing and my mouth-area has personally cleared up by paying some attention to my digestion.
Maybe my post will sound a little bell in your head, whenever that spot pops up in the same freaking area AGAIN! :)


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  1. This is the thing I’ve been looking for!!! Once in a while I get these skin problems always appearing symmetrically on both sides of my chin, and I’ve always wondered what it means. Thanks!!! It’s a pity the colours are a bit unclear :(

  2. I’ve read this before. That is a really good diagram. I used to have problems on my chin also, my skin went nuts, then I attacked with a Clarisonic… Never came back!

    • Haha the Clarisonic is definitely awesome, makes your skin cleanser do its job 10 times better all of a sudden! Sad that I have to get the brush heads in over the web though, haven’t used mine in ages cause I need a new one!

  3. mothernaturessnuggery

    I love face mapping! Definitely worth checking out where your spot is and relating it to the problem :)

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