Big bad brows!

Two days ago I was talking to a friend of mine about eyebrows, he was explaining that his girlfriend liked hers but thought they looked way too light and undefined, which got me thinking why not share my eyebrow story here as well!

Let’s start off with the embarassing part, shall we? The “befores”.

I think a lot of people can relate when I say I used to be a severy plucked chicken.
My eyebrows were my arch enemy and I would not stop until every hair “out of place” was gone! Little did I know I was plucking the ones IN place as well, I just didn’t know how to make them look decent.

Inserting barely-there eyebrow pictures here:

Not filled in

Buh, now that we got that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff!

Eyebrows are so incredibly important I think, you can create the most amazing, out-of-this-world look, but if your eyebrows are all over the place  it can really look kind of quirky and out of place!
A well-groomed brow frames your entire face, lifts up your arch (so also your eye!) and pulls everything together.

I’m embracing my full brows now, it is what my gypsy heritage gave me after all, and it took me 2 years to grow them out.
So I won’t be giving them up any time soon!
But keeping them in check is still key to having a polished, and well-groomed face.

I don’t pluck them very much anymore, just the stray hair here and there.
The way I was genetically designed is: I have big eyebrows, but the hairs are very sparse. There’s the occasional awkward bald spot in my brows. Therefore filling them in is very important to me, even if I don’t apply any eyeshadow that day, I at least apply some concealer, blush and fill in my eyebrows!

Plucking/waxing strays

Here’s the general guideline for a well-groomed brow:

Look in the mirror, and place a pencil just like the lines on this picture.

Your eyebrow should

a) start at the same height as your nostil
b) have its arch (highest point) right along your pupil
c) end along the corner of your eye

What really helped me was getting a stencil, like this one from Elf:

Elf: Essential Eyebrow Collection $5

I just filled them in, and tweezed everywhere outside of the stencil.
Which got me to slighly bigger brows:

Eyebrow stencil

(I was practicing for a Hatsune Miku cosplay!)

Like I said though, these days I only tweeze the stray hairs which made them a lot thicker, these stencils don’t fit anymore LOL!

Then for filling them in

Then you’ll have to pick a filling-weapon. There are so many options out there these days!

  • A pencil will generally give you a more hard looking brow.
    You can use an eyebrow pencil for this, but even just a regular eyepencil can work.. i’ll often take a brown eyeliner pencil with me for multitasking purposes!
    However an eyebrow pencil is way handier.. it’s often waxier, to make the eyebrows stick in place, and is less pigmented. Which makes it easier to apply, seeing as you can go over your brow a few times without creating a giant streak of color.Make sure you apply a pencil with short strokes, flicking it out, as if you’re creating hair yourself.You can find some here from Essence, Gosh, CatriceTarte, CFS, Zuzu, Anastasia, Elf, Tarte, Face Atelier, Senna.
  • Just an eyeshadow is my prefered method! It looks soft, and is so easy to manage.I just use a small angled brush to apply it, like this one:

Make sure you get a really stiff one if possible, these brushes will make it so easy!

Here are some synthetic ones from Essence, Gosh, AnastasiaSigma, Crown.
And here are some shadows: Emani, All Natural Face, Catrice, Elf, SennaBare Escentuals, or use any eyeshadow you like!

  • When picking a shadow/pencil make sure to choose the right colorfor you:If you’d like your eyebrows to be darker, pick one shade darker than your natural hair.
    If you want them to just be filled in, pick one shade lighterrather than darker! You can always keep a dark one on standby in case you need some more work.As for the tone, don’t go too warm. An ashy looking pencil, with a grey tone to it will look more natural most of the time!
  • Then to finish it off, if you want to keep your brows from melting off if that’s an issue, you can apply some brow gel/wax/mascara on top again, done!

As for the color placement

There are so many things you can use to fill in your brows, and so many eyebrow shapes, but the placement will stay the same.
Here’s how I like to do mine!

Brow hair direction

The general idea is to mimic the direction of your natural hair, so down at the tail – sideways in the middle – and up at the bottom and front!

1) I’ll start off by forming my arch, because that’s where I like the deepest color to be. Then i’ll drag my brush down to form my tail.
2) After that, i’ll define the bottom and top of my brow, blending the color up and out.
3) At the front I use a light hand, and flick upwards, to not make my eyebrows look like they’ve been pasted on!

Brow filling


Full eyebrow

That’s generally how I like to get them in shape every morning!

Ah, in case you’re wondering, on my lips is the Milani haute flash in hot flash once again! Love that stuff!

Do you care about brows? Or are you blessed with perfect natural brows even!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Awesome pics. Your natural look is cool. I don’t do anything with my brows being among the lucky ones to be born with them “ready-made” :) But everything comes at a price – if you have something nice, then there is something else not-so-nice to compensate for it :(

    • Ahh how lucky you are with naturally full brows!! Everyone has those not-so-lucky traits, but if you’re reffering to your skin at least we live in a good place where we can take care of our skin :) yours looks lovely in pictures.

      • No, actually, my skin is ok. My hair is not. It’s something that I cannot get over :( Sometimes, when I see a girl in the street, with long hair floating in the wind, I feel like crying. I used to have beautiful hair. Thick and very, very long. But then there was a period in my life where I had a lot of stress and most of my hair just fell out and never grew back. I had to cut it not to put too much weight on the roots. For years I tried all possible “miracle” lotions, shampoos, treatments and whatnot, I visited tons of doctors but well. I just have to live with it, there is nothing to be done. But it still hurts, you know :( Also that I cannot show myself to anyone with my hair being wet because then you can see bald places…

      • Ah your hair, it looked plump and curly in your pictures, do you put products in it for more volume then or? That’s sad though :s it’s incredible how our psychic energy influences our body.
        I hear the head-thing a lot as well, that you can see my scalp when my hair is wet/combed/whatever. But that’s what having thin hair is about I guess. >_<
        Be happy you have such clear skin, and pretty eyes and a good figure! :D (and yes you do, i've seen your zombie pics.)

      • Thanks :) My figure is another source of moaning but at least that’s something I can work on (yes, I did take those yoga classes – who knows, maybe they do something for me :))

  2. Love your lush brows!! I’m a fan of the fuller brow as well! And eyeshadow is my filler of choice – so easy and quick!

  3. I lost an half eyebrow after a failed DIY youtube- tutorial – looking like a fool for 3 weeks :o))) – thanks for your post!!! yours look gorgeous!!!

  4. You have lovely natural brows! You are very lucky they came back! I have seen many woman over pluck their brows and they never come back. These are some really great tips! I couldn’t do without eyebrow mascara, it took me along time to get used to the feeling of it though.


    • Thank you! I was afraid of that as well, I still wonder sometimes while looking at them if some are missing right now haha. And I can imagine, feels odd when you frown right, do you use a colored or translucent one?

  5. Wow, a huge difference from the pictures up top. They look good, you are amazing with all of the stuff you do here. Gypsy aye? Cool! :) Hope the new tower is working well for you.

    • Thanks haha :D worked on this post all day.
      And the tower is amazing, sometimes I stop to think “oh NO! Don’t open that many programs! You’ll have a blue screen!”, but nothing happens. Works as smooth as before! I’m having a ball.
      It’s nice not being restricted in your crazy information-gathering habits (as you should know, being an info-junkie!!) especially for this post as well!

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