Get me a platformed Chelsea over here, stat!

On citytrips one generally develops blisters. Because shoes also need to look nice. No, to be honest, even in trainers i’ll get blisters. Truth is, when you wear the same pair of shoes for days on end while walking a couple of miles a day, the same spot on your foot keeps putting up with all the friction.
So what I like to do when walking a lot, is switch out my shoes every other day and usually in the evening as well.

One epic pair I found in Amsterdam, was a nice simple platrform Chelsea boot. These!

Ebay: Chelsea Mid Heel Platform

Ebay: Chelsea Mid Heel Platform £24.99
(horrible picture, they look better in person!)

(easy to track down on ebay, seeing as they came from a trendy store that usually sells things at a price way too high when it’s also available for no money online, just because they can!)

However I just really liked the look of them, little did I know they would be saving my feet later!
The last 2 days I wore them non-stop. They even went with me to go see Madonna, you can see them “in action” here:

chelsea amsterdam

I can’t begin to tell you how comfortable these are, EVEN when you have feet that aren’t able to break in any shoes!! (If you plan on ordering them, you might want to get a size down though. They run pretty big, I put pads in mine.)

The essence of a Chelsea boot is that they’re ankle boots, that are incredibly easy to slip in and out of. And to be honest, I think these really work with any outfit… under long trousers, shorts, skirts, anything you can imagine. Any day and any time you want some fun comfortable footgear.
Personally I like the ones with a platform and a bit of chunkiness to them with a big heel (loving the awkward 90s heels!). The platform makes us short people almost look a decent size, and the chunky heel tones down anything too feminine. Makes it a little more cool! Not to mention the nice booty bump.

Because i’m so happy with mine, and I know what a pain in the butt it can be finding vegan shoes, I thought i’d share some pretty faux leather Chelseas on my blog! They’re mostly from ASOS.

ASOS ABBI Chelsea Ankle Boots

ASOS: ABBI Chelsea Ankle Boots $62.97

ASOS AMP Chelsea Ankle Boot

ASOS: AMP Chelsea Ankle Boot $91.14

Either these next ones are just plain ugly or they’re fun.. can’t decide. They have something about them though. Kind of a goofy vibe almost… They’re rainboots by the way, perfect excuse for trying them out!

6PM: Rockport Lorraine Chelsea

6PM: Rockport Lorraine Chelsea rainboot $71.99

The frumpy band on top of these are so flattering around your ankles I think:

ASOS AMUSE Chelsea Ankle Boots

ASOS: AMUSE Chelsea Ankle Boots $91.14

ASOS ALEXI Brocade Chelsea Ankle Boots

ASOS: ALEXI Brocade Chelsea Ankle Boots $82.85

Love the look of patent leather! Adds some interesting texture to any outfit:

ASOS ATTEND Chelsea Wedge Ankle Boots

ASOS: ATTEND Chelsea Wedge Ankle Boots $99.42
Lace here, Patent here, Snake here!

ASOS ALIVE Chelsea Wedge Ankle Boots

ASOS: ALIVE Chelsea Wedge Ankle Boots $36.45 (sale!)

These just look so comfortable:

Black Heeled Chelsea Boots

Fashion Union: Black Heeled Chelsea Boots £10

ASOS ALARM Wedge Chelsea Ankle Boots $74.57

ASOS: ALARM Wedge Chelsea Ankle Boots $74.57

ASOS AMP Chelsea Ankle Boots in Geo Print

ASOS: AMP Chelsea Ankle Boots in Geo Print $91.14

Asos really is a great source for fun, modern vegan shoes! You have the option to type Chelsea boot in the search box, check the non leather box, and voilà! ^_^

Are you a fan of Chelsea shoes as well? Lemme know down below! :D


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Love the boots! Always a staple at home. Was devastated when my favourite pair died. Have been slowly working in a new pair!

    • There’s always a little period of mourning when a staple item dies, ’cause you associate it with certain clothes/events I think. And if you love them it MUST mean they’re travel-proof! ;) thanks for the comment!

  2. Loved your picture – you look like a top model there (I know, I shouldn’t say it but here it goes – I wish I had a waist of your size ;)) The boots look cool, need to check them out on ebay this autumn.

    • Aw that’s so kind. There’s a reason I wear pin-up style dresses though, they’re the most flattering I think, no need for small hips in them! :)

      • Your dress is awesome, and I must say – I like your style :) I love vintage clothes, and anything resembling 50s-60s-70s is just so amazingly beautiful…

      • It is, clothes were so feminine back then! I think I own 3 pairs of pants, that’s it. What’s your favorite era if you had to choose one?

      • I own a lot of trousers but that’s because I’m always cold :) If only I could, I would be forever dressed in romantic dresses with laces, frills and flowers all over :) My favourite era is the 50s model American housewives lol I’m totally in love with those dresses with an accent on the waist and full skirts. Sadly enough, I don’t own a single dress of this kind as they are quite expensive and I’m afraid they will show my imperfect figure all too well :( But I do have several 50s skirts that my mum made for me and they are gorgeous – I should put the pics on my blog someday.

      • Woa i’d love to see those dresses!! So cool that they’re homemade! And the 40-50s were spectacular :D i’m all for women also working and doing chores around the house and those educational books from back then make me cringe, but still something about that era captivates me. Nothing can beat the first real pin-up girls!!

      • Damn, I wrote a lengthy comment with everything from dresses to my feministic views and then pressed the wrong button and it’s gone, grrr :(

      • Aw bah! Such a waste! :(

  3. nice stuff u shared, tht sows like a lot of option

  4. I love the chelsea boot! I wear my boots everyday pretty much

  5. Love love love the paparazzi pic at Inglot ^_^

  6. Sexy boots! You two look pretty cool in that pic up top. :)

  7. .. I love chelsea boots…

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