Lennox conspiracy put together?

This post will be less upbeat than usual!
It won’t contain any graphic language or images, but still I do realize reading news about mistreated animals isn’t the most fun thing to do.
However I felt the need to share. If you do decide to read this, at least I reached out to someone!

I read a follow-up article on Lennox today and it made me sick to the stomach.
Maybe you’ve been following the Lennox-story, if not you’ve probably seen it popping up on the web. It’s been a long journey over these past two years.
To sum it all up in one bold sentence, in my eyes what happened was legalized animal cruelty.

First very quickly, the history as I understood it:

In May 2010  Belfast City Council Dog Wardens came to Lennox’ home unannounced with the PSNI, for no reason. The dog hadn’t harassed, not even bothered people in the least.
The wardens then told the PSNI everything was fine, that they could leave, and proceeded to have a friendly talk with Lennox’ family.
Before they knew it the wardens were taking measurements of the dog, and deciding he was a Pit Bull, which is a banned breed in Northern Ireland. The family didn’t have a choice but to give Lennox up. Even though he actually wasn’t a Pit Bull according to DNA tests, but a Lab/American Bull Dog mix. They took him away from the family and into custody.
From here on out the family would be fighting for 2 years to get their dog back. However it would be in vain, they didn’t get to see their pooch anymore, not even when he died the 11th of July, and not even the body after. This is what got a lot of people wondering.. why the secrecy?
The reason he was put to death was that “he had a severe personality dissorder”.
Who came to that conclusion? A city-council expert. Not a dog expert, a city politician.

He does look extremely agressive, licking the warden…..
The reason this whole situation is so scary, is because his death sentence wasn’t based on logics, it came out of thin air, and for some reason, it was legal as well!
I could compare this whole situation to me saying that a random person on the street “has Latin American attributes in his appearance, and he should be seized”. After that he would have to be put to death “because there’s a possibility that he’ll be be aggressive in the future. Seeing as all Latin Americans have this personality trait. No questions asked, no arguments valid.”
Racist? Yeah, exactly!
How sick would that be!

Lennox was held in captivity in a secret location, probably along with other “dangerous breeds”. Pictures and statements surfaced but the informants were never identified and so it could never be proven.

But people are now teaming up and putting the pieces together. Informants are being identified and pictures being spread!


As I said before, he was supposedly put to death the 11th of July. But more and more evidence is surfacing that Lennox might actually have died in a kennel 2 months ago already, after having been treated horribly.

If you’re interested in hearing all of the evidence up until now being puzzled together, check out the article here.



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I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. I had also been following poor Lennox’s story for some time now. Signed petitions, shared, got very very angry, hoped and then went back to anger and resentment for their “humane” actions! It is very interesting to hear what Victoria Stilwell says here:

    • Thanks for your link! And it was definitely very frustrating, how no argument whatsoever (even the most valid one, of him not being a Pitbull, and him not having an agressive personality either) did anything. Not even the angry eye of millions of people, I wonder what in the world they were thinking.
      They council is never going to be put to justice though, maybe denounced, but if that’s anything like in Belgium they’ll still get a generous pay and are set for life then. So they had nothing to lose I guess.

  2. I’ve been following the story of Lennox and am always disgusted by any case in which dogs are punished for the breed, not the deed. It’s ridiculous and HUMANS should stop exercising their “superiority” over other species with brutality, abuse and murder. There’s been several cases recently in which non-agressive family dogs have been shot dead by members of the police force just because of their appearance. I’ve detailed a few of these on my blog as well. It makes my physicaly ill to even think about it.

    • It just blows my mind to think about that even. I’m going to look for those on your blog, interested in reading them. But I can’t wrap my head around how that’s possible, that’s a crime if you do it to humans. What’s the difference with dogs then? We can’t gas people either, but dogs, sure!

  3. As you know from reading my blog this is an issue that really upset me, many rumours regarding when Lennox died and what condition he was in at the end of his life are a direct result of the fact Belfast council would not let the family say good bye despite earlier assurances they would have chance. They can try to cover up all they like the truth will come out and those responsible will be held accountable. It will not just go away as they hoped it is also worth noting that the council had been happy to take money for five years for the license for this ‘dangerous’ dog. the reality is there is no such thing as a dangerous dog only irresponsible and cruel humans who train them to act certain ways or mistreat them

    • Yeah, I agree with you. A dog will act on his instict. If he’s energetic or fierce and you don’t have the right people to guide him, you can’t contain that. But the breed isn’t necessarily “dangerous” then! They just need different people around them!

  4. This is horrible. And the dog was even not a pitbull… Besides, the way they took it from the family and then just killed it without as much as giving it any chance… it’s just sick. I hope the people who basically stole the dog and killed it will be put to justice.

  5. I think this is a terrible story, I feel awful for the dog (I am a dog lover) but I also wonder why the family, or anybody for that matter, would choose to purchase or breed an illegal dog knowing that it can be taken from you at any moment by the Police and you will face a custodial sentence. These dogs have been banned in the UK for many years and although I strongly believe that that dogs are not born with an aggressive temperament and that ultimately it is their owner who cause the problems, why would you even run the risk when you have small children in your family?

    There were 2 very high profile cases in the UK involving illegal dog breeds, the deaths of John Paul Massey and Ellie Lawrenson. The government chose to enforce the laws regarding the Dangerous Dogs Act after these terrible attacks (in neither of which i believe the dog was to blame, FYI) and now there is little sympathy in the UK for this sort of dog. It is sad, but I ultimately believe the family are the ones to blame for owning this dog in the first place.

    Unfortunately they were breaking the law by owning him; that is why the relevant authorities are legally able to remove the dog from society without so much as a warrant. Dogs listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act do not need to be previously reported- they are breaking the law by simply “being”. As soon as people learn NOT to breed or buy illegal dogs in the UK, we will stop hearing stories such as this.

    Once again, humans are the ones causing the problems.

    • Yeah I feel the same way, excessive breeding and puppy mills make me extremely angry. There are tons and tons of dogs being put to sleep because humans want to make easy money and we don’t take the responsibility of spraying/neutering them either. I couldn’t find any information online about the Pitbull ban though, do you happen to know when this law was put into action in Ireland?
      As far as I know there was evidence that he was a Lab & American Bulldog mix though, not a Pitbull. I forgot to add that in my post, just edited it.

  6. I confess I’ve not heard of this before but it stinks. This breed is responsible for mauling several children and adults in America over the last few years. They are not looked upon favorably by many here. The way the dog was apparently stolen from the owners, then allegedly killed is just not the way to handle the situation. Seems a few heads at headquarters ought to be sent rolling down the hill…

    • Yeah true they’re a high-energy breed, but i’m a strong believer of dog-family matching though. You need the right owners to guide them as well. Some people can’t handle a Jack Russell either.
      Aside from that, it stinks indeed, because in this case the dog hadn’t lashed out once. They really need to revise those headquarters..

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