Auch Charlie, Revlon bit me.

I’ve been trying out the Revlon Just Bitten lipstains the past couple of days. But i’m in a bit of a pinch here.

Disclaimer alert:

I wasn’t sure if I could write a review about them, since they’re in the grey zone when it comes to animal testing. They state they don’t test on animals, nor are they involved in third party testing. However, I have 2 objections.
First of all: Revlon still to this day, does not want to take the leaping bunny pledge.. which keeps me on my guard.
Secondly: they sell their products in China. A kind fellow blogger, named Ania informed me about the fact that products sold  in Hong Kong do not have to be tested on animals. It’s a regulation completely separate from the one in general China, that states they have to be tested. But I believe Revlon sells products throughout entire China.
My wishlist for the products from America I wanted, had been made before I was aware of the fact that they also sell products in China, and the fact that they are not registered on the leaping bunny list.
In the end it’s your choice what you do with this information, I will not write a biased review, but I will personally not be repurchasing from them in the future.
(I’ll also list a beautiful, high quality, 100% cruelty free dupe for those of you who are interested in stains!)

On to the review then!

Revlon just bitten outside

outside swatches

Revlon just bitten inside

Inside swatches


The packaging is fine, sturdy and handy to carry!

Colors & pigmentation

The stain+balm range contains 15 colors at this moment, ranging from light and natural colors to more bold and dark ones.
However, as you can see in the picture, they don’t look very pure once they’re on the skin, they’re too watery for that. The top one (Flame) for example is supposed to be a blood red. But when only applied in one coat, it looks more coral and doesn’t have much “oomph” to it at all. They’re good if you enjoy natural lip though.


Very runny, I took a close-up of the stains so that you can really see the texture. As you can see, they creeped into every fine line I have. Besides the feathering, the fluidity also means they also take a while to dry. So layering them will take some time!
The finish of these stains is fully matte, and with the balm applied on top they get a velvet finish to them.
The balm has a nice texture to it, not sticky and easy to apply. It’s not very moisturising though. I don’t feel like it does much except for adding shine.

Staying power & quality

They stay put. Once they had dried, I tried to whiping over them a few times, and this is the result after 4 whipes:

revlon just bitten smudge

So that’s a definite plus! Why else would you wear a stain right?

The verdict


I deducted 2 stars for the fact that they creep into everything, the balm not being moisturising and the colors not being vibrant enough to my liking, even when you build on them. However they do stay on great, so they deserve 3 stars for that.
They run for $8.99 in drugstores.

Even so, I will not be repurchasing because there are more than enough 100% cruelty free brands out there that deliver the same thing. I can’t find my favorite lip stain right now, it’s a gorgeous red from Gosh. It’s highly likely hiding in a handbag somewhere, i’ll look for it tomorrow. But for now, I do have some other colors from the same line that I would like to show you!

alternative gosh cosmetics

As you can see, in all honesty: these don’t really feather. And as I will show you tomorrow, the red is EXTREMELY vibrant. It’s amazing! These run for $10.
I might do a separate review on them come to think of it.. ^_^

What do you prefer? Gloss, stain, or lipstick? Or.. nothing even?


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Ohhh, good review. Transparently cruelty-free is important to me too!

    And I’m a tinted gloss gal. :)

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