Milani Haute Flash

The first thing I played with from my America-package are the milani glosses, pretty much as soon as I got them. And i’m so amazed! Holy hamster!
The kind of quality and pigmentation you get for the price, i’ve never come across that here in Belgium LOL. We don’t have wide range of products here really. Like I said, you basically have to order everything online, and then the shipping will eat you alive.
ANYWHO, back to the positive vibe!

I got 4 out of 6 lipglosses in the collection. Hot flash, Flashy, Star flash and Quick flash.
Milani states that these are :
“A full coverage, highly pigmented lipgloss with an extra glossy shimmer finish. The non-tacky, anti-feathering formula and flexible soft sponge applicator allows for easy application.”
So let’s see about that!

Here’s the lip-swatches, I took them on a full face because that’s the way I like to see them online! The order is bare lips – one coat – two coats!

Quick flash: soft baby pink with pink shimmer

Quick flash

Star flash: red toned purple with blue/violet shimmer

(I bumped my knee, which explains the face in the last picture.)

Star flash

Flashy: bright fuchsia pink, with purple/pink shimmer


Hot flash: candy apple red with red/silver shimmer

Hot Flash

As for the review!


Nice clear, sleek packaging. Makes it easy to see the colors. Comes with a doe-foot applicator, which is still my oldschool favorite!
Inside is 0.18 oz / 5 grams of product. Which is more than double the amount you would get in a MAC dazzleglass.

Colors & pigmentation

There’s only 6 colors in this line so far, but I do feel as if there’s something for everyone.
There’s a nice versatile red, that would look good on any skintone. It has some coolness to it, with the blue tinge in it, but also the warmth of the red.
Then there’s a pretty neutral pink, not too pale so it won’t wash you out!
A purple with some warmth of the red undertones, as well as the coolness of the violet shimmer.
And last but not least a bright fuchsia, I like this one sheered out, it makes it look like a more neutral pink, which makes it work better on yellow skintones!
Since these are so extremely pigmented (they really are, you have no idea how carefully I applied the Flashy and Hot flash, to get the sheer application. I didnt even use both sides of the wand) I would like to see more deep colors. Like some dark purples, and blood reds. I think they would go on amazingly with this amount of pigment!


These do emphasize chapped lips, so scrubbing is key sometimes.

That being said, I really like the formulation. All of these glosses have shimmer in them but you don’t feel any of it on your lips. It just feels smooth, creamy, and not sticky at all.
(which translates to: no hair sticking to your lips with every wind gust, and no leaving a mess on a cute guy, or poodle, or whatever else you kiss)
After applying these, I feel like the creamy texture keeps my lips nice and moisturised throughout the day. It makes them look more plump as well with the pretty glitter in it!

As for layering, the red (Hot flash) looked good after 2 coats. It has a very smooth formulation. However the other 3 looked a bit goopy when I applied a second layer. I feel like they could have been smoother, but then again, because of the fact that they are so thick they stay on well, don’t feather, and you need less product.

My kind of formulation!

Staying power & quality

What to say for this.. don’t expect the staying power of a lip tar, nor a lip stain. It’s still a gloss!  It does stay on well, better than general watery glosses. I’d say this has about the staying power of an average lipstick.

As an added plus, i’d like to note that the brightest colors (Flashy and Hot flash) stain! They make you look like you’ve been kissing someone after the gloss has worn off. LOL

The verdict

Love at first use ^_^ very impressive for a lipgloss. And i’m not a gloss girl!
The only thing I would say I regret, is the fact that they’re not buildable, the red being an exception.
(can you tell which one is my favorite?)

These glosses can be found online, and in drugstores for $7.49.


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I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Soft baby pink with pink shimmer…pretty!

    • It is! Thanks for your comment! By the way, since you commented on both reviews, do you find the pictures clear enough? Or have any suggestions on how to make them more clear? Maybe close-ups or something? I’m kind of experimenting with it, never done any lip-reviews before lol.

      • Since you took the photos “full-face,” I like that you included the three levels of application (none, 1 coat, 2 coats). It made it easier to see what the final color really looked like. I also like that you decided to go that way because sometimes when I see pictures of the a lip color and it is zoomed in on the lips, yeah you can see the color better, but you can’t tell what it will really look like on. If you really want to put a close-up, you can, but I’d include the 3 levels too. Loved this review! I could actually see the end result, plus I trust the cosmetics that you’re picking because I too, am all about the little critters. :)

      • Wauw such feedback, what an effort :) i’ll keep it in mind, then next time i’ll do 3 steps, with a close-up as an extra.

  2. Red! Love your hair color, unique!

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