Essence I love stage

Yes yes, UD is no longer available to cruelty free shoppers. But enough crying,  there are plenty of alternatives out there!

I used to be a giant fan of the Primer Potion, as was everyone else AND their hamster. Seeing as you can even whip up a primer yourself though, it can’t be that hard to create an amazing primer for other renowned brands either.

What a primer does:
it forms a barrier between your skin and whatever you put on top. It evens out your skin, and catches the natural oils in it, to make sure they don’t creep into your make-up and mess it up. There are face primers, eye primers, even lip and eyelash primers..
They come in translucent versions, as well as colored ones. The colored ones will make whatever you put on top POP even more!

And so my quest begins! Looking for the best primer, that will have my eyes intact for when I wake up in a hundred years because of a prince! Or the alarm clock!
I’ll start off with very accessible drugstore ones, and work my way up to the highstreet to compare. Who knows, these might even be better.

First in line, the Essence: I love stage eyeshadow base.

Essence I love stage primer

Essence I love stage primer

Essence I love stage

Left: one swipe, full form
Right: sheered out a little

This primer used to be limited edition, but because it got hyped, they decided to bring it into the permanent line.


A small, sturdy tube perfect for traveling, with a doe-foot applicator. Works perfectly, nothing to complain about there! :)

Colors & pigmentation

This primer is only available in one color for the time being, a light skin tone, which dissapointed me. For such a large company you’d think they come up with more colors than just the one.
The swatch above was taken on my inner arm, which is the lightest part of my body. As you can see this might not work for you if you are super duper fair. Fair/dark skinned people out there, this color will work just fine.
As a general guideline, to make colors pop, you’ll want your eye primer to be a lighter color as your skin itself.
(unless you want to go smokey..)
A second disadvantage to pay attention to regarding color, is that it’s completely yellow-toned. If you have pink skin, this will look very out of place.

All this taken into consideration, IF it matches your skin tone, its pigmentation is lovely. It will cover up any veins or discoloration you may have to make sure whatever color you put on top shows up in its true form.


Like a liquid concealer, very creamy and blends into the skin perfectly. You have some time to work with it as it takes a while to dry. Be sure to set it with powder after you’re done applying. Since it takes a while to dry, it will definitely sit in your crease if it’s not dry yet.

Staying power & quality

This primer needs some time to dry, about 20 secs, so apply a thin layer. Once it’s all dried up, your shadow should stay intact for a good 4 hours in humid weather. In the winter it’s a full 8 for me. (my eyelids are oily)
As far as the price goes, this is a nice primer. However, if you apply it heavily it doesn’t stay put at all so be light-handed with this one.

The verdict

It’s available in drugstores around Europe for 2.49 euros, so it’s more than worth its money. But not the primer you’re looking for to keep you going all day and night, it’s too slippery for that.


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Thanks for information. If you found a good alternative to ud primer potion, so please let me know.

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