Patience, dear!

Have you heard of Wishwall and Lockerz?

Both websites basically reward you for advertising items.
You can browse the website/the web and when you see an item you like, you share it with people you know. That way you’re really advertising for them and you can get nice discounts on that item!

Wishwall is a bit different from Lockerz. I’ll just do a quick rundown.

Lockerz, The Social Life that Pays™

This website used to reward you with full items for free I heard, but that has changed a little.
The way it works now:

  • By uploading items, adding images, inviting friends, shopping, etc you earn Lockerz PTZ.
  • You can save up and put these PTZ into an item you would like to buy, to get a conforming discount.

Basically you’re just building up a balance in PTZ, that you can look at as gift cards.


  • By uploading items, wishing for items, and sharing them with friends you unlock Rewards.
    Wishwall doesn’t work with a point system, every item has its own rewards. A reward is not attached to your account but to the item, you can’t invest it in something else.
    However, you CAN choose to redeem a gift certificate instead. That means you get a small amount of money that you can choose to use anywhere on amazon.
  • Your number of wishes doesn’t mean anything really. It just keeps you from not wishing for a million things, while not sharing. If you run low on wishes Wishwall will top you off again the next day!
  • Rewards change according to how many likes they get, you can get items for free if they become really popular.

Mind you, if the manufacturer of the item you posted does not want to participate, you do not get a discount. But you’ll see that soon enough.

On both websites, networking is key of course! The bigger your circles, the more chance your item will move up in the charts and generate a nice discount for you.
(However you do not need to be friends with the entire world. It’s very doable for the normal croud. Even for the antisocial croud.)

They way I work with these websites is: when seeing an item online, instead of impulse buying, I give it 2 weeks. That way I might knock half off!
Here’s my most followed item on wish for example:


If I now get 5 people to join, I get a $14 discount on this item. That makes the top $26 instead of the normal $40 on the website.
You don’t necessarily need to have 5 people join though. Even people just Wishing for your item will give you discounts already. It depends on the item, what they require you to do.

Lastly, i’d just like to add that you can post celebrities or cute animals as well. Yes. You won’t get the celeb/animal but it’ll be a concept item, and if a lot of people like it you can redeem a gift card (on Wishwall) or earn PTZ (on Lockerz) to invest in another item instead.


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Anouchka,

    Thanks for the great write-up on Wish! My name is Christine, and I am the content and community manager for Wish. We love that you were able to earn a reward so quickly on our site! :)

    One correction: some users *are* able to earn their products for free. Currently, we reward users who add great content to the site, and when those products get super popular, they earn rewards. Sometimes the rewards cover the full cost of the product, sometimes the rewards are nice discounts, and sometimes the rewards are gift cards.

    One way to see what products have rewards and who’s winning what is to change your browse settings. From the top bar on Wish, click on “Everything.” You’ll see a dropdown menu, and from here you can select “Recent Rewards.”

    Happy wishing!

    • Hi! Thanks for the comment! :) I didn’t know you could get things completely for free in some cases, that’s amazing. I’ll change that in my post now.

  2. If anyone starts doing lockerz i’d suggest checking what you can buy with your Ptz before you start

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