Stargazer UV Turquoise

*drumroll* The fourth blue hair review! Stargazer UV Turquoise!
Pictures of all the other colors i’ve reviewed side by side can be found right here.

Feel free to click the close-ups for a GIANT awkward HD image if you like lol!

Two taken inside the house first:






Aand then two outside:





Keep in mind:
my hair is a super dark shade of brown, and I bleach it before coloring it blue.
(I descibed the first bleaching process here ..)

Up until now, i’ve been reaally impressed with Stargazer. However it’s either hit or miss. On some people it washes right out but on others like me it lasts and lasts.
Here‘s another Stargazer review if you would like to see.

Once again though, i’ll be summing up the pros and cons below so that you can decide for yourself!

☺ pros

  • Not tested on animals, and vegan.
  • Vegetable based.
  • The smell is fine. Not my favorite perfume but.. it’s still hair dye!
  • You can leave it on for weeks if you like, it will only make your hair more healthy because it’s depositing nutrients and pigment in your hair.
  • It has a very nice amount of pigment. Also, it deposits color very quickly.
  • It doesn’t become too dark if you leave it in for too long! Often with the Manic Panic dyes, if you leave it in for 3 hours, it becomes such an insanely dark color, completely different from the color on hair swatches online and in the store!
    However with the Stargazer colors, they just stay nice and fresh.
  • Very good staying power. But like I said, it’s a hit or miss, you’ll have to try it out for yourself. Keep in mind that it does grab onto bleached hair the best, as with every dye.
    One extra reason why it lasts on me, is because I add some to my conditioner and let that soak in my hair every time I wash it. This Stargazer dye activates with water, your hair needs to be damp for it to work, so it’s perfect for bath-time!
    A second reason is, I wash my hair with a soft shampoo that doesn’t strip color (back awaaaay from anti-dandruff formulations!!). This organic root stimulator one I adore on my colored hair, it gets my hair clean, is luscious, and moisturizes it extremely well but does not strip the color at all. I have the feeling it freshens it up and maintains it even..
  • I LOVE the color! It’s the prettiest turqoise i’ve used so far ^_^ (feel free to check my more recent posts, from July up to September to see more pics of this color in a plethera of lighting lol!)
  • Enough dye. This is a big one, I have long hair so usually there isn’t enough dye in one tub.
    Don’t forget to cut open the tube though, there’s a HEAP of product that you can’t reach by just squeezing it.
    (I mean a HEAP.)
  • It glows under blacklight. Yes. It really is UV reactive. This effect stays up to 3 washes for me before it’s gone.

☹ cons

  • Not that nourishing, compared to the special effects dyes. It deposits color very well, fast and even but doesn’t make my hair more healthy after I feel.
  •  As with the special effects, it stains your skin and head quite a bit.
    (note to reader: wear gloves when washing your hair right after dyeing.)Should the stains bother you, just take a cotton bud and go over the stained areas with some rubbing alcohol. It’ll get the pigment right off. My toner did this for me.
    However, that all is just because there’s just so much pigment packed in there, which translates into the good staying power.

The verdict:

I may have mentioned this once or twice before, but I LOVE the Stargazer dyes. And they scored once again. ^_^

UV Turquoise is up there in my top 3. Together with the Stargazer Coral Blue and Special Effects Blue Velvet. But if you compare the price of Special Effects with this dye,  you’ll know who wins!

These can be bought for 5 euros! If you can’t find them in shops near you, try online on Bee Unique for example!
you can stock up on that!


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