Recap expanding brands

Why the recap?

My previous Urban Decay post didn’t begin to cover all the turmoil that’s been going on the past couple of days!
If you want background information, check their statement here on Temptalia’s blog. They took it off of their website since it made so many people vomit.

What the problem again?

It’s that China insists that all products sold within their country  are tested on animals first. Along with many others, Urban Decay will be selling their products there as well from now on. They have been removed from the PETA and Leaping Bunny lists.
Testing does not mean putting lipstick on animals. I won’t go all graphic, but after the tests it would be so inhumane to keep them alive, that they’re killed anyhow.
Rats, bunnies, even dogs. YES, the same dogs that are mentioned in their statement…..
The same “We don’t like animal testing (and neither do the 13 dogs in our office), but we are trying to change the world… even if it is one eye shadow at a time!” – dogs.

Other cruelty free brands that have been expanding there, include Estée Lauder, MAC, Avon, Eos and Nyx.

So all those companies are going for the Chinese market? What’s so horrible about UD then?

What’s so nausiating, is that Urban Decay founded their business ON their curelty free policy!
Look at their logo. The little paw that meant they cared for animals?
For Pete’s sake, they even refused to do the make up for fashion shows if there was any fur involved. And they donated to charity!
I’ve window shopped a lot on their website, and every product that didn’t contain any animal biproducts, had a little paw print saying it was vegan.
So even if you were completely vegan, they catered to you.
They publically stood up for animal rights every chance they got.

As you can read in their press statement, they’re expanding because they want to “change the world one eyshadow at a time” (so they say).
But all in all, I think there are better ways to make sure countries stop testing. Refusing to go over there, as Lush does, is one of them.
As I previously said, Lush released a statement recently, that they regret never being able go there for as long as they test.

I see, so UD’s policy took a 180° turn. That’s it?

Not really. In my Urban Decay post, I asked everyone to sign my petition to change Urban Decay’s mind.
But apparenly that was waaay past due.
To the dissapointment of many people, they already made it final without announcing it, or consulting their customers first. Which, needless to say, drove a lot of caring consumers up the wall.
They already FINALIZED the deal ages ago, the animals have already been tested on!! So many cruelty free activists actually bought products over the past couple of months, WHILE they were testing on animals!

So what now?

The fact that they claim to still be the same brand, wanting to change China? I have no idea what to think of that.
They may or may not be telling the truth..
There’s no real way to know their motives, unless a statement on that leaks.
UD did do the same thing here, change people’s opinion by selling cool products. It might work over there, you never know. But until I see results, i’m just not certain enough to keep buying it to be honest.

If you have any other questions, you can tune into their chat in two weeks to ask them. However there’s of course no guarantee they will be telling the truth. But i’ll be tuning in as well.

I hope the anger of the people will make other companies realise they SHOULD NOT try and undertake the same thing.

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I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. You can add Revlon into your list of black companies selling stuff in China.

    And here’s an interesting post about all things related to China, Hong Kong and their testing:

    • It’s interesting to read about the different set of laws in Hong Kong, I didn’t know about that. What the heck. They don’t spend nearly enough time on cruelty-free laws. How can they even contradict each other like that.

      • The good thing is that companies who are in Hong Kong are not actually evil (I thought they were :)) They are cruelty-free and those Chinese people who care about animals can get to buy these products by internet. I actually kinda thought all Chinese people don’t care (I know, I know – stereotypes are like that) until last week I met a girl from over there and she’s a big animal lover. Wow. But it won’t stop me from boycotting Chinese goods anyways. I still don’t like this country – it’s governement, it’s animal abuse, huge pollution, lack of human rights, work ghettos and other things like that. They seem to have gathered all the things I hate in one place. I do hope this will change and they will go into another direction someday soon…

      • That’s amazing, i’m going to read up on it and write a post about it. Thanks. I used to study Mandarin, i’m in love with Chinese heritage, their culture and their understanding of the body. But what you said about the pollution, government, human AND animal rights makes me sick to the stomach too. It’s a country of extreme opposites I feel. It even shows in the fact that they eat dogs that are kept in horrific situations, but at the same time keep them as their pets, and treat them as Gods…

  2. Private business will almost always put moral and ethical considerations in the back seat and let the profit motive do the driving. This is why regulations, laws and governmental organisations with priorities other than profits are an essential part of any society and the economy that depends on it. Basically, it’s capitalism that’s the problem. It can’t by itself do what needs to be done. It needs wrap-around oversight that is both democratic and – in essence – socialist. Most democracies already operate along these lines. They are less successful in the long term when profit overrides all other considerations. It amounts to being a form of corruption….corrupting what is good, best and right in favour of money.

    • I agree with that, UD is a profit organisation, but I still believed their pitch, putting animal rights first. In the end we have to put our money in some corporation, and you trust them to not rush to the biggest non-democratic country in the world to rake in the money. But in this case, they did sadly enough. At the moment, i’ve retreated, investing only in small companies, often companies with owners that I follow personally. However, this has changed the minds of many people out there sadly enough. Thinking they can’t keep it up, and they have to conform. Because they do make up for a living for example.. But there really ARE enough alternatives out there. Companies that make clear statements about not EVER establishing themselves there. We can keep it up. In the end, power has to come from the people, who else.

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