Lelly Kelly kind of day!

Today’s been such a gloomy day over here! It’s kind of nice though, I don’t mind foggy weather at all.
It gives me a chance to throw on some sneakers and go for a stroll without fainting from the heat!

I took this oppurtunity to share with you my favorite pair. They’re Lelli Kelly canvas shoes.
(Yeah, the kids’ shoes!)
Not sure if they still sell a specific adult range, but some of their shoes do go up to a EU 39.
They’re site is a very unclear, so here are links to the adult ones:

And these are one of ’em! YAY

Don’t mind that awesome pink blur on the screen, that’s from my bling phone cover. -_-‘

Their shoes are soooo comfortable and firm! They fit like a glove.
If you’re a size 38 or under, and this is your style, go try them out for sure.

This is my second year wearing them by the way. They hold up pretty good, but I have heard that once they start wearing out, they need to be replaced pretty fast.

If you’re interested, they can be found here!
Do you own a pair?


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Kay I added them.
    So jealous that you’re a 37 by the way! Small feet are really flattering I think. Wish I had your shoe size. Or a 36 even.
    Although it must be hard to find shoes then, except for in Italy. Shoes run so small there! (all the adult women can wear Lelli Kellys there LOL.

    • 37 is not small! My mum has 35, now that’s REALLY small :) The shoes are totally cute, they are exactly my style and I definitely would like to buy them… only I’m not sure where I could do that. There’s also the problem of leather – I don’t buy it and it’s hard to avoid it…

      • Wauw, a 35! That’s beyond! Haha :) And yeah indeed, I know what you mean, even on synthetic shoes the lining is sometimes in leather LOL -_-‘
        The canvas shoes shouldn’t have any leather whatsoever in them though. IF you can find them near you..
        Often shipping to Belgium is a real hassle, is it like that in your country as well then?

      • I rarely buy anything from outside Poland but I’m very tempted to try Vegetarian Shoes, as finding something non-Chinese and not-from-leather is getting quite hard :(

      • Oh that’s a pain. It’s already hard as it is just going shopping, for vegetarians. Because it often just doesn’t say wether there’s any animal products in it. (And when sales people are having a bad day, it’s even harder because they don’t feel like giving any information LOL -_-‘)
        I enjoy lulu’s! They have a vegan section.
        (I just checked, they ship to Poland!)

  2. Yeah they’re produced in Italy, but you’re right. I think the website is very unclear! They should make an adult section.
    I’ll add some links to my post where to get the adult ones :)

  3. Yes, I just looked at the sites and it’s not easy to find 37 :(

  4. Wow, those are gorgeous!! I’d love to have shoes like this… But I bet there will be a problem to get size 37 :( Do you know where they are produced?

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