Bananas over banane

So ever since it’s been known that everyone + Jennifer Aniston uses it, there’s been a hype going on about T. LeClerc’s setting powder in Banane.
And seeing as I live in Belgium, it’s super duper easy for me to acquire this hype product! For once! LOL yay!

I buy it at my local pharmacy across the street, and use it every single day, so why not throw my opinion on the worldwide web!

One of the most oldschool powders out there:
T. LeClerc Poudre Dermophile Stérilisée, Banane

What it is, is a setting powder for your foundation that’s been around for aaaaaages. Since 1881 to be precise! (Amazing right?)
Simple as that.
It has no significant coverage to it, so can’t be used as a foundation by itself.
It mainly consists of rice starch, and is therefore very mattifying.
Besides that it’s hypoallergenic, which is why it’s sold in pharmacies.
Even super sensitive skin should be able to handle it.

But what’s unique about these, is that T. LeClerc powders come in so many different colors for different skin “issues”.

So let’s get into it!

Colors & pigmentation

A lot of the times my skin has the problem that it looks a little dull, it can often do with some brightening. Besides that, it’s yellow-toned.
If you recognize one or both of these things, give Banane a try. You may like it!
However, if your counter sells these powders, they should have samples of all of them anyway.
Give them a whirl and see what they do for you!

In total there are 14 colors available. I’ll go over the special ones LOL.

The purple color, Parme, can be used to visually brighten and WHITEN up the skin and make it look flawless.
So if you have pale skin, and want to look like a doll, this one’s awesome!

The green one, Tilleul, is meant to erase any redness you may have going on.

The pink color, Orchidée, will relieve tiredness, it gives you a subtle flush.

The yellow, like I said, brightens up your face as well as just suit yellow skintones.

All of the other ones are basically meant to cater to any skin color/tone.

If you want more information on them, check the powder section here, on their website.

As far as the pigmentation goes, like I said, there’s no real coverage to it. It just gives a subtle tone to the skin, and sets your make up.


A luxurious feeling, finely milled powder. With a subtle sweet scent to it. (Or maybe that’s just me)

It’s not as soft as other powders I own, but for some reason it blends into the skin perfectly. It just dissapears.

If you have oily skin like me, don’t be afraid to use too much with this fantastic powder.
Keep those  golden era movie stars in mind, pack this onto a powder puff, and pat pat away. With all those tiny little particles fluttering away from your face like a dream. ^_^
If you need to reapply during the day, you definitely can. It won’t cake up unlike many other setting powders. This powder is super light!

Staying power & quality

Good, but I own powders that stay put longer on my oily skin. Then again, those tend to be cakey. I’d rather apply this one and go powder my nose later than have a cake face!

It does mattify your skin very well, every single time you apply it. And it just breathes some life back into it as well because of the yellow color.

Sometimes I wish it had a tad bit of a satin finish though, to give the skin just that liiittle more oomph.

Luckily, these come in cute little travel cases too!

The travel cases have loose powder in them by the way, not pressed. So it’s just as lightweight ^_^ they come with a tiny powderpuff in them as well.


Around 40 euros for a full box of 25 grams, and 35 for the 7 gram travel size. Yes, crazy price for so little product.
However, you can refill the travel size, and it has a sifter as well.
So it’s really handy if you travel a lot like me. Just depends on what your wishes are!

Oh and if you can, get one of these cute limited edition ones!
If you’re going to put in the money, might as well get the nice version!

The verdict

4 stars! I deducted one star for the insane price.
But I have to stay honest, and I do really really love it and use it every day!!

Do you own this powder? Or do you not even need a setting powder? Lucky bastard!
Let me know!


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I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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