Stargazer coral blue

Aaand here’s the third blue head review!
Stargazer’s Coral Blue… ^_^

Coral Blue

Coral Blue Coral Blue

Pictures of all the colors I reviewed side by side can be found right here.

Keep in mind:
my hair is a super dark shade of brown, and I bleach it before coloring it blue.
(I descibed the first bleaching process here ..)

Let’s just start by saying this, together with the special effects dyes, are my favorite ones up until now.
I’ve used my third bottle so far 2 days ago.

I have heard that Stargazer dyes are either hit or miss though.
On some people they stay in very well, and on others they just wash out the first shower they take.

So far however, this is the most inexpensive de i’ve used and therefore it couldn’t hurt to try it out for yourself right?

Here come the pros and cons!

☺ pros

  • Not tested on animals, and vegan
  • Vegetable based
  • As the manic panic dyes, these are pretty nourishing, not as much as the Special Effects dyes though!
  • You can leave it on for weeks if you like, it will only make your hair more healthy because it’s depositing nutrients and pigment in your hair.
  • It has a VERY good amount of pigment. My hair is so vibrant right after dying!
    It’s best to use this over bleached hair though. Don’t think dying it on naturally dark hair would do it justice.
  • Amazing staying power.It just doesn’t wash out!
    It fades, but gradually. It’s not like you will have no color on one part of your hair, and blue on the other.
    (which has happened to me a lot)
    It just becomes less vibrant.
  • Enough dye. This is a big one, I have long hair so usually there isn’t enough dye in one tub.
    Don’t forget to cut open the tube though, there’s a HEAP of product that you can’t reach by just squeezing it.
    (I mean a HEAP.)
  • The color is beautiful! In daylight it’s so bright I can’t even say.
    You will make heads turn, so if you’re not up for that, move along!

☹ cons

  •  As with the special effects, it stains your skin and head unlike anything i’ve ever seen.
    (note to reader: wear gloves when washing your hair right after dyeing.)Should the stains bother you, just take a cotton bud and go over the stained areas with some rubbing alcohol.
    It’ll get the pigment right off.My toner did this for me.However, that all is just because there’s just so much pigment packed in there, which translates into the good staying power.

The verdict:

It’s so goood! >_<

As I said before:
this dye, together with the special effects blue velvet, is the most vibrant color with the best staying power i’ve used so far.

And for only 5 euros!! :o
you can stock up on that!


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I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Does this dye transfer onto sheets or clothes or anything? :)

  2. if i had dark blonde hair, should i bleach it then?

  3. You look absolutely awesome!
    By the way, I cannot understand why I’m not getting your updates anymore :( I thought there were no entries and now I see there were loads, only not visible in My Reader grrrr!

    • Howdy Anna! ^_^ thanks, long time no hear! I don’t see your posts in my reader either, I bookmarked your blog and check it that way. WordPress can be a bit buggy sometimes I feel… With the like-buttons, follows, e-mail update. -_-‘

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