Manic Panic after midnight

The second in my review series! After midnight (amplified)!

After midnight

After midnight After midnight

Pictures of all the colors I reviewed side by side can be found right here.

Keep in mind:
my hair is a super dark shade of brown, and I bleach it before coloring it blue.
(I descibed the first bleaching process here ..)

I’m not sure what to think of manic panic. The thing is, I loved their shocking blue, it came out so vibrant and lively, and stayed in well.
But after midnight…
I’ll just sum up what I think of this color so you can form your own opinion from that.

☺ pros

  • Not tested on animals, and vegan
  • Vegetable based
  • Comes in a jar, so you can get every last bit out, and get your money’s worth.
    Comes with 118 ml even, which is a lot!
  • The smell isn’t bad. It’s generic.
  • Pretty nourishing, not as much as the Special Effects dyes though!
    But it got my hair shiny nonetheless.
  • You can leave it on for weeks if you like, it will only make your hair more healthy because it’s depositing nutrients and pigment in your hair.
  • It has a good amount of pigment. Not as much as the Special Effects, or Stargazer ones however. I find that those have so much pigment, that even when you leave the dye on for 4 hours, you still wash out an entire tub of colored water LOL!
  • Doesn’t really stain your skin, proably because it doesn’t have that much pigment in it in the first place.
    However, like I said before:
    If you do have problems with staining, just take a cotton bud and go over the stained areas with some rubbing alcohol.
    It’ll get the pigment right off.
    My toner did this for me.

☹ cons

  • This color is not vibrant.
    The first day it’s rich, and dark, but not vibrant. When the light shines through it, it doesn’t give off a spectacular shade of blue or anything.
    It just comes off as this undefinable “is it blue or is it black? or something else underneath?” kind of color…Contrary to Special Effects blue velvet, or even Manic Panic shocking blue, this does not wash off to a lighter shade of blue.
    It just becomes vague.If you’re looking for a subtle change in color though, this one might be for you. It’s not overpowering at all.
    With blue velvet I had people saying “Look! o_O Blue hair!” when I walked down the street.
    Didn’t get many comments with this one.However, a warning if you ARE going to use this dye. For the color to show up even, you have to, HAVE TO, have an even base to color on. All the other dyes i’ve used give a nice effect when not applied on a completely even base. But this one just seemed sort of a mess.
  • Washes out pretty fast. After 7 washes you will probably need to dye again to keep the color decent.
    It might stay in a bit longer if you cowash it every once in a while (like this).

The verdict:

The color is cool if you’re looking for a subtle blue, I just wish it was more vibrant.
And let’s not talk about the staying power.
Who wants to dye their hair every week.. (¬、¬)

It retails around 9 euros for the normal dye, and 11 for the amplified.
I would get 2 bottles if you have my length of hair, for an even application.

If you look at the price, and what you get for it, Special Effects is a better bet for your money..


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I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. I like it… but then everything is beautiful on you, Sweetie. You look fabulous!

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