Special effects blue velvet

Blue hair is gaining in popularity, maybe because of Katy Perry LOL.
I’ll write down my experiences with each dye i’ve used. First of all, Special effects blue velvet!

Blue Velvet

Pictures of all the colors I reviewed side by side can be found right here.

Keep in mind:
my hair is a super dark shade of brown, and I bleach it before coloring it blue.
(I descibed the first bleaching process here ..)

*start shot*

☺ pros

  •  Not tested on animals, and vegan!
  •  Vegetable based
  •  The packaging is easy to work with, it’s a squeezy tube. So you can easily keep it stored for later use, and just squirt some in your hair with one glove.
  •  It doesn’t smell. it smells pretty good even for hair dye, especialy after you’ve used a bleach right before. Ick.
  •  super duper nourishing for your hair. My hair felt like straw after I bleached it twice, but having this on there for even just an hour made it much healthier.
  •  You can leave it on for weeks if you like, it will only make your hair more healthy because it’s depositing nutrients and pigment in your hair.
  • It has an INSANE amount of pigment.
    Like I said you can leave it on for a long time, but you don’t have to. After being on there for an hour, my hair had an intense shade of blue.
  • It has Good staying power.
    Started fading off after 7 washes. By 14 washes it was pretty much gone.For me, this meant it started fading after a week.BUT, I wash my hair every day, and I washed it with a normal shampoo, and conditioner.What I do now is, put some of the dye in my conditioner.
    This is not bad for you, as  it is vegetable based.
    It won’t dye your skin either because it’s so dilluted with conditioner and water.If you do all this, and bring washing your hair down to twice a week, maybe even cowashing it once? (like this)
    I would suspect it stays nice for about 4 weeks.It is still a vegetable dye though, so most of the color will stay on the surface. You will need to redye every once in a while to keep the color vibrant.
  • The color is SO vibrant. Even when it starts fading in some parts, it still stayed vibrant throughout.I would imagine it’s awesome to see this fading on actual white hair.
    Mine was dyed on semi-blonde hair.
    I had dyed it chemicaly before, so it was hard to get all of the color out in one day.However, my roots were the brightest, most beautiful blue.So dark-haired people, don’t fear! Just bleach!This color would look beautiful on light hair as a pastel too, because it’s such a pure blue.  (^ー^)
    Just add conditioner to it to dilute the color!

☹ cons

  •  It stains your skin and head unlike anything i’ve ever seen.
    They thought it was chemical junk at my hairdresser.
    I kept saying check the ingredients, it’s nooot! (≧▼≦)When they washed my hair with bare hands, and they turned super duper blue, that’s when they REALLY  became annoyed.
    (note to reader: wear gloves when washing your hair right after dyeing.)Should the stains bother you, just take a cotton bud and go over the stained areas with some rubbing alcohol.
    It’ll get the pigment right off.
    My toner did this for me.However, that all is just because there’s just so much pigment packed in there, which translates into the good staying power.

The verdict:

All in all, this dye, together with the Stargazer one, is the most vibrant color with the best staying power i’ve used so far.

It retails around 11 euros.
I would get 2 bottles if you have my length of hair, for an even application.

(special effects should be back in stock around the 20th of April.)


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I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Hey,
    I want to dye my hair a black/blue colour where you can see the blue in the sun but isn’t a super vibrant blue (just because of college and stuff) this but I don’t want to bleach my hair at all. Right now it’s a super dark brown colour with hints of red (I’ve been dying my hair black for the past few months with a vegan black dye). Will this dye or even Manic Panic’s After Midnight work at all? It won’t turn green or anything like that?

    • In my experience it won’t come off as 100% blue straight away but it’ll become bluer and bluer as you go along, color it a few times. The darker black/blue with a blue sheen would definitely be a safer option then!

  2. it looks purple-y in the pictures. is that how it looks in person?

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