Feel free to skip to the pictures if you’re not much of a history person, for those of you who do care:
i’ll just give you a quick run-through of why the heck this post is here!
A while back there was an issue with vegetable hair dyes, apparently Special Effects had a temporary (read: couple of months) halt in production.
The outcome of that:
pretty much all of the online stores as well as physical dye shops had NO special effects shades left for a couple of weeks, except for yellows etc.
Then of course the next step had to be: people moved on to other brands like Manic Panic and Stargazer. So THOSE blues were mostly sold out as well!
Drama drama, first world problems.
It really isn’t a comfortable situation though.
Vegetable dyes need quite some care because they’re not as harsh as chemical dyes. They don’t penetrate the hair shaft that deep.
They’re great for your hair, basicaly a deep conditioner, so you can keep them on for hours if you like BUT will still stay on the surface for the biggest part.
Your hair will be asking for more color pretty soon.
Here‘s a link to how I keep my color vibrant and my hair healthy should you be interested. OR in case of a second worldwide dye-drought.
Anyway, because of those issues, I could either get:
– no hair dye
-only one bottle of the specific blue
-only other types of blue.
I managed to keep my hair from being green however, and it gave me a chance to review loads of blue dyes LOL.
This post will be updated every time I use a new dye – hmm I wonder if there will be a rainbow in a while…
There’s links to seperate in-depth reviews on all of these dyes when you click on their names, except for the shocking blue because I couldn’t get hold of enough dye for my entire head!
First up:
Special Effects Blue Velvet after about one week of washing my hair every day:
blue velvet
blue velvet

blue velvet

you can see the part that faded first on the side. it turned sort of brownish.

then some pics of blue velvet two weeks later. It had faded away pretty bad by then (having washed it every day):
blue velvet

It washed off to a purple

blue velvet

The ends went first!

At that point I went over it with Manic Panic, After Midnight Amplified, which turned out to be super dark:
after midnight
after midnight

This gave me a pretty uneven haircolor.
(because of me only having one jar of dye each time, so the base of my hair had different shades)

after midnight
So I used a color stripper to get all of the blue out, wanting a fresh start!
What I was left with was blonde with a green tinge.
Then I threw on Manic Panic’s shocking blue:
coral blue

Yeah, it turned out turquoise!

shocking blue

I actualy loved it though.

shocking blue

the only issue was that, AGAIN, I only had one jar.
So the bottom of my hair was uneven. It was more green than blue.

So I went to get *ahum* ANOTHER jar of dye the next day.
But again, they didn’t have the dye I wanted. Which was shocking blue. It sold out.
So I went with Stargazer’s Coral Blue now.
coral blue
coral blue
coral blue
The color I then switched to, I kept all summer long.
It’s Stargazer’s UV Turquoise.
All my posts from July up until (and including September) are with this color on muh head!
After that I covered it in green for fall!
It’s Manic Panic’s Enchanted Forest:
enchanted forest
enchanted forest
enchanted forest
enchanted forest
I tried the vitamin c treatment to remove my green dye, however that failed.
Good old bleach did the trick, and I chucked Naturtint’s Fireland on my locks.
When that washed out I went to the hairdresser to have it died simple brown. However that turned a little brassy so I applied a warm brown: Warm Kastanje permanent hairdye by Kruivat homebrand.
warm kastanje
warm kastanje
Then I let my hair grow out to its natural shade and applied Directions Blood Red to the tips!
You’re welcome to check my reviews for bigger pictures and all that goodness!
What do you think? YAY or NAY?


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. the reason dye takes less to bleached hair is because bleach strips the hair cuticle and dye needs as much cuticle to hold onto in order to get a good long lasting effect. So after bleaching it the best thing to do is put a toner in it. I use the light ash toner from Wella Color Charm. The toner fills the cuticle back in so the dye you want to use will come out more vibrant and last longer. Im actually in the process of going from dark brown to manic panics wild fire red so i have to bleach my whole head and all together it will be a 3 day process.

  2. On the last one, with the blood red on the tips, did you bleach the ends? I love it so much (you’re also very pretty :)

  3. Hey LifeofBun,

    I want to dye my hair a greenish blue. I have light/medium brown hair at my roots and dark blond towards the ends and that starts about halfway (ombre, so my ends are bleached). I don’t want to bleach my hair any further :s. So my question is: which colour do you think is best to use in my colour hair in order to get it a nice greenish blue. I was thinking of special effects fish bowl mixed with iguana green or manic panic enchanted forest. What do you think :)?? I’m also from Holland btw!

    kind regards, Carmen

    • Hey Carmen, neat! Great to meet another Dutchie hehe. :D Because Manic Panic’s Enchanted Forest didn’t hold well at all on my heavily bleached hair I can imagine it’ll hold even less on non-bleached hair, so it might take very well on your roots. Special Effects was the most expensive dye I used but in all honesty it’s also the one that stayed in place the best… so that would probably be the safest option. Maybe mix Iguana Green with Fish Bowl like you said – or even Blue Haired Freak to go a bit darker? It’s still in that true blue family so i’d imagine it mixes well. :D (cool idea by the way, mixing your own shade)

  4. I love it! Especially the dark green. So vibrant. Did you put that over your dark hair to bleach it first?

    • I just bleached the blue down and threw dark green right on top without anything else. :D The hair got a bit yellow-y from bleaching but that worked perfectly with the green anyway LOL!

  5. I love all of them… absolutely stunning! Despite being allergic to hair color and henna’s, I dyed my hair for 30 years… until the last two times most of my face and neck swelled. It was a complete misery for a week. I knew it was time to give it up… and I miss it so much. I applaude you being adventurous.

    • Hi! You had an allergic reaction? That sounds horrible. I was incredibly afraid of that happening the first time I dyed it haha. What ingredient are you allergic to? Thanks for passing by!

  6. the last two colors are gorgeous

  7. I had a blue and a violet by Manic Panic, can’t remember the names…miss those vibrant color days. Don’t miss the bleaching though!!

  8. Personally I think they’re ALL gorgeous!! But the last one is super, the turquoise. I’ve played with vegetable dyes too but gave up because I couldn’t handle the upkeep. So I applaud you!

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