Dabadee Dabada?

I’m blue! :)

Took me about 4 hours, 9 snarky stares and 3 gossiping women at the hair dresser’s, but i’m blue.

You can color it at home too, lots of people do that.
The reason I had it done professionally, is because with the red dye I had used first, I had to go all the way to the other side of the color spectrum to have my hair a nice type of blue.

before the coloring

notice the copper hue?

I had dark brown hair, with an orange hue, and about 15 cm of roots, that were just dark brown.

When going for a bright hair color, either white or very light hair is always the easiest to start from.
However it’s not impossible to start from other colors. Just take it step by step.

If you come from an analog color (which means blue’s neighbors) just stripping your hair of its color should be good enough. But when you come from any red-tinged color, you will want to get that out first.
Use a violet bleach for that, for example.

these were the steps needed for my hair

So here’s how they did it on me:

Getting my ends white would be nearly impossible with the red, therefore the first step was to get all of my hair to a pale yellow.
What they used was a bleach with a violet toner. To counteract the red.

The bleach was applied all over first, till my roots were very light. (Not the most relaxing hair session, it burned! Yuk! LOL)
Wash hair.
After that she bleached my ends again, to make sure there was as little red left as possible.
They kept it away from the roots to make sure those stayed a little yellow too, to match my ends.
Wash hair agaiiin…

At this point my hair was dark yellow at the ends and pale yellow at the roots.

For step 2, they started coloring my hair.

Wildflower first, which is a cool toned blue violet.
Not really to color my hair purple, more so to counter the yellow in my hair and serve as a base for the blue.

They left this on for no more than 15 mins, since this wasn’t going to be my final color. And they were racing against time as well.
(I will not go into the hassle that was my hair appointment today. Let’s just say they’re not very good at managing their time and stress level if you come in for more than an old lady-perm. Even if you have visited before, just to have the process mapped out.)

Step 3 was applying Blue Velvet. <3 ^_^
This dye sat on my hair on for 30 mins, that’s all it took. Though you can leave it on longer if you like. There are people that sleep in special effects dyes even LOL.
It took to my hair perfectly and turned out to be a visible dark blue under ambient lighting, and a vibrant dark blue with a playdough-blue sheen over it in bright light.

Aaaand the result! tum-tum-duuuummmm……

Pictures were taken in my bathroom right after I came back, with artificial lighting. This isn’t the true day color. This is what you would see at night, inside.

Will take some more pictures tomorrow in bright daylight so you can see the full impact.
I like it!
And if the dye is true to what special effects says, the color SHOULD get more vibrant everytime I wash my hair! Yay!

I will be keeping this blog updated about that!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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