First thoughts about my juicer

I think i’m about ready to make a statement!

I recently bought the philips hr1866 xxl juicer in an attempt to improve my daily eating habbits.
The reason I chose that one, is because it has a pretty big tube, to fit whole apples in. And also because the reviews I read suggested that it’s easily cleanable.

The tube is indeed pretty big, it fits most sizes of apples, pears, etc. Unless they are uber big. But then I just chop ’em in half.
It’s not all that hard!

Cleaning-wise, I haven’t had any trouble with it. The thing is though, it’s pulp. So as long as you rinse it out in time, before the pulp hardens and gets ‘glued’ to the walls, it’s fine.
Of course if you leave it standing there for a day, it’s going to be a *bliep* to clean!

I’ve been juicing for 4 days now, drinking a 500 ml glass of juice every day. And I feel really good about it!
My body seems to be liking it (but maybe that’s half psychological too, I have no idea. The brain has a lot of influence on the body though I think, so can’t be bad!)

The first day I got my juicer, I sort of stuck to juicing fruits. Because I wasn’t that familiar with drinking vegetables yet. But by now, i’m kind of adventurous LOL.

I feel like my body benefits the most from vegetable based juices, those give me a real boost of energy.
Apple I can handle too.
But orange-based juices however, just make my belly feel kind of heavy.

Not only is this increasing my vitamin and mineral intake. It’s also making sure I drink enough fluids each day. Starting the day with 500 ml of juice. That can’t be bad!
When I know i’m going to be running around, I like to brew a mixture with cucumber, celery, carrots, an apple, and kiwi-fruit. Just very light and easily digestable. Gives me just the right amount of fullness I need!

Also, for those who suffer from migraines, potassium has been proven to help. So I try to get in fruits or veggies that contain that every day. Such as honeydew melons, carrots, celery.
If you suffer from anything else, look up what might help you!
There are lots of minerals and vitamins out there that can help you. Remember, modern medicine is derived from herbal medicine. We used to cure ourselves by strengtening our bodies, not just supress the symptoms.

I go to the store, or market to get my fruits and vegetables every 2 days. And what’s awesome about it, is that I can just be creative!
The way I figure out what juices i’ll be making is, I think of a main juicy fruit or veggie that I want. Like apple, or cucumber, or celery.
And then I just add to that, with carrots, or kiwi, or lemon and ginger. Anything really.

I still like my chips and such, but like this, at least i’m getting in my daily nutritional needs too! (so I can still munch on my bad foodies next to it.. he-he ^v^)


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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