Purple drain, purple drain

Where has all the purple gone off to! :o

I’ve been following Jingleheartart for a while now, on youtube. She’s so real and super duper sweet, I love her! >_< and every haircolor she had i’ve loved on her as well.
But when she changed to an awesome purple hair color, oh myyy! I was really sold! Look how pretty:

She colors her hair with special effects hair dye, this one is in deep purple.

Now what’s so awesome and different about these hair dyes, is first of all, they are VEGAN and do not test on animals!! (So that definitely doesn’t have to mean a difference in quality.)

As for the second reason. If you are sensitive to hair dye, or are afraid that these might give you an allergic reaction. There’s a big chance that these won’t cause any reaction on your skin.
These are actually PPD-free, vegetable hair dyes. So they aren’t as harsh as many other dyes out there. It’s always best to do a strand test beforehand though, to rule out any allergic reactions. Since they are still semi-permanent.

And now on to the third awesomeness, they stay on for about 4 weeks!
They do fade, but the thing is, there’s a base color to them. So deep purple for example, fades into a bright beautiful pink!

Jessica has become pretty popular, for her colorful personality and her musical work. And maaaybe her hair color has something to do with it too.. haha
A few weeks back she made a FAQ video about her hair.
But still, she pretty much has to state her hair dye in every video desciption, and in the comments. And on every social channel she is on. Oh and then people STILL ask. LOL.

Now I don’t know if the FAQ has anything to do with the color deep purple being sold out. But it WAS pretty much around that time that online stores starting being out of stock. Coincidence or not? I wonder!
And I do not mean one store by the way, I mean stores all over the internet. By now, try and find one that has that color, and ships internationally! I challenge you! (For less than 25 dollars shipping.)
Oh and let me know if you find one, pretty please.

I’ve been told by their main seller, that the color should be back in stock around 2 weeks from now.
Thinking of going for another color from this brand now though, while waiting for the other one to come back in stock. They have so many amazing colors anyway! And I’m tired of my brown hair, and ready to make my hair pop! Yay! :)

I have had a blue from them before, but I don’t know which one. It was awesome, faded to a forest green.
We’ll see!
I guess I might post pictures of the results once I’ve colored it here, why not ^_^


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. You are beautiful, a wonderful, sensual photo. Great work!

  2. One of my friends dyed her hair purple and it looked really good, although I was very skeptical at first. I guess I should have read this first. Thanks for stopping by and liking my last post at The Preface. I appreciate it.


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